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Youngstown State Penguins


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Youngstown State football has been in a steady decline since Tressell left, the former OSU & YSU coach led them to 2 National Championships. YSU is my favorite FCS team, and they have some pretty boring uniforms made by Under Armor. I decided to give them a new look made by Nike, including a 'Back In Black' jersey (NIKE WOULD SO DO THAT), and include one of Nike's cheesy yet somewhat inspiring mottos. Enjoy!



"My name is Ignatius Peabody Nobel from East Westerton, Missouri.and this is my friend, um, Ted"

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you think the under armour ones are plain, yours are about as plain as you get, you just used the fill tool be creative. the logo is just redundant and cartoony and the numbers on the black uniform just wont be visible

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