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My Nike Pro Combat Jerseys


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Yes! I've been wanting to see Purdue in a grey jersey for along time now. However, you left out the helmet. Maybe either a grey or black helmet with a gold "P" to pull it off ?

haha yeah! The reason there is no helmet is because that was one of my first template sets and i could not find a good helmet template to use

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Texas, Black Out


Give them black pants, get rid of the flyware, and get rid of the pants logo.

I disagree. While I'm not saying this design is perfect i think plank jerseys and pants with white helmets rarely looks good. (Ex. 1, Ex. 2)

I think removing the flywire and the pant logo is a good call though. Maybe add a single black or burnt orange stripe on the pant and use the hip logo from the actual pro combat pants?

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