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Mystery Player 6/7/04


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I began my career with the Flyers in 1984, and was a star in Philly until I was traded to teh Penguins in teh 1991/92 season. After two and half seasons in Pittsburgh I joined the Kings in 1995. Midway trhough the 1995/96 season I was dealt to teh Bruins a year later I was traded midseason again to teh Capitals after finishing the 96/97 season in Washington I joined the Coyotes in 1997. Midway through the 199/00 season I woudl be traded back to the Flyers where I finished my career in 2002.

Who Am I?



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Hey mockba--you keep just beating me to it--actually Tichett wasn't my first thought--but I realized the player I was thinking of started as a Whaler--then I came back to re-read this--and thought Tochett--but am forced to agree with you--

after you got it first! :D

Oh well I get some of them... :D:P

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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