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Suggestions for a Viking Logo Redesign


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I working to update the logo for my old High School Hockey team, and he's what I helped create in the past:


This is a sample of our original logo (The V and the Head), although there was more red in the image.


This is the Logo used for the last 4 years.

School Name:

North Mecklengh HS

(North Meck is what we're referred to as)



White and Blue (C:100 Y:100 M:0 K:0)


(If Needed)

Red (C:0 Y:100 M:100 K:0)

What the logo should demonstrate

Tradition, Excellence, Class, and Pride, unique/original

I would just like to hear some suggestions before I sit down and figure out. i'm also interseted in ideas for a secondary logo (shoulder patch).

**Copied from Requests**

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This could be cool for a alternate or even the main logo, but maybe a viking helment resting on the Letters. Like hanging off of it? I'm not sure if something like that has been done before...so it might not be all that unique.

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North Meck Wreck. There's something you could play with. I'm kidding...unless you like it...

I'd say go with a less cartoony viking. Maybe even a full body and like the head is in shadows...that could be kinda sweet. Although I have no idea what vikings wore below the head...

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i didn't think the high schools had hockey here (ice or roller/street). i work fairly close to NMHS. this weekend i'll try to whip something up.

Carolina Dreamin'


When a robotic Nixon is on the loose, we have a duty to take action.

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Yeah, I had a couple friends that started up a club hockey team at my high school here in WNY after I graduated. It's a shame I never learned how to skate, I could have been an American Zdeno Chara or something...

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It's Ice, and were inm the process of developing our league, Charlotte High School Hockey Association (Liink).

This team has been around since 1997, started playing in House leagues in Eastland mall, now prodomitaly plays in Pinville.

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