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England Soccer - 150 Years


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So I thought I'd have a go at a football concept. It's not something I've done before but with the imminent arrival of the first England kit made by Nike I thought I'd crack out a Nike concept.

I've used the current England logo with the FA - 150th Anni logo and merged them into a more shirt worthy design.

The socks and shorts show absolutely no difference in design, only colour. This is to echo the days when there were very limited designs for teams to wear.

So I'll start with the home strip. It is based around the very first England shirt. At that point the kit would not have had shorts and socks as part of the strip but I've kept to a very simple, basic design for the shorts and socks. Very much in keeping with the era. In reality England actually wore navy shorts with navy socks in its first full strip but I wanted to keep the kit looking as traditional as possible. Therefore I stuck with the white/navy/white that England is famous for.


The First Goalkeepers shirt is working in the same way as all the other strips but Ive stuck with the Nike Club template with the small addition of the detailing under the collar.


It was quite a few years before England first wore the famous red away shirt. It is not exactly 150 years old but I have based this design on the first appearance of the red away. I particularly like the use of the Navy socks.


This was the second design of the goalkeeper kit and as you can see I've stuck with the template of Nike Club.


The third kit looks very similar to the second goalkeeper strip; however, it is important to note that the blue change of strip has to be included in the new strips. The first England change strip was the blue version.


The third goalkeeper strip. The classic green goalkeeper kit. Not a colour used very often with England goalkeeper strips but I thought it needed to be included because of the similarity between the aforementioned blue kits.


Hope you guys like them.

As always I'd appreciate any C&C from you guys on here.

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Other than possibly going with a different number font I'd say tgese lok great. I would have gone with a number similar to what most English clubs wore from the 20's up to the 80's when they started to develop their own styles.





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