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My Ole Miss Football Concept (Personal First Concept Ever)


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I'm a long time admirer and decided to try out my own concept for the first time. I am attending the University of Mississippi and decided to remake their football uniform with the excitement on campus for the recruiting class and football team. I do not know how to use Photoshop but have always been okay with Paint, so that is how I made them. Comments and criticism are WELCOME! You can only improve when the opportunity is presented to you! Let me know what yall think and what should change if anything! Thanks!

I'll start off with the navy home jersey:


I went with a classic look in all of my sets, so they will all follow this sort of simple look. I used the "Rebels" script from the baseball uniforms which is probably my favorite script. And I used the circle SEC logo, but since it is navy also, you can't notice the circle.

Next is the red home jersey:


Just like the navy jersey I used the "Rebels" baseball script. And I accented the red with navy on the cuffs and collar.

The road white jersey:


Here I used the more well known "Ole Miss" script.

Road or home grey jersey:


Same as the white jersey, just the Ole Miss grey.

Throwback white jersey:


Here I used our current away set, but just removed the navy outline from the script and added the "SEC" logo to the collar. I feel like the removal of the navy gives it the throwback feel I am looking for, like you get when seeing the Ole Miss uniforms from back in the day.

The Helmets:

Sticking with the same navy helmet that the team currently wears because if something isn't broken, don't fix it.


And for the throwback uniform:


Powder Blue with the grey face mask. Also, I found an older version of the "Ole Miss" script.

Alternate White Throwback Helmet:


Just for fun.


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The Rebels wordmark looks terrible. Change it to the Ole Miss one and it's good. Also, the throwback jerseys look a whole lot better than the rest of the set. I'd take that design and apply it to all the other combos, and this will be good.

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