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Philadelphia Eagles Concept


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Thought up this logo from a statue that I saw at 30th St Station in Philadelphia…2z8p14w.jpg

I think the statue would be a really cool logo so I drew up a concept with Eagles colors. Unfortunately, I dont really know how to use photoshop or illustrator so all of my logos have to be drawn by hand and quality suffers a little bit(the grey is too close in color to black)...



This is my first post so any criticism or feedback is really appreciated.

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This is actually very good, it may be a little too detailed for a helmet logo but if you were to intend to use the traditional winged helmets that the Eagles wear, I see no problem with it. May I suggest though that you make the talons grey (the same color as the beak) instead of yellow. It just seems to make more sense, that way there are only the primary colors being utilized and therefore a nice balance in the logo.

I would love to see this drawn up on the computer but I understand your lack of coherence of programs as I too do not understand Illustrator or Photoshop. May I suggest Paint.net however? It's essentially a fancy version of MSPaint and is really good for beginners, it's what I've been using for years and it hasn't failed me yet.

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Thanks for the feedback. Ya, I was actually thinking the same thing about the talons. The yellow kind of seems out of place to be in only one spot. And I'm currently a study graphic design at Rutgers so hopefully I will learn how to use Illustrator next semester.

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