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My PLA team kit


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I was recently awarded a PLA team here on the boards and until now they had no kit or identity. I finally had some time to play around and came up with this kit. It is my first soccer concept and I figured some feedback on it would be good. I also would like some input on which third/clash kit is the better one. The home and away design was roughly based off of the kit that lancealot had come up with for my team.

The team is called the Garden City Capitals FC. They are based out of Victoria, BC. The third/clash kit is based off of the city's flag design. Currently I don't have a crest, but that can come later.





Just realized as I was posting this that the Adidas logo is missing on the shorts of one of the clash kits, so I am aware of that.


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uniforms looks pretty cool. Same question though, wheres the crest? It's something thats common for every club across the world. Usually on the left top side of the kit. Or in the center.

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I'm going to steal Randy's thunder a little here. Since he'd posted a request for help with his PLA team crest, and I'm also part of the league, I gave him a hand. Here were the results:



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