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Checking in Minor Hockey



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I've coached kids in contact sports (hockey and rugby) and as a coach I felt I was seriously lacking (in hockey) on the knowledge on how to teach proper checking. I agree with Don in what he says and that if players (not parents) want to play non contact then there are house leagues which fees should be reduced. (And this is a whole other can of worms)

I saw this in New Zealand and I'm starting to see it here as well that players are wanting to make a hit for the sake of making a hit. Making a hit should be made IF it benefits the play either defensively or offensively.

There needs to be more education on how to make a hit and that all starts with educating coaches. There are proper ways of making contact with a player and too often this is a major aspect that is left out of practice time.

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I'm not pleased with the direction that Hockey Canada is going in. Regular hitting isn't what causes so many injuries, hits from behind and to the head are what causes injuries. I play contact hockey and the vast majority of our injuries are from those types of hits. If you taught the kids how to give and receive a proper hit at a young age, guaranteed there wouldn't be as many injuries. I also noticed the same thing as kiwi, that many players make a hit for the sake of making a hit. I've been hit unnecessarily several times because of guys wanting to show off their hitting skills. That bull :censored: needs to stop.

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I'm in favor of banning the bodychecking. I'd even raise the age on checking.

Let the kids develop their skill-set on the basics of hockey before adding the physical element of the game. I'd say wait until 15-16 before allowing checking.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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