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Fantasy Football League Helmets C&C


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This is complicated lol. We are a group of friends since high school and beyond. This is our FFL. Some ideas are mine and some are there's. Could I ask you to rank the helmets first to last? And the league overall? It's a keeper league going 3 years strong. Thank you all.

Top row: Musketeers, Enforcers, Plantation

Bottom row: Assclowns, San Salvador Wrestlers, Keeper Sutherland.


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The only one I don't really like is the assclowns but I am guessing that is intentionally a bit gaudy. My order would be:

San Salvador Wrestlers



Keeper Sutherland



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Thanks for the comments. It's always difficult to come up with designs for teams named "assclowns". I figured a clown wig helmet would be appropriate? Any ideas to upgrade the concepts?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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