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Uniform Layout Sheet help?


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this post isnt really about a uniform design, but about the presentation itself. ive been making some adjustments to how i present my uniforms on this style sheet and i think ive got something im happy with now. these will be used primarily in my portfolios and on this forum, so when presenting a lot of teams together i want to keep each one on its own page. anyway, id like to know what everyone else thinks? any critiques/comments welcome. just for the heck of it, i'll show you the Bears concept.

heres the things i've included in the layout

- primary logo

- word mark

- home/away uniform

- up to 2 alternates

- number font on home/away

- helmet mock-up


also for reference, this is the layout i've been using for a while; trying to improve on





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Really clean, Brandon. I like the update! The one thing that sticks out to me (and this could totally be personal preference) is the old Revolution helmet -- I'd use the newer Revo one Fraser did.

I need to get myself set up with an official template like this :P

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The home, away, alt text is less obvious on the updated version. I didn't notice it the first few times I looked at it. I also agree about the helmet as mentioned by means.


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