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Dallas Cowboys Concept


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There are a couple of issues with this; while the template may look decent as a 2D presentation, I fear that as a 3D template you'd lose focus of the star because of the numbers. But if you're dead set on the star motif, I'd recommend that you make the star start higher as well as extend the top of the star above the nameplate and make it come to a point right below the collar.

The numbers are of issue too: they're way too low and too large, any double-digit number would look ridiculous on a big 300 lb. lineman. Another thing that bugs me is the absence of silver pants. Love 'em or hate 'em, the Cowboys are known for their silver pants and the white ones remind me too much of the Colts (not to mention that the prominence of silver on the helmet yet the absence of it on the pants throws the design off).

It's not a bad concept per se, it could just use some improvements.

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