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New Indoor Football Leage Franchise- Bemidji Axemen


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So here in Bemidji, MN we just recently learned of two things:

1) There's an indoor football league called the Indoor Football League

2) We're getting a team.

Joking aside, it was pretty exciting to learn that our town was being considered as a candidate to join this league. When it was announced that Bemidji was, in fact, getting a franchise, there was a "Name the Team" contest; this is the name, colors and logo that was chosen, the Bemidji Axemen:


I kind of figured it would have something to do with Paul Bunyan, seeing how we have a giant statue of him and Babe, the blue ox, right on the lake downtown. Looks alright I guess, for a second-tier arena league.

Right off the bat, though... he only has 3 fingers on each hand. Kinda tough to catch a ball that way.


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