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I have been visiting this website for many years. The artwork that many of you showcase on here truly blows my mind, and I'm usually not too easy to impress. Coming here is a pure joy and I am most grateful to Chris, and to all who contribute to these boards.

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy about this site is seeing some of the retro baseball uniforms that were worn during the 1970s. I am partial to that decade, as that was the decade of my childhood, from age 3 through 13 anyway. It was during that time that I became a big fan of Major League Baseball and the National Football League. One of the reasons I became interested was due to the bright and colorful uniforms worn by several teams, especially in the NFL but also in MLB.

I know that this website, as all other websites, especially those dedicated to uniform databases, are a work in progress. To that end, there are some uniforms that are currently not showcased.

I attempted in a very simple way to recreate some uniforms from this era that are currently not showcased with the various teams.

The first one I'm showcasing for your viewing pleasure, or perhaps displeasure, is the circa 1976-78 Kansas City Royals. This crude template that I created, including the sleeve ends, pant belt and stripes, and collars, are all courtesy of this amazing website, as are the various logos.


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Next, the Detroit Tigers, I did something sacreligious (sp?) here. 1, I made a home "double-knit" pullover looking uniform for the home uniform, and 2. I made an alternate home uniform, sans the Old English "D" on the jersey...More to come, would appreciate and love to hear feedback from you all. Again these are nothing uber-special or anything, but it's fun to do and to share with others, and I value your opinions greatly.


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Would there be 2 feathers on the sleeve or just 1?

Good question. Based on all the pictures I found, including that at the Dressed To The Nines database, they did indeed have a feather on each sleeve. Thanks for the inquiry :) I have the Cardinals yet to finish. I already know their socks won't be accurate, but I'm just going for a retro feel with regard to the caps, pants and especially jerseys.

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