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NBA Infographics for Blog


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Hey Guys.

So this NBA season I decided to start a blog that focused on daily recaps of each night's action. After toying around with doing standard text-driven posts, I decided to go with a more graphical style.

Here is an example of my daily recap infographic:


A few concerns I have:

  • Is the standings section too cluttered?
  • Can you make out which stat lines are associated with which players in the Stars/Squares section?

Here is an example of a weekly feature containing statistical leaders from the previous week:


And here is an example of a weekly feature of team "power rankings":


Otherwise, I would love to hear what you guys think. As a long-time member of this board, I'd be lying if I said that the creativity and attention to detail of the CCSL community weren't an inspiration with this new, more visual approach.

So with that being said - What am I missing? What's working? What sucks? Etc.

Thank you all.


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That looks AMAZING there, Leon! I agree that the standings section is a bit too cluttered, maybe just using the teams' abbreviation in the teams' colors (blue for GS Warriors for example). As I don't follow basketball as in-depth as I do baseball, I can't really comment on the stats sections...

~ Daryl

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That's so cool, I think the standings would be fine if you just spaced out the logos a tad.

I agree. I like the overlapping logo concept and it works for the most part - especially in the Atlantic Division. But there are just some divisions that are really hard (ie. the Cavs and Clippers logos drives me crazy). It may just be as easy as swapping those logos out for the teams' primaries and increasing the spacing a bit like you said. Thanks!

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If you're going to do this, get more graphical/designerly with it. Do some aesthetically significant things. Right now it's just text laid next to images. Look at other infographics and elsewhere for inspiration. Explore some typefaces. Set a grid. Break the grid. Do some innovative layout/presentation. Data visualization can take a lot of routes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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