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A question about baseball bats


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Just something that occured to me. When you buy a cricket bat (as I did today, hence why this occured to me today!) it needs 'knocking in' to make sure it doesn't crack (basically this involves bashing the bat with a ball!!) Do you have to do a similar thing with a baseball bat? They seem to break a fair bit in games!


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Some players will take a new bat and rub it hard lengthwise on one side using a glass bottle. They do it on the side that would face the pitcher, in the belief that it tightens the grain on that side and makes a harder hitting surface.

(There are many who say this practice doesn't really do anything, but many players believe it anyway.)

Years ago, players would often use an old ham bone instead of a bottle. That's why the technique (even with a bottle) is known as "boning a bat".


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