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2014 Fantasy Mendoza League (Fantasy Baseball) - Team List in 1st post now, plus 2 new teams!


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Hello everybody!

With the 2014 baseball season coming up fairly soon, a group of friends and I kept our fantasy baseball league with 20 (Yes, TWENTY) teams going from the previous season. Our league is called Fantasy Mendoza League, or FML. Yes, the acronym is intentional. The name Mendoza is the name of our baseball group on facebook, the Mendoza Line, where we talk about baseball.

And I just completed all 20 teams’ uniforms concepts and I wanted to post them here, but they will be one at a time.

IMPORTANT: Some teams are based on actual minor league teams (because that’s where my friends are from and they wanted to use said teams), some teams used logos from here and there because they liked how it look. I want to give all of the credits for the logos that have already been created to google.com/images and something similar.

HOWEVER, there WILL be some original teams with original designs.

With 20 teams, the league structure:

Two Leagues, the Frontier League and the Pioneer League. Frontier is mostly “western” while Pioneer is mostly “eastern.”

There are two divisions of five teams in each of the league. In the Frontier League, there is the Pacific Coast Division and the Gulf Coast Division. On the other side in the Pioneer League, is where the Great Lakes Division and Atlantic Coast Division call home.

A team would play against its own divisional rivals 3 times for 12 games. Then they would play against the other division within the league for 5 games. Then they would have 5 “interleague” games against one division form the other league. The total is 22 games for the season. The top 8 teams, 4 divisional winners and 4 wild cards, will advance to the playoffs split up by league.

Here are the teams:

Frontier League

Pacific Coast Division

California Skippers

Bismarck Wheat Kings

Iowa Oaks

Portland Beavers

Seattle Thunderbirds

Gulf Coast Division

Arkansas Travelers

Birmingham Barons

Dayton Hunters

Florida Suns

St. Louis Bats

Pioneer League

Great Lakes Division

Buffalo Bisons

Chicago Master Baiters

Green Bay Bombers

Pittsburgh Grays

Rochester Americans

Atlantic Coast Division

Boston Green Sox

Long Island Yanks

New Jersey Mobsters

Strong Island Amazin’s

Springfield Isotopes

And here are the league logos:



I’ll be posting the teams in alphabetic order, starting off with the Arkansas Travelers! They'll be in the next post.

P.S. I will be adding a list of teams and possibly a league map later on as well.

Arkansas Travelers

Now, some of you already know that the Arkansas Travelers underwent a rebrand this past off-season and it wasn’t a favorite with a lot of people. But my friend, the owner of the Travelers, wanted to keep the team somewhat classical and based it off his two favorite baseball teams, the Twins and the Angels. The LR stands for Little Rock, where the Travelers play their home games. Think TC for the Twins. For the 2013 season, the Travelers went 12-10 and made the playoffs as the Second Wild Card team. Justin Verlander led them on the pitching staff and by Chris Johnson for the position players.


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Thanks everybody for the positive feedbacks so far!!

Unfortunately there isn't any open slots in the league right now, as it's FULL right now. Sorry!! Maybe someday in the future though!

I had 3 other teams after the Travelers in ABC order (Birmingham Barons, Boston Red Sox and Buffalo Bisons), but they all are too similar to their real life counterparts so I decided it'd be sorta pointless to post them here. So I'm posting the original teams or teams that's completely different from its counterpart.

Anyway, here's two new teams!!

Bismarck Wheat Kings


California Skippers


Even though there are no flamingos in California and the team seems to be oddly named Skippers, but please let me explain why the name: The guy who owns this team is named Skip, and his nickname is Flamingo. So you put the two together and there ya go.

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