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ABA's 26th Expansion Team Play in LA

Ez Street

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Indianapolis, IN. Joe Newman, ABA Co-Founder, today announced the 26th expansion team in the fast-growing professional basketball league - Los Angeles, California. According to Newman, "We were waiting for exactly the right group - one that understood the dynamics and potential of the fabulous LA market, a group with a "show business-entertainment background" and one that had a passion for basketball. And we found it in Carl Harris and his associates."

The team will be owned by BIGInterActive Group, LLC., an LA-based entertainment company specializing in Rap, R & B and Hip-Hop music and video that includes artist development, production, promotion and music consultancy. The company has been associated with Latin Market success stories in Luis Miguel, Ana Barbara, The Kumbia Kings, Nu Flavor , JV, Kid Frost and Slow Pain. Carl Harris will serve as Chairman/CEO and Bruce Johson will serve as President/COO.

Harris stated, "This is a dream come true for us. You can be sure that we'll create one of the most exciting sports-entertainment packages ever. LA is a great sports-entertainment town. It's standards and expectations are high. People here will accept nothing less than first class operations. To be competitive, we need to be first class plus. And we will be!"

Harris added, "And for starters, we watched the painful expression on Jack Nicholson's face in Detroit as the LA Lakers got drubbed. So, Jack..we have free front row season tickets waiting for you - so that you can watch some really exciting, fun-filled, action packed professional basketball and some hot entertainment too. Give us a call."

For more information about venue, tickets, sponsorships, staffing, tryouts, log onto www.lastarsbasketball.com, or call Carl Harris at (909) 960-2259, fax (909) 861-2394, or email carl.harris@bigintertainment.com.

:puke: Stop this madness!!!!

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I guess it's time for me to buy an ABA franchise as well... Because really, they're just giving them to anybody who's got enough money to buy a cheap used car from someone's uncle down the street.

This really has to stop, I mean, I could understand a few expansion teams for a league like this, but doggone 26?! You might as well start a whole new league, because that's what's happening... Even still, I hope the best for the ABA and their horrible logos, just no more expansion!!! :P



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Can't wait to see the logo. Crossed .44 magmum Colts with a stupid ABA basketball centered in front of it. Nickname "The LA Gangstas". That'll really B, B, S and PI at the same time!

"I better go take a long walk off a short pier or something."

Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

My "Ron Mexico" alias is "Jon Tobago".

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