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Hello everyone... Well, this is my problem :
I have accepted to participate in a "Fantasy Football Championship", in other group that I'm part of.. But, instead of only drafting the players, etc, I have to create the whole Team: logos, uniforms, even the stadium, i think...
" Good for you... Why do you need my help ?? " BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO !!! That's why I need your help... It may be simple, or may be hard... Very hard..
The team is located in Brazil, most precisely in Paraná state. In which city, I don't know...
Probably Curitiba.
So, what I need is : Please, give sugestions of names that you think go nice with the city, or even with the state ..
" But.. errrrr... I don't even know how to pronounce Paraná ! " No problem !!! Here's some help :

Thank you for reading, and your suggestions will help a lot, and I promise that I'll post the logos and unis here, after they are finished..

Valeu ae, e até o próximo post !!!!!

Update : The name can be in English ...



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Curitiba Crocodiles. Parana Predators. Curitiba Chieftains. Parana Mountaineers. Curitiba Buccaneers. Parana Rebels. Parana Roosters. Parana Rollers (link with the local car industry) Curitiba Speed Demons (also the local car industry). Take your pick!

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Well... the first 2 already exist :
Coritiba Crocodiles ( former Curitiba Crocodiles, Barigui Crocodiles ) is the current Brazilian champion...
Paraná Predators is too similar to Curitiba Predadores, that recently "joined forces" with Curitiba Hurricanes to form Paraná HP...

About the other names... Mountaineers and Buccaneers are not "related" to the city or to the state ( I think ...) Roosters and Rollers are good ones.. Speed Demons sounds awesome...



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Curitiba Crushers (Taken from the Grape Feast "Festa da Uva", like crushing grapes for wine) -
Well.. There are two "Festa da Uva" : one in Colombo , and the other in Sta. Felicidade, being the latter ( < is that right ? ) only 1 or 2 miles from my house... Good one ..

Curitiba Samurai (due to all the Japanese influence) -
It's a good sugestions, but I think it would not be fair with the other cultures ( Ukrainian, Polish, German, Turkish, Chinese, Jewish, Italian [sta. Felicidade], etc, etc )... PS : I have never seen, in my entire life, a single japanese football player.

Parana Wolves (like the Maned wolf) -
Good to see "Paraná" there, once the Maned Wolf "spawns" ( that's the only word I know refering to locations where animals live) at the Campos Gerais region... and I know very little about the geography of my own state... Sad, isn't it ?

Curitiba Bears (Like the spectacled bear, featured at the Curitiba zoo) -

Nice.... But, what about the Giraffes, Lions, etc... Or the last sentence was an excuse, like "I won't name my team Bears, cuz I'm a Packer fan !!!" .. That happens...

Thank you all for you help, but the team name will be : BARIGUI CAPIVARAS !!!

After i finish the logos, I'll post them here, along with the "Why's and Because's" of this choice, etc..

Vlw, FLWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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