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2016 Winter Classic Concept


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Hey everyone-

Yesterday I posted this logo (http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/97353-help-us-cellular-field-logo-in-progress/) and thought why not change it into a Winter Classic logo? I was thinking having the hawks host the Blues. I will do full uniforms, promotional stuff, merch, etc, but I wanted to get some feedback on this logo to solidify a final version before moving forward. What do you think? What would you change?






I decided a St. Louis game might be more realistic. What are your thoughts on this updated logo? Thanks! uniforms coming soon!!!!


Jack Gambro Goal Line Design

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Nice logo, but St. Louis has more of a chance of hosting since Chicago already has had the Winter Classic and will be hosting the Stadium Series in a few weeks. Try to make a logo of St. Louis hosting.

thanks! and I do realize that but this is purely conceptual. If you clicked the link I really just did this because half of the logo incorporating the stadium was finished.

Jack Gambro Goal Line Design

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