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Major League Discusball, fictional sport


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This is my other league which will run at the same time as the NPBA. This is an overview. The thread will be edited as I add.

Sport info:

Discusball is a modern take on football and discus, using most football rules but with a disc instead of a ball to make throwing easier and also having some rule tweaks to make the game more physical.

Rule Differences from football:
Women can play in the league.
Unlike football, Discusball has some more physical rules including:

There is no roughing the passer. You can hit the QB after he throws the discus.
Clipping is allowed
Pads are much lighter so players can move faster
No roughing the kicker or punter
Fighting is legal if both players drop their masks. After a fight, players are subbed out for three plays.
Uniforms are soccer jerseys with long pants and masks similar to goalie masks in hockey.


South Carolina, Page 1

Alabama, Page 2


There are 55 teams, one team for every U.S state and five English teams. Some teams have traditional names while others have generic names, and there are no conferences or divisions due to the large number of teams.

Instead, teams are scheduled by location, playing more games close to home.


Uniforms for men are a compression shirt and football pants with almost non existant pads, with a helmet that's a cross between a goalie mask and a lacrosse helmet. Uniforms for women are the same but with a top similar to a beach volleyball player's top, with the option to wear a undershirt and pads, no undershirt and no pads, or pads with no undershirt.

League History

MLD was founded in 1950 when a group of ex football players were upset with current leagues and wanted a new sport. The original league had ten teams, New York, New Jersey, California, Manchester, London, Ohio, Utah, Minnesota, South Carolina, and Nevada. Through the years, more teams were added.
The sport was named discusball to not be confused with discus, an Olympic sport.

The team with the most titles is California, with eleven, followed by New York and Ohio with nine each and London with seven. Utah has six championships and the most hall of famers of any team.
Logos and wordmarks:
League Logo: 9hbePgA.jpg


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Here's the teams. Names are usually based off something that state stands out in.


English Teams:
London Gunners: http://imgur.com/xkqjb5V
Manchester Red Devils(owned by Manchester United)
Liverpool Bobcats
Glasgow Warriors
North London United

American Teams:
Alabama Orangemen: http://imgur.com/ilfIcvF
Alaska Bears
Arizona Firebirds
Arkansas F.C
Sporting Cal F.C
Colorado Mounties
Connecticut Rams United
Delaware Anchormen
Tallahassee Floridians
Georgia Outlaws
Hawaii Hammerheads
Idaho United
Illinois Panthers
Indiana Red
Iowa Golden Eagles
Kansas Haymakers
New Orleans Fightin’ French
Maine Blue Wave
Maryland Admirals
Massachusetts Beavers
Michigan Tigers
Minnesota Nordic Giants
Mississippi United
Missouri Pioneers
Montana Strikers FC
Nebraska Colonels
Nevada Gunslingers
New Hampshire Schooners
New Jersey Coyotes
New Mexico Indians
Sporting New York City: http://imgur.com/eaMhFTs
North Carolina Speed
North Dakota Sioux
Ohio Battery
Oklahoma Choctaw
Oregon Seagulls
Pittsburgh Steelmakers
Rhode Island Islanders
South Carolina Confederates(owned by owner of the NPBA Confederates): http://imgur.com/aUXGxk7
South Dakota Rapids
Nashville Generals
Houston Blastoff
Utah 96ers
Vermont Cheesemakers
Virginia Revolution
Washington Northmen
West Virginia Westerners
Wisconsin Freeze
Wyoming Herd


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I like the nickname Nords, that's what the jerseys are going to say for the team name.

Here's the Confederates home jerseys. There's also a alternate helmet, and though the photo doesn't do it much justice, it had the Confederacy flag on the top half of the shell.



I used Rezland's template for the helmet if anyone is wondering.

Also here's a team bio:

The Confederates joined the league as the South Carolina Drillmasters, but after going 5-20 in their first year, the team was sold to the Providence Group, a large company who had bought the South Carolina NPBA team. Their uniforms were redesigned by Nike and in year five of the new ownership they went 20-5, mostly due to drafted QB Thad Bones. Thad threw fifty touchdowns(ten more then the average) in his rookie season and rushed for twenty, setting a rookie record in total touchdowns.

They play in the Carolina Dome, a new stadium built in 2013 and opened for the 2014 season.


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Team uniforms and identities are inspired by soccer, so are the uniforms since it's soccer jerseys with football pants and pads, despite what the photos show. With kicking, the FGs are really short right now. I'll probably change kicking to something else later. Also, here's the recap of the season opener.


The MLD 2014 Season kicked off today with the Kickoff Game, played at Arrowhead Stadium at 9 PM. The game was between two powerhouses, Ohio and Sporting NYC.

The opening kick was returned fifty yard by NYC and then the first fight of the game happened, Stan Taylor, star LB of the Battery, knocked off the helmet of return man Darius Pitt. Pitt, on the ground, yanked off Taylor’s helmet and sent him down in two hits, breaking his nose and sending him out of the game.

With no Stan Taylor, the Ohio defense let up a touchdown in two plays, a twenty five yard pass and then a breakaway screen play. After the play, another fight breaks out between Ohio LB and Stan’s replacement, Hal Jones and Darius Pitt, who had scored. This is a heated rivalry after all.

Pitt, the league’s best fighter, put Jones in a headlock and punched him until his mouth bled. Jones, shaken up, left the game and a safety had to play LB due to not having enough real linebackers.

Ohio scored on their first drive with a seventy yard deep pass but the next kick was ran back fifty yards again, giving good positioning to SNYC.

QB Corey Austin tucked the discusball and tried to run before being hit in the head by a safety and fumbling the discusball, the fumble being recovered by Ohio. Ohio kicked a field goal after being stopped at the twenty yard line to go up 10-7 midway through the first.

Austin struck back with a long TD pass to the corner of the end zone, caught by Darius Pitt to but Sporting NYC back up by four. At the start of the second they still led.

Ohio was being victimized by the NYC offense and New York scored on a fake punt. There was one more fight, with Corey Austin dropping his helmet after cornerback Bradley Davis leveled him after the play. Davis and Corey fought for a minute before Davis hit Corey in the head with the ball and sent him to the ground. Davis, who kicked Corey while he was down, instigated a bench clearing brawl where the benches of both teams stormed the field.

After the brawl, the third quarter started and NYC scored on a five yard run in the red zone to go up by more, 21-10.

There was no more scoring until Ohio scored to keep it close, on a fumble recovery for a touchdown. The dagger of the game was when Sporting New York ran a read option and scored on a twenty yard run with Austin to put the game away. The final score was 28-17, Sporting New York.


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  • Why are there 55 fuucking teams?
  • The names are horrible, I think you repeated one
  • What the fuuck does "FC" have to do with discusball
  • The league has no history, no draft, and no schedule

I like the idea, but you're not running it right. I'm thinking it may be because you're trying to run two leagues at once and it's just not working. I think if a little more effort was put into this it would be worth while. I don't mean to be mean or be a "hater", but I'm just not feeling it.


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The names are like that because it's supposed to represent each state. There's 55 teams for fifty states and four English cities.

The league history is coming, I wanted to get the main teams uniforms done first.

I want to know how "Charm" represents my state.

And way too many teams bro.

However, the first two uniforms were ok. I suggest cleaning up the font and making it more distinct. With 55 teams you're going to have to have a lot of ideas.


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Nashville is anything but country. We may have country music, but as for country culture, that's more out east. The name I suggest is the Nashville Generals, named for General Andrew Jackson. Also another name which is not going to happen is the Nashville Batmen, named for our building, the Batman Building.


If you didn't know it's the big one.


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