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ChrisClement and Derschwigg Collaboration League - HYPE


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Hey all!

A collaborative effort is on it's way between ChrisCLEMENT and myself for a newly designed NFL.

I'll be tackling the look and feel of the logos (which you'll still be able to see as they roll out on my thread) and Chris is going to handle the uniform design.

Coming very soon. GET HYPED.

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I know Chris was partnering with someone for an Ivy League redo.

Yes I did, it was Matt Wilcox.

What happened to that?

We nearly completed it, all that was left was Columbia and Brown. Other things came up on my end and I wasn't able to complete the series; still have plans to complete those two teams over break. Now that my NCFA work is about finished up.

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I'd be much more "hyped" if there was an actual concept here ;)

I know, I'm just excited is all. Chris has a lot on his plate, but actually came to me with the idea almost a month ago. It's been tough keeping it bottled up.

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