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Ohio State football concept


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Nothing radical... just some clean up. Pull in some consistency with the stripes, a few alt options. At first, I really didn't plan on adding outlines to the numbers, but the gray alt didn't work without the number trim, so I ended up putting it on all the jerseys. Thoughts are appreciated.


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I'm not sure about the red pants, but I guess gray jerseys and gray pants wouldn't look good. Everything else is great though.

I really like this concept. I do think white pants would look a hell of a lot better than red.

Well, in my conception, the scarlet pants wouldn't get much play. Never with the scarlet jersey, and very very (like once a season) seldom with the white jersey. I'd wear them with the gray jersey, although exactly when and where I'd wear the gray jersey I'm not too sure of.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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