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Hey guys, I made this logo yesterday. I was wondering if anyone can help me improve it. The shading on the back of the neck really bothers me, and the shape of the logo is also pretty odd. The ear is also non aggressive and doesnt fit in with the rest of the logo. Any ways I can improve on this? The colors are also not set in stone, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be all ears.




#9 LSU vs. TCU

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Hi there,

I've never done a redline before, but I really like this logo, so I thought I'd try it out to show you how I'd fix this.


Your ears are by far the weakest spot. They're far too long and are set in an odd spot on the head. I also tweaked the eye to make it look more like a jaguar, and I added whisker lines (I feel like cats always look more like cats if you add whiskers of some sort). And you didn't like the shape, so I just cropped it a bit, though I like your shape you did with the sabertooth logo.

I did a jaguar logo recently, if you'd like to take a look. Mine is here.

And here is a nice ref image of a jaguar in almost exactly the pose you want!

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