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Lacrosse World Championship Concepts


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alright im working on a norway fix. heres team usa and canada. out of all the team i have done they are the two im not as happy with besides italy.

for usa i wanted to get away from using stars and stripes like other concepts because that usually gets shot down. i also didnt want them to be too simple. and yes, there is a gradient over the camo. usually i dont like gradients but it definetly helped out with the camo look.



Although im not completely satisfied with canada, i think theyre better than the uniforms they had for the world championships this year. the leaf on the shoulder has a northwest native design inside.



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i might be getting a little ahead of myself by posting 4 concepts in one day but ive had these done for a while and want feedback. without further ado here's the iroquois nationals and england

For iroquois i went back to the striped jersey they had before this years world championships. i think the stripes work well for them and love the colors. i dont know if i went overkill with the wapum pattern.



And finally heres england. they already had some nice uniforms that were simple and clean. i wanted to add more to england without going crazy. they kind of remind me of cornell. they are also the only team with one helmet because the white helmet looked great with both jerseys. england has worn a white helmet only in the past, and still do.



i look forward to some comments on these teams. so far ive finished wales and scotland to round out the uk trio of scotland wales and england. they will be up after i fix norway and any of the latest teams

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on canada the away pants match the home but the home pants don't match the away. if you did the bronco stripein red like the pnats it would make sense.there is very little black in the home but in the away its used more.

Can we see a red helmet on the Away?

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the reason i used black shorts for canada is because they actually use black shorts and red wouldn't look that good with the white jersey.

and red helmet on the away for england (I'm assuming thats what u meant) isn't going to happen I've already said that.

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