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  1. 2012-13 NBA Logo & Uniform changes

    Actually the Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors and Oklahoma City Thunder (and technically the San Antonio Spurs) feature radial arched lettering. Conrad beat me to it
  2. NASL's Minnesota Stars Now Minnesota United FC

    This is a great update. Well done!
  3. Uncommontaries: A RARE Design Blog

    Hey guys, just wanted to let y'all know that we've started up a blog called "Uncommontaries" (you know, because something rare is also something uncommon). We'll be doing some behind-the-scenes looks at some of our athletics (and non-athletics) work, as well as using the blog as a dumping ground for our thoughts on the design and branding world, and whatever other creative thing we happen to think of. I think it's great that there have been so many new blogs recently devoted to giving an inside look at sports branding (Plan B., Studio Simon). Hope y'all enjoy our entry! Ben
  4. Legal Question about Customization

    Conrad, check your PMs
  5. Does anyone know where this logo came from?

    I believe you are thinking of Torch Creative.
  6. New Orleans Jesters

    Got my second baby in three years the other day As far as the logo is concerned, there is so much potential for a great logo in New Orleans culture, it's sad when it isn't met.
  7. Colleges with good Graphics Design programs

    Stay in-state. Go Aggies!
  8. You're right, the hats are different.
  9. Possible inspiration?
  10. Who designed...

    c0nr4d Here's what I know: Hornets: Not sure on the rest, but at least the Fleur-de-bee logo was done by adidas. Suns: Not sure on the primary mark, but the PHX secondary was done by Campbell Fisher Design. Heat: I don't know who originally designed the Heat logo, but when it was updated in '99, that was done by Nike. And the new secondary was done by RARE Design.
  11. NCAA Bowl Games

    Navy (I can't vote for the Utes on anything) FAU USM (because of, among other things, the helmet lettering, although what you've got there is close to what they use but not quite)
  12. Ultimate NCAA Baseball Project

    I got your back. Here's another USU vote. Go Aggies!
  13. Special unis for LSU-Tulane game?

    Am I the only one here that thinks the pelican appears to be wearing a 50's styled wig (the light blue)?
  14. Gallaudet vs Utah St.

    This logo actually is not in use any more. It was designed by SME branding about ten years back but you really never see it around campus anymore. Now we use an atrociously boring U-State mark, as seen here.
  15. RARE Design

    I took a job at RARE a few months ago and just wanted to let everyone know that we finally have our web site up and running. Apparently it had been a while since it was up, but like I said we just redesigned it. Anyway, just thought it might be of interest to some. Ben