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  1. RARE Design

    I took a job at RARE a few months ago and just wanted to let everyone know that we finally have our web site up and running. Apparently it had been a while since it was up, but like I said we just redesigned it. Anyway, just thought it might be of interest to some. Ben
  2. CCSLC Final Four - Round 1 Voting

    Northwest Bracket A 2 B 6 C 3 Northeast Bracket A 2 B 5 C 1 Southwest Bracket A 1 B 4 C 2 Southeast Bracket A 2 B 1 C 4
  3. Houston Bowl has new name

    Gotcha. Thanks man.
  4. Houston Bowl has new name

    I guess I need to lay of the Old Spice I am glad to hear that there is a positive reaction to this logo. As I read this thread, most of the things that you all bring up were things that were considered in designing this (like the 2005 MLS Cup project, I once again worked with RARE Design on this). It was going to be the Lone Star Bowl, and about halfway through the process it got changed to the Texas Bowl. The belt buckle idea came around then as well. We had some ideas that featured the state flag and some with a wooden sign concept. Ultimately they liked the buckle because they felt there was a lot they could do with that concept as far as promotions go. (I personally didn't want to go this direction as I felt the wodden sign was more of a stylistic change for me from the MLS Cup logo). I have heard they do plan on making actual buckles with the participating team logos replacing the two stars on the ends, but not sure about what they are going to use the actual buckles for (I hope to get one, though . As far as the actual designing of this logo, we hope that whatever sponsor is chosen wil be able to replace the "2006" on the buckle. No word on a sponsor yet. The font is a modified Brothers Bold. And actually the version that was released is not the final version. You may notice that some of the beveling is a bit off, and the flourshes are kind of thrown on there (the light source changes with these as well). They needed something to release and we were literally making changes up until the last minute before the press conference. We have since gone in and cleaned it up, but I am not sure when that version will be out. Anyways, like I said, I'm glad to hear that people seem to like this. Thanks for the comments.
  5. Mississippi Headhunters

    Maybe it is the Grinch's dog. The Grinch tied those horns on his head and then decided to dress him up in a football helmet too. Then killed him. While the dog was taking a crap. That's it.
  6. MLS Cup logo revealed

    Mings, Yes and no. Officially, this year's MLS Cup logo was designed by MLS Creative Services (as far as I know). Early on in the process last year we (RARE Design, who I freelanced with) made some comps similar to this year's final outcome (among other things, we explored belt buckles, badges, cow skulls, all that stereotypical texas imagery). They decided to go with the badge for last year and a red-white-blue-silver theme. This year, the belt buckle theme, apparently. I think it looks great, personally. It actually looks like a furthering of some of our comps from last year, in a way. I would like to think that had they chosen to go in that direction last year, we would have come up with something similar. But they did a good job, in my opinion.
  7. UL Monroe Marks to be Unveiled Today

    I'm flattered, but no, it's definitely a Rickabaugh. They have a style that sets them apart, and they seem to have followed it again with this package. I know people may think that their work is starting to all look very similar, but I think it's because it is just good sports logo design. The NCAA could do a lot worse than have a bunch of Rickabaugh logos out there, that's for sure.
  8. Best logo EVER

    I know that Rodney Richardson worked on this logo, whether it was after he opened RARE Design, I'm not sure. He also worked on the Broncos, Southern Miss, and the Memphis Grizzlies, to name a few.
  9. NC State Wolfpack getting an updated look?

  10. Which one looks better

    I think I like Boston College's logo better in their original burgundy and gold
  11. NCAA Football Uniform Changes

    Rumor has it that Utah State will be getting new unis this year, with the Kentucky Nike template. Not sure how founded these rumors are though.
  12. Rejected/Unused Logos

    I'm not sure, but I think you may mean Rodney Richardson, who now owns RARE Design.
  13. New Vikings Unforms *merged*

    my cat's breath smells like cat food
  14. Colts logo concept

    No problem. And all I said was I like it better for Cal Poly
  15. Colts logo concept

    Nice logo. I actually like it better as the logo for Cal Poly SLO, though.