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  1. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Sorry for the double post, but I was thinking about something in Francis' article that stuck out to me: Oh my, $200 million, that's an awful lot of money they offered! I wonder why the city turned that down- oh And just for some quick math: Basically the Flames offered to pay anywhere from 11-24% of this complex's steep price, depending on which projection was more accurate, and that's why the city told them to stuff it. I wonder why Eric didn't mention that?
  2. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    One thing I found from a different article on the situation is that the Flames lease with the Saddledome doesn't expire until 2033. The Saddledome's owned by the city, and while I know leases aren't always ironclad, I don't see the city being very eager to let the Flames loose from the lease just to see them leave town. Just based on that, before you get into whether they'd even make more money in a place like Seattle, I don't see them moving.
  3. 2017 NHL Offseason

  4. I was playing Madden NFL 2000 for the PS1 last night when I discovered an inaccuracy, and so I decided to take some screenshots of it and a couple of others. -The Tennessee Titans, 1999 being their first ever season under that name, were just given a generic block font for their then-brand new uniforms: -The Philadelphia Eagles' home jersey's front & back numbers have their colours reversed! Unlike the Titans example there's no real excuse for this, the Eagles have worn that uniform since 1996! -And lastly, a lot of historic teams just have the same generic, too-bold number font; case in point, compare Marcus Allen "RB No. 32" from the 1990 Raiders... ...with Zack Crockett of the then-modern Raiders: (One example I can't get a screenshot of is the too-old-to-run-on-modern-systems PC version, where every team shared the same generic block font, even teams that use custom fonts IRL like the Broncos!)
  5. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    That's a very fair point; Connecticut's state mammal is even the sperm whale. Still, I can't help but feel that the name would be a bit of an artifact no matter where they played, given that there's really no major whaling industry anywhere in the continental US anymore. (For what it's worth I did do a bit of research Googling beforehand, and while there never was a whaling presence in Texas, it turns out there are several species of whale in the Gulf of Mexico. Today I learned...) This was my other thought as well - I figure as long as the name has a ring to it and the team's good, nobody will really care too much.
  6. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Y'know, reading your comment got me thinking... if the Hurricanes did move to Houston, would anyone object to them retaking the Whalers identity? Like you said, it seems to be better regarded than the Hurricanes' is, and the old hidden-H logo would still work for Houston. As someone who wants to see the Whalers come back even I'll admit Hartford isn't likely to ever get an NHL team again, so I'd think "Houston Whalers" would be the next-best thing.
  7. McDonalds customer pays for order of nothing

    The one time I've ever used a McDonald's self-serve kiosk, this past spring, I was basically forced to - when I went to give my order the lady at the till literally walked me over to one of them. They only accept payment by cards, but I only had cash on me that day, so she had to go back to the till and get my change for my $3.50 cheeseburgers, then use a gift card to "pay" through the debit machine to get the order sent to the kitchen. That payment failed twice. The poor lady had to attend to other people, doing the same thing in making them go through the automated computers, before coming back to fix my order. Besides that bad experience, I go to McDonald's about a dozen times a year. I can count the number of times I've seen people use those things willingly on my two hands. Even when it's exceedingly busy, there's still only a couple people at most willing to use them. And they're the only chain here in Canada that even uses those kiosks at all (that I know of) - Wendy's, A&W, Dairy Queen, Burger King, none of them have any, at least around here. If automation's the future of fast-food service, I think we're still a long way off from it. PS: I get kinda annoyed when I see other working people seemingly celebrating the rise of automation to "show those entitled fast-food workers who's boss" - Like, putting aside how that's nonsense in an age where service jobs are all most people can get, y'all realise that it's not gonna stop there, right? When the service industry does get fully automated, your jobs are gonna be next.
  8. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    I know video games probably don't normally count, but this feels like a special case. Here's a publicity screenshot for NBA 2K18 that 2K sports posted to the game's Facebook page 2 weeks ago, featuring Kyrie Irving in the new Cavs home jersey... which now, because of his trade today, he will never wear in real life*. * - potential future transactions notwithstanding.
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    I don't like the Detroit Pistons' original horsehead logo. That was an awful colour scheme for the Pistons and switching to it was a big mistake in their history. The red, silver & light blue recolouring it got for 2001-02, on the other hand... ...In my opinion that's about the perfect Pistons logo. The PISTONS exhaust-pipe script always looked really cool to me, as did the mustang head, and they put it in the team's proper colour scheme to boot, correcting the original's fatal flaw.
  10. WWE SummerSlam: 20 August 2017

    I sure thought he was going to after he entered #30, but no, he didn't.
  11. MLB Changes 2017

    I reject the notion that this is just about "having fun", and frankly seeing that being thrown out as a rebuttal to criticism really bugs me - like not wanting teams to wear gimmicky, overpriced, literally-glorified Little League uniforms somehow makes me a humourless killjoy or something? Excuse me for wanting my team to look dignified.
  12. Interesting Sports Facts and Statistics

    In 1999 the Jacksonville Jaguars went 14-2. Their two losses came against the Tennessee Titans, the only team they didn't beat all season; conversely, they were undefeated against everyone else they faced. In the playoffs they faced Miami in the second round and won 62-7 - the second-largest margin of victory in NFL playoff history - advancing them to the AFC Championship to face, guess who? The Tennessee Titans! And once again the Titans beat them, 33-14, to advance to Super Bowl XXXIV. That year they went 15-0 against teams not named the Tennessee Titans, and 0-3 against the Titans themselves. Oh, and to top it all off, in a classic moment of "premature jocularity" the team released "Uh-Oh: the Jacksonville Jaguars Championship Song", their own "Super Bowl Shuffle", at the start of the playoffs, before they made it to the Super Bowl. Whoops.
  13. Odd Names

    My favourite thing about Harry Baals is the time a reporter interviewed him and tried to side-step around that by pronouncing his name "Bales", only for Harry to correct him: "Son, this is your Mayor. I pronounce my name 'Balls'." Like, he knew exactly what his name sounded like (if I had to guess he probably got picked on a lot as a kid) but he just owned it completely; I can respect that.
  14. WWE Battleground

  15. NHL 2017-18

    Eh, it's alright; I still prefer the old gapped numbers though, to be honest. Really that about sums up my opinion about the Oilers' new set: "Fine, but not better than the old one."