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  1. Ah yes, the Miracle on Madison. I remember that game pretty vividly. Served as an odd bit of foreshadowing for the Flames 2nd-half collapse that season...
  2. I was wondering where you've been lately, why I hadn't seen any posts in a while... Glad to hear it's going good so far.
  3. I'm not gonna stop disliking him & his administration for one single (admittedly very good) act. It's a Stopped Clock moment for him, but that's it.
  4. (Not sure how unpopular this actually is, but I've never actually seen this opinion here before, so...) This should've been what the Indians replaced Chief Wahoo with, not the block-C they presently use:
  5. I know it's from '46, but even back then did they not think "Hm, if we make it blue-on-blue nobody'll be able to read it"? With decision-making skills like that, no wonder the Huskies only lasted a year.
  6. That two of Oakland's 3 major league sports teams originally played in Philadelphia - the Warriors and the Athletics.
  7. I had the exact same thought.
  8. This YouTuber's name; why would you make your user name 14,000 characters long?! (Yes, I counted.) Hell, why does YouTube even let you make account names that long?!
  9. Plus she's only on the ballot right now in 28 states + DC, and the expectation is that she'll be on in just 47 states. Like, maybe a vote for Johnson isn't a complete waste - I still think it is, but there's at least an argument to be made there - but voting for someone who isn't even on the ballot everywhere, and thus has a distinct disadvantage at actually winning, certainly seems to be.
  10. I thought Tomodachi Life was a fun little time-waster; try to find some dumb Mii's to make/download for best results. There's also Smash Bros., Pokemon, various games on Virtual Console...
  11. Back to actual news, Patrick Roy has quit as Avs coach.
  12. Yeah, probably.
  13. I've been having a bit of fun with Out of the Park Baseball. I started an historic sim in 1994, and I've played through 30 seasons so far. Here's how MLB looks in my version of 2024: Every season's World Series (and other historical tidbits): 1994 - Montreal Expos def. Seattle Mariners 1995 - Atlanta Braves def. Cleveland Indians 1996 - Cleveland Indians def. San Francisco Giants 1997 - New York Yankees def. Colorado Rockies -Interleague play did not start, since the game's schedule generator can't do it properly -Texas LF Shinji Ikari (yes) hits .400 1998 - Seattle Mariners def. Colorado Rockies -Expansion: Tampa Bay & Arizona like IRL, but also Washington & Calgary -Milwaukee did not move to the NL 1999 - Colorado Rockies def. Kansas City Royals 2000 - Colorado Rockies def. New York Yankees 2001 - Kansas City Royals def. Colorado Rockies -Colorado CF Jorge Olivares breaks single-season HR record with 63 2002 - Atlanta Braves def. New York Yankees 2003 - New York Mets def. Toronto Blue Jays 2004 - Seattle Mariners def. San Diego Padres 2005 - California Angels def. Chicago Cubs 2006 - Cleveland Indians def. New York Mets 2007 - Cleveland Indians def. Cincinnati Reds -Cleveland LF Lou Bowen breaks single-season RBI record with 214 -Expansion: Las Vegas, Hawaii, Vancouver, Mexico City 2008 - New York Mets def. Cleveland Indians 2009 - Los Angeles Dodgers def. Minnesota Twins -California Angels change name to Los Angeles Angels 2010 - Cleveland Indians def. Houston Astros 2011 - Philadelphia Phillies def. Toronto Blue Jays -Oakland Athletics move back to Philadelphia -Season shrinks from 162 games to 160 -Playoff format changes to 3 division winners + 5 wildcards per league 2012 - Hawaii Whales def. Houston Astros -Starting rotations shrink from 5 pitchers to 4 -Florida Marlins change name to Miami Marlins 2013 - Montreal Expos def. Hawaii Whales -Houston did not move to the AL 2014 - Houston Astros def. Philadelphia Athletics 2015 - Texas Rangers def. St. Louis Cardinals 2016 - Pittsburgh Pirates def. Texas Rangers 2017 - Baltimore Orioles def. Chicago Cubs 2018 - Kansas City Royals def. Pittsburgh Pirates -Expansion: Brooklyn, Memphis, Portland, Oakland -League realigns to 2 divisions of 10 teams per league; playoffs are top 4 teams per division 2019 - New York Mets def. Seattle Mariners 2020 - Los Angeles Dodgers def. Kansas City Royals -Designated Hitter is abolished 2021 - Miami Marlins def. Minnesota Twins 2022 - Seattle Mariners def. Los Angeles Dodgers 2023 - Philadelphia Athletics def. Philadelphia Phillies As you can see, teams like Montreal, Seattle, Colorado & Cleveland have been far more successful in my game than in real life, and vice versa; the Cardinals have only made the playoffs 8 times in these 30 seasons, and Milwaukee only 3 times! Boston & the White Sox never broke their "curses", the Yankees stand 4 World Series' shy of the 27 they have in reality, and it's interesting how the Cubs have actually won 2 NL Pennants (though losing both World Series). I dunno, it's just been pretty fun. Sorry about the post length...
  14. 'Bout time they admitted they played in Cleveland. Uniforms could be better, that colour scheme feels like they're trying to piggyback off of the Cavs. Then again the ones they had weren't all that great either, so I guess it's a wash.
  15. Yeah, it's kinda like in baseball; 58 years after the Dodgers & Giants left NYC, in hindsight IMO it's stunning that the market was able to keep 3 teams (2 of which literally played across the river from each other) afloat for as long as it did!