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  1. I mean, he's not wrong, he's just not right in the way he thinks he is.
  2. You know you did badly when...
  3. Did I hear that correct a few minutes ago? Moderator: "Uh, You can release your tax returns while you're being audited, Trump, just saying..." Trump: "Yeah, but I'm being audited right now, so I won't." (Summed up, obviously) Did I seriously just hear that?
  4. Mountain Dew is kinda different up here: (American bottle on the left, Canadian on the right) When they did the logo change back in '09 America's went to the "Mtn Dew" abbreviation, but I guess we thought that was dumb and changed it's logo up here to a non-abbreviated version of the same logo. Up until 2012 the drinks themselves were different, too - a law that banned caffeine in non-cola soft drinks (which was repealed in 2010) meant Canada's Mountain Dew was caffeine free until then.
  5. You know, the Giants are putting up such a big fight to keep SJ, sometimes I wonder if it'd actually be comparatively easier for the A's to move back to Philly.
  6. Sorry, I know this is a few days old, but there's something here I just had to bring up: That, of course, didn't stop him from backing a losing WTC rebuilding project that was exactly that.
  7. So Romain Reigns (sic) is trending on Facebook right now...
  8. Back when EA bought the NFL's exclusive licence, I told myself that Sega Sports-turned-2K Sports should've just gotten the CFL license so they could keep making their excellent football games. I think CFL 2K6 would've been awesome! And hell, that probably would've still turned out better than that All-Pro Football game they made 8 years ago...
  9. Fair enough, but you could make the argument they shouldn't care too much about a junior hockey team with the same name either, and yet here we are...
  10. Hmm, good point, I always forget they exist...
  11. Ah yes, the Miracle on Madison. I remember that game pretty vividly. Served as an odd bit of foreshadowing for the Flames 2nd-half collapse that season...
  12. I was wondering where you've been lately, why I hadn't seen any posts in a while... Glad to hear it's going good so far.
  13. I'm not gonna stop disliking him & his administration for one single (admittedly very good) act. It's a Stopped Clock moment for him, but that's it.
  14. (Not sure how unpopular this actually is, but I've never actually seen this opinion here before, so...) This should've been what the Indians replaced Chief Wahoo with, not the block-C they presently use:
  15. I know it's from '46, but even back then did they not think "Hm, if we make it blue-on-blue nobody'll be able to read it"? With decision-making skills like that, no wonder the Huskies only lasted a year.