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  1. My favourite thing about Harry Baals is the time a reporter interviewed him and tried to side-step around that by pronouncing his name "Bales", only for Harry to correct him: "Son, this is your Mayor. I pronounce my name 'Balls'." Like, he knew exactly what his name sounded like (if I had to guess he probably got picked on a lot as a kid) but he just owned it completely; I can respect that.
  2. Eh, it's alright; I still prefer the old gapped numbers though, to be honest. Really that about sums up my opinion about the Oilers' new set: "Fine, but not better than the old one."
  3. The Mets had J. before 2000, because on May 11, 1999, when M. was with the Rockies, they started against one another.
  4. A friend of mine's begun following Japanese baseball, today he pointed something out to me and now I'm trying to figure out how on Earth it's even happened. Over there they've just completed fan voting for the All-Star Series, and Kensuke Kondo, of the defending Japan Series champion Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, finished 4th among Pacific League outfielders, just out of the starting lineup. So what's so unusual about that, you may ask? Well, playing in 50 of 67 games thus far, Kondo has a batting average of .407, along with an OBP of .567, a SLG of .560 and an OPS of 1.127. With numbers like that, how on Earth is he not popular enough to win an All-Star Game vote? Is it that he doesn't get much of the "flashy" stats, only having 3 home runs, 28 RBIs and 3 stolen bases? Is it that his Fighters are just 28-39, 5th in the Pacific League? Is it because he's been out with injury most of the month, will get surgery this week, and might miss the rest of the season as a result? (So much for a .400 season, I guess...) It just kinda blows my mind, honestly.
  5. The only good thing from the Buffaslug set, and a logo I felt the Sabres should've kept in some capacity:
  6. Change is fine, yes, but only when the changes themselves are good. When they aren't, though? Might as well not even bother. Stick with what works, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Though for the teams that didn't do much of anything and are all the worse for it (Flames, Senators, Sharks, etc.) I guess that'd be "stick with what works, even when it doesn't".
  7. With a straight hem, but yeah; it'd look pretty good, I think.
  8. Ew. White numbers on a Blues jersey just looks weird. I hated them when their old navy alternate used them, and I hate them now.
  9. I could believe that; for what it's worth though, my theory is that said Sportsnet intern was salty about Quebec City not getting a team, so he made it real quick & put it in the video as a joke to spite the league... whatever the explaination, it's pretty funny that it snuck onto a league-sanctioned video.
  10. Well Facebook, I've gotta admit - normally when someone gets a team's logo wrong it's usually an NHL team having someone else's logo, so good for you for going the opposite path.
  11. Okay, so my thoughts on this are kinda numerous. On one hand, there ain't no way that the NHL rigged this for Crosby and the Penguins (although, a tip for you, NHL: giving Crosby the Conn Smythe when even most Penguins fans don't seem to think he deserves it only feeds that fire), and honestly I think I'm just gonna start asking for hard proof now when I see people claiming that. And yeah, the Predators playing like garbage at Paints Arena is easily what sunk them in this series. But holy crap was the reffing still awful in this series. Missed penalties, botched offsides, garbage goals... Like, the NHL's referees are always spectacularly awful at their jobs in my opinion, but this year's Finals seemed like a whole new low for them. And while I'm glad people are actually speaking out & slamming the league hard for such incompetence now, is that even gonna change anything? The NHL has never cared about anything anyways, why would they start now? And frankly I lost a lot of respect for Crosby this series. I used to like him for being one of the few guys who can consistently get 100-point seasons in an era where that's becoming a sad rarity. (And heck, come next April I may still like him for that reason. ) After all that happened in game 5, though? To paraphrase someone else here, he's Matt Cooke with talent as far as I'm concerned. (The same goes for the fans who were so uncomfortably fast in trying to justify or handwave it, too, honestly... Like, really? Your best player acted like a jerk. Own it.) So as a Predators bandwagoner for 2017 I say congratulations, Penguins. Though I take issue with the way you played in some games, I can't deny that you earned it this year. I hope your fanbase will forgive me, though, when I say I hope y'all fall apart next year and someone new can come in and take the Cup.
  12. That's what he is doing in that gif though.
  13. I'll repeat, he was holding onto & pulling Crosby's leg because he was trying to pull Crosby off of him. Y'know, self-defence? Acting like this is somehow equivalent and that Subban somehow deserved that is, in my opinion at least, absurd and dishonest.
  14. I mean, I'm sure somebody is, but not anywhere I've looked.