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  1. Yeah, definitely. I'm glad almost every clip of it's on YouTube, though. Keith does great work as a political pundit, but for me he's just so much more entertaining as a sports guy...
  2. Yeah, I think that's the real problem, teams getting a little too eager to retire people's numbers. Keith Olbermann covered it pretty well on his last ESPN show, a year and a half ago; he even makes (stretchy, even by his own admission) arguments that the Yankees could conceivably retire every number up to the mid-40s! Sadly I don't think this video is viewable in America... (Ironic, since his last ESPN show only aired in America!)
  3. Yeah, I thought the Leafs nailed it with their original setup - only retire numbers for guys who's careers ended prematurely, and simply honour everyone else. As a bonus, in a hundred years when teams start running out of 1-99 numbers to use, they'd still have all of theirs. Not anymore, I guess...
  4. I find this is a lot like saying, "Well, the Blues could've beaten the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Final!" Like, maybe so, but they've gotta get there first. Look, I liked Bernie a whole lot, and I would've preferred he be the nominee too, but let's face it: he lost, and convincingly so. You can brag that he could've beaten Trump by a lot more, and you'd probably be right, but he couldn't even get past Clinton in the Democratic Conference Finals, so we'll never know for sure.
  5. I know this is a few months old now, but the London Knights objecting to LV using the name still strikes me as odd, considering that the Lethbridge Hurricanes didn't do the same (as far as I know, anyways) when the Carolina Hurricanes came into existence...
  6. I haven't watched much baseball this year, but if the Cubs make the World Series I'm watching every inning of that - that's history in the making, right there. (I don't know if this has been pointed out or not, but this was their first 100-win season since 1935!) Of course, having said that I'm sticking to the same prediction I made to myself at the start of the year: Blue Jays over Cubs, hopefully in 7 games.
  7. I wish it was just called that; when I first saw centre ice I thought it was gonna just be the "Paints Arena"!
  8. Newt reminds me of someone who used to be my uncle-in-law, who cheated on his wife/my aunt while she was in treatment for breast cancer. Real piece of work, he is.
  9. I mean, he's not wrong, he's just not right in the way he thinks he is.
  10. You know you did badly when...
  11. Did I hear that correct a few minutes ago? Moderator: "Uh, You can release your tax returns while you're being audited, Trump, just saying..." Trump: "Yeah, but I'm being audited right now, so I won't." (Summed up, obviously) Did I seriously just hear that?
  12. Mountain Dew is kinda different up here: (American bottle on the left, Canadian on the right) When they did the logo change back in '09 America's went to the "Mtn Dew" abbreviation, but I guess we thought that was dumb and changed it's logo up here to a non-abbreviated version of the same logo. Up until 2012 the drinks themselves were different, too - a law that banned caffeine in non-cola soft drinks (which was repealed in 2010) meant Canada's Mountain Dew was caffeine free until then.
  13. You know, the Giants are putting up such a big fight to keep SJ, sometimes I wonder if it'd actually be comparatively easier for the A's to move back to Philly.
  14. Sorry, I know this is a few days old, but there's something here I just had to bring up: That, of course, didn't stop him from backing a losing WTC rebuilding project that was exactly that.
  15. So Romain Reigns (sic) is trending on Facebook right now...