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  1. In a weird sort of way, I... actually kind of miss artificial turf, at least for baseball. Heck, even looking up some of the old cookie-cutter stadiums and seeing their perfect symmetry gives me an oddly good feeling. I know part of it's nostalgia, since the tail-end of the cookie-cutter stadium era was during my childhood, but not all of it - I've always been a big fan of base-stealers, and they thrived in the days of AstroTurf. I actually find it sort of ironic: baseball purists loathe the rise of the home run, preferring that teams instead focus on small ball, singles & base-stealing, pitching and defence. All of that came back in style, at least to an extent, during the era of massive stadiums with deep power alleys, lots of foul territory and fast turf... And yet said purists still detest that era because most of those parks were boring, soulless, concrete donuts - which they were, in fairness to them. Maybe if there were more Kauffman's and fewer Riverfront's back then, the era would be better looked upon? *shrugs* Having said all that, though, I'm not advocating for its return, I'm still glad AstroTurf's gone and likely never coming back. Running and especially falling on that stuff is awful, since it was basically just a teal carpet on top of concrete. Notice above I only said I miss it for baseball; in my opinion a contact sport like football should've never been played on that stuff in the first place. I can only imagine how much that contributed to football's head injury problems...
  2. Y'know, on that note, I remember an instance when I was a kid, of my dad & I playing some football game on the Genesis - I think it was Troy Aikman NFL Football - and my dad seeing the Oilers helmet in the game and mistaking it at first for the Patriots helmet (the game was released in '94 and the Pats had changed to ol' Elvis in '93).
  3. Um, my sister has 5,000 followers on Tumblr, that's about as close to a famous relative as I get though XD
  4. So I was playing NBA 2K17, and when you choose to expand the league it gives you a picture of the '95 expansion draft: And the first thing I notice is that Grizzlies script logo above Stern's head; was that ever used anywhere else after that expansion draft? 'Cause I'd never seen it before!
  5. So if I'm reading this right... not only do they want to give up a perfectly serviceable market to play 2nd fiddle to the Rams, now they wanna ditch a nearly-60 year old identity for no good reason and risk being even less relevant & remembered than they are right now? (Hey! There's a name idea! The Los Angeles Football Clippers! ) Seriously though, it feels like just when you think Spanos and the Chargers couldn't be anymore stupid... they prove you wrong. I actually feel sorry for any Charger fans, whether they live in SD, LA or anywhere else. Y'all deserve a better-run team than this.
  6. I was playing NHL 17 and I found this team name in the create-a-team PBP bank; maybe they could switch to it?
  7. Then they'd be going full-circle, since for 10 years before the Saint John Flames came around, Calgary's minor-league affiliate was this old team.
  8. Well, let's see... I started sometime in late July/early August 2014, went for 2-3 months, then stopped until this past January; I've had a couple of other small breaks from it this year, but this year's been more-or-less all MVP. I get into games in phases; I'll go all-in for a bit, sometimes playing absolutely nothing else except that game, then interest will fade and I'll set it on the shelf for a bit. Sometimes it lasts a day, sometimes it can go for weeks or even months!
  9. Losing a Dynasty Mode save in MVP Baseball 2005 after 31 seasons and 2 1/2 years due to a corrupted memory card. Damn...
  10. 28, and I've been here at least since I was 16.
  11. I'll throw in this one: So bad it was demoted from being the team's primary logo before they even played a single game.
  12. St. Louis Arena (the old Checkerdome) hosted the NHL's Eagles for their single season of 1934-35, following their move from Ottawa, then the Blues formed and played there from 1967-1994. So that'd be ~32 years in-between games, not counting the handful of times the Blackhawks played there in the 50's?
  13. You can pretty much trace it back to this mashup High Quality Video Game Rip: The channel that did this is also responsible for The Nutshack's spread, just for the record.
  14. Aw man, that Penguins jersey's awesome looking! I'd have preferred the 81-84 yellow one straight-up, but that's a great compromise.
  15. True, but that wasn't a good start. First impressions are still pretty important; that was a very bad first impression.