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  1. Agreed. I feel like if every team did a charity patch instead of a straight advertisement, nobody'd be complaining about ads on jerseys. I know I wouldn't be, at least - a good cause can make all the difference.
  2. NHL 2004 had an interesting example of this, with the then-brand new Phoenix Coyotes rebrand. They used the wrong number font, instead of the Impact-esque numbers they actually had... ...And they stuck a different logo at centre ice, a recoloured version of the crescent moon logo they used from 1997 to 1999! And yet bizarrely, I think the team's identity looked better in NHL 2004 because of those changes, than it did in real life!
  3. 1982-83 was the season the Hartford Whalers & Philadelphia Flyers both wore the infamous Cooperalls. They faced each other 3 times that season, with Hartford winning on Dec. 11 and Philadelphia taking both games of a home-and-home on Jan. 8 & 9. No pics, but I found a highlight package of the Dec. 11 game.
  4. Like insert name said, from 1978-79 to 1986-87. They replaced the "NEW YORK" with "RANGERS" that year, but that striping pattern stayed until 1996-97, when they mashed 'em together and eliminated the gaps, which is how it looked before 1976-77.
  5. My all-time favourite New York Rangers jersey: Not even just the "NEW YORK" logo either, the gapped stripes - that actually match the white jersey, too - look so good on that jersey to me.
  6. To piggy-back on the Senators thing: These jerseys aren't good... but they have potential, I think. To me the set's biggest flaw is that it's still on the awful Edge template, so ditch the random blobs on the sleeves & armpits, give them traditional sleeve & hem-stripes, and I think they'd have a pretty solid look.
  7. Jericho is (apparently he even Tweeted from out there) but Big Show was eliminated.
  8. A person I befriended in high school once lived on the very same block I did, though his family moved out about a year before my family moved in. So basically every time he came over to my place was a trip to his old neighbourhood.
  9. That's good to see. Of all of the California AHL relocations I think San Diego was the only one I was fully, 100% on-board with. I'm glad to see it's going so well.
  10. Then I'll counter them by expressing my moral superiority in preferring the 7-6 game. Seriously though, that was amazing. The way hockey's supposed to be, IMHO.
  11. I take it you mean this logo? (Never noticed the big "N" in it until now ) That's the tower built into Nashville Gaylord Sommet Bridgestone Arena.
  12. Raiders officially file for relocation.
  13. I see that and immediately think of the Stroop Test:
  14. In a weird sort of way, I... actually kind of miss artificial turf, at least for baseball. Heck, even looking up some of the old cookie-cutter stadiums and seeing their perfect symmetry gives me an oddly good feeling. I know part of it's nostalgia, since the tail-end of the cookie-cutter stadium era was during my childhood, but not all of it - I've always been a big fan of base-stealers, and they thrived in the days of AstroTurf. I actually find it sort of ironic: baseball purists loathe the rise of the home run, preferring that teams instead focus on small ball, singles & base-stealing, pitching and defence. All of that came back in style, at least to an extent, during the era of massive stadiums with deep power alleys, lots of foul territory and fast turf... And yet said purists still detest that era because most of those parks were boring, soulless, concrete donuts - which they were, in fairness to them. Maybe if there were more Kauffman's and fewer Riverfront's back then, the era would be better looked upon? *shrugs* Having said all that, though, I'm not advocating for its return, I'm still glad AstroTurf's gone and likely never coming back. Running and especially falling on that stuff is awful, since it was basically just a teal carpet on top of concrete. Notice above I only said I miss it for baseball; in my opinion a contact sport like football should've never been played on that stuff in the first place. I can only imagine how much that contributed to football's head injury problems...