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  1. "Anaheim Patriots" and "Anaheim Warriors" would've both been non-starters even if the owner was ready to embrace a full change - the former due to the aforementioned NFL team and the latter due to the NBA team that plays 400 miles north of them. And "Anaheim Minutemen" would've just been dumb and lame, and not even in the campy fun way "Mighty Ducks" was.
  2. More evidence that the guy who banned Brass Bonanza from Whalers games when he was their GM has always been a boring fart who hates anything fun. To branch off into a broader thing about the Ducks' identity, I actually don't hate their black & orange jerseys, I think they look quite good and wouldn't mind them just sticking the recoloured Wild Wing logo on them and calling it a day. On a sidenote I have a Ducks' fan friend who likes the Wild Wing logo (the old orange alt especially) and the old "Mighty Ducks" name but who hates the old jade & eggplant colour scheme. I can't say I entirely agree with him, but I do like the black & orange more at the moment. (Although I do hate the 25th anniversary alt, the team should've learned from the 2003-2006 alt that jade & eggplant don't work with black.)
  3. mcj882000

    NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    That's kinda my thought too - if they're gonna spend a lame-duck year at a small, outdated stadium where nobody's gonna go see a game, it might as well be the bad old stadium in the city they're actually moving to.
  4. mcj882000

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    The Down Goes Brown book was talked about before, and having spent the last 2 weeks reading through it I really have to mention the insane 1970 draft "lottery" that it talks about in one part. That year they gave the expansion Sabres & Canucks the top picks, but apparently decided flipping a coin to see who picked #1 was too easy, so they hastily brought out a big wheel with 13 numbers on it, decided landing on a 7 would be a respin to make the wheel actually even, and then let the teams pick what half of the wheel they got. Buffalo won the right* to pick so they took 8-13, Vancouver was left with 1-6, and so they spun. President Campbell then announced that the winning number was 1 for the Canucks, but Sabres GM Punch Imlach noticed something: the winning number was actually eleven and it was shown vertically as 1 1 instead of "11" on the wheel, which Campbell proceeded to misread. So, Vancouver got swerved, Buffalo won the #1 pick and got Gilbert Perreault; the Canucks settled on Dale Tallon and the rest is history. * - how did the Sabres win the right to pick first? Easy, they flipped a coin
  5. mcj882000

    NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

    I was cheering for the Rams but as the game progressed I was perfectly fine with the Patriots winning - in my opinion that was the most fitting outcome for the most boring Super Bowl ever played.
  6. mcj882000

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Oh, the Ducks just traded Aberg today to Minnesota for Justin Kloos. Their 2nd-to-top goal scorer for a guy who's played one game (and did nothing but commit a turnover and a penalty in that game). So that's a good trade.
  7. mcj882000

    2018-19 NHL Season

    well that was smart of them
  8. mcj882000

    Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    Ah yes, the "I'd rather be anywhere else" face, a classic
  9. mcj882000

    NHL 2018-19

    Yeah, Edgification really sucked the life out of them, the way it did to just about everyone's uniforms.
  10. mcj882000

    NHL 2018-19

    See, this is what I don't get - why does it matter? Past results don't guarantee future performance; and besides, you're making it sound like wearing purple is why they were forgettable, and obviously it's not - I'll remind you that they were pretty forgotten in the late-90s as well, after Bruce McNall went to prison, the team went bankrupt and had to trade Gretzky & co., all of which happened while they were still wearing the black & silver. They're looking pretty forgettable right now and going forward as well, I'll point out. I do like the silver & black, but I also like the gold & purple Forum Blue and black, silver & purple as well; which I like most tends to change depending on my mood. Presently I'm really feeling the black, silver & purple set; I own one myself, and the deep purple they used and the way the crest & letters shine looks so good to me. It's a vastly underrated uniform IMO, overshadowed by its predecessors. The Kings are a team that's had some stupendous downturns with a pair of high points, both of which just happened to occur while they were basically copying the Raiders. That their Dork Ages have mostly been while purple was one of their team colours is coincidental. I won't mind if they keep the silver & black going forward - though, again, I'd prefer more silver myself, especially on the home - but if they do decide to keep purple off their uniforms in the future it should be because they don't think it's their strongest brand, not because they just happened to be lousy while wearing it.
  11. mcj882000

    NHL 2018-19

    I do like the old silver & black, the Raiders look, but I really don't like their current unis; they're a cheap imitation that uses too much white and not enough silver IMO.
  12. mcj882000

    NHL 2018-19

    I disagree entirely; it was fun the first time, when Phil the Thrill was picked last, but it wore out its welcome very quickly (especially after that 17-12 game in 2015) and was rightfully ditched and replaced with something a bit better. (I'd still prefer East vs. West but it's close at least.) I still don't get why the NFL and NBA decided that's just what their own all-star games needed? And frankly I don't even get your point here - is that aimed at me? If so, when did I ever say the NHL needs to be more like the league that decided ads on jerseys was the right thing to do? Case in point, when the NBA stole the NHL's dumb ASG format they didn't even do it right for its first two years - why would you schedule an ASG based around an all-star fantasy draft, and then not televise the draft? If you want to speed up the ASG's death then yeah, injecting silly gimmicks like a draft or a 3v3 tournament into it are absolutely the right way to accomplish that, in my opinion. I guess I'm one of the few people who actually still enjoys a regular ol' All-Star Game, especially in the NHL where it's one of the few times a year the wooden stiffs who play the game actually let loose and show some personality, even if just a little.
  13. mcj882000

    NHL 2018-19

    What I don't get is, if you're gonna rip someone else off, why not steal something good instead of the NBA's boring colourless ASG unis? What a waste.
  14. mcj882000

    NHL 2018-19

    I believe it is, yes.
  15. mcj882000

    NHL 2018-19

    I absolutely agree that the Kings have never really had a bad identity. The Forum Blue purple & gold looked fantastic, as did the silver & black of the 90s, and even the purple & black of the 00s looked great until the Edge makeover. Really the only Kings identity that I don't particularly like is their current set, the black & silver white V2, but even it isn't awful, just kinda "meh". Part of me does wish they'd use a little colour again, but at the same time their old black jerseys looked so good as well... EDIT: Having said that I think the 00s look dipped a bit when they switched logos in 2002, because I thought the coat-of-arms was much better than the crown: