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  1. Buddy of mine pointed out it was "payback" for the game 3 winner going in off of Perry's head, so yeah... Yay, funny bounces!
  2. Reopening the NHL CBA could mean no 2020 World Cup of Hockey To prevent what happened in 2004, where the World Cup was immediately followed by a lockout, the NHL said the other day they won't hold it in 2020 if either side opts out of the CBA, which they can do that year. Basically, the league pulled out of the Olympics to promote their own tournament... which now has a non-insignificant chance of not happening at all. And if that's not Peak NHL, I don't know what is.
  3. Jeez, that's kinda harsh... I guess I was just frustrated at being a mere minute late*, plus the fact that the place closed so early. (I checked their hours online, they're apparently open until 6 on weekends.) Like I said, had I known they closed so early I wouldn't have bothered going there at all. And indeed, I just went to a place that actually was open at 4 in the afternoon instead. * - That's in line with my usual timing luck though, to be fair - if I added up the fare to every bus I ever missed by less than a minute, I bet I'd be comfortably well-off!
  4. Personally, I like when rival teams look nothing alike, so with that in mind: I dunno, maybe I'm just a crazy Flames fan, but the Oilers' new uniform cuts kinda close to ours in colour, doesn't it? Or am I just stupid & overthinking it? Either way, I think the Oilers just look wrong wearing orange and I think they're making a big mistake with this uniform change; not only does it not have the history the blue jersey has, it doesn't even look as good.
  5. After doing a bit of shopping today I decided to head to a Wendy's downtown; it's part of an office building's cafeteria, but it's open to the public AFAIK - I've already eaten there 3 times before with no issues. When I got there today, however, they told me they were closed and couldn't take my order. I checked their posted hours, and it said they closed at 3:30 PM. A bit early (what kind of fast-food place closes in the afternoon?) and had I known beforehand I probably wouldn't have bothered, but whatever... Then on my way to leave, I check my phone, and I realise just what time it was: 3:31 PM. I missed closing time by a minute. Like, I know you wanna leave work as fast as possible, I think we've all been there; but was taking a couple of extra minutes to make a couple of burgers & fries just too much to ask? (I guess it was...) I just walked a couple of blocks to an A&W (which closed at 7) and ate there instead.
  6. The thing about those old "playoff division champions" banners is that they're from the era where the league's playoffs were completely divisional; the first round was actually the "Division Semi-Finals" and the 2nd round the "Division Finals", so having a Division Champions banner for winning the 2nd round, in the same vein as the Conference Champions banners, actually made sense. It doesn't really work nowadays, since the playoffs are only mostly divisional - the wildcards kinda throw everything off - but it actually did make sense at the time.
  7. Could they have picked a less flattering photo of Mess for that card?
  8. Strong shark; if the team was that tough they'd still be in it!
  9. I did really like the blue jersey, but I thought the white one was just meh and the black alternate -> away -> home jersey was just awful - even in decent lighting you can't read the bronze names & numbers on that thing very well at all. I think them making it the primary is what ruined that set, inadvertently paving the way for the RWB comeback in 2007.
  10. Like, I do think there were a couple of bad calls in the 3rd, but when you as a team are just getting 1 shot in the entire period, crappy referees are the least of your problems. EDIT: Upon actually looking at the box score, the Flames did get more than one shot in the 3rd; 8 in fact, to the Ducks' 12. I don't remember which CBC broadcaster said they only had 1 shot, but evidently they consult a box score about as often as I do.
  11. Un believable. 1 shot in the 3rd period. You see what happens when you turtle? You lose. EDIT: Upon actually looking at the box score, the Flames did get more than one shot in the 3rd; 8 in fact, to the Ducks' 12. I don't remember which CBC broadcaster said they only had 1 shot, but evidently they consult a box score about as often as I do.
  12. Seems like the best option to me. Metros and Totems are just kinda... meh, in my opinion, but the Thunderbirds name & logo are really nice. The jerseys are obviously ripped off from the Whalers, but since they're probably not coming back anytime soon* I don't see a big issue there either. * - As much as I'd like to see it, lol nope.
  13. Of all the ways to lose a game, a powerplay goal that deflected off one of your own players has got to be one of the worst.
  14. Since nobody answered this; as far as I know yes, NBA teams have to wear white at home. (Except the Lakers, because grandfather clauses.) IIRC that's why the Warriors didn't do a yellow home jersey when they rebranded - they weren't allowed to.
  15. If they don't then they really should in my opinion, especially when it affects the end of the game the way that did. And yeah, it did just sort of end up there accidentally, but it's not like he was real quick to get up and let play continue...