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  1. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Don't worry, I'm Canadian and I've never heard "Dipper" to refer to an NDP supporter either. I don't mind it though... 
  2. To be perfectly fair, I don't think the league's deal with ESPN was all that great. There's an old blog post here that goes into how Disney basically screwed FOX over for the cable rights, then basically ignored the league, especially after they got the NBA's cable rights in 2002, until they pulled out after the 2004-05 lockout:
  3. Throughout this whole thing, it blew my mind to realize that the Kabel Leaf, when it's retired this summer, will have been in use for 46 years! Somewhere around half of the team's existence as the Maple Leafs has been with that logo. Heck, I don't even like calling it the Ballard Leaf 'cause it's actually been their logo longer after his death than it was when he was owner.
  4. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Worked for the Astros.
  5. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Answering a question from a full year ago, that's already been officially answered no less.
  6. You know, I didn't vote for John Scott, and I probably won't be watching the All-Star Game anyways. And sure, the guy wasn't ever going to make an All-Star Game normally (AHL or NHL), and there's definitely a serious argument here to be made against fan votes in the first place; but when a player does win the fan vote and the league actively tries to prevent him from participating? Frankly it doesn't matter who the player is, that's a load of crap, straight-up. The league doesn't want to be embarrassed by a fourth-line goon in the All-Star Game? Honestly, for me, preventing him from playing is more embarrassing to the league than anything he could have done (or have not done) at the game(s).
  7. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    With you on that one, man. I love the ol' barberpole look, and I love their first expansion look as well. Though, I do actually kinda like what they have now too, I just wish they had a hemstripe of some sort.
  8. The Smash Bros. Thread

    Yay, another member of the Waluigi Fan Club! *high fives*
  9. Bizarre/Unusual Numbers on Jerseys

    I think it was Kevin Weekes, he wore #80 because of that. According to Wikipedia he wore #00 in junior hockey.
  10. A bunch of other mistakes I found in NBA 2K16: The 2002-03 Mavericks have the modern, light blue away jersey; they didn't wear that until 2010. -The 1988-89 Pistons have "DETROIT" on their roads; near as I can tell they didn't do that at all until 2001, and the set the modern Pistons have from that era has "PISTONS" on both, meaning they put extra effort in to get it wrong: -Errors like this one really tick me off; on the right, you see the 1986-87 Lakers "Showtime" era road uniform, which is actually correct. On the left, you see the version the modern Lakers have to use. I really don't understand how they got that number font wrong, it's already in the game! Last one, probably the weirdest error too: the 1985-86 Chicago Bulls away jersey, featuring white numbers with a black outline, something the team hasn't used since 1973: Here's the kicker: it's only like that on the team-select screen. When you take them into an actual game... ...The jersey looks as it should.
  11. If it didn't I'd be very surprised. Heck, all of those old 2K games had huge jersey selections, it was great. I remember being so disappointed when 2K10 took almost all of them out for some inexplicable reason (they added a single set, the Whalers 93-97 jerseys, and kept about a dozen other sets, so there's that I guess).
  12. I remember when EA ported NHL '94 to the PS2 via NHL 06, the Whalers had to be rebranded as the "Hartford Canes": Apparently it was due to a trademark dispute, or so the story goes; it wasn't until NHL 11 that proper Whalers stuff started showing up in games again, save a single appearance of the navy away jersey in NHL 2001. Speaking of EA's NHL games, they had the wrong numbers on the Flames' white jersey for pretty much the whole PS2 era:
  13. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    That's a fantastic look. Maybe I'm just weird, but to me that sleeve number makes his arm look huge.
  14. I remember a couple from NHL '94, the Bruins wore their super-retro colours of brown and gold, and the Devils had a black jersey on the road (which I still think would make a decent alternate today): It just so happens that years ago I made a collage of all of that game's logos, some of which were pretty silly: I love Pittsburgh's lame looking pirate, and I still create the "Seattle S's" in other games sometimes. Like you said, Milwaukee (sorry, "Ilwaukee") essentially steals Montreal's logo with some slight changes, and in return Montreal seemed to rip off Milwaukee's BiG logo! Actually, I still really like that game, especially the stilted robotic commentary. "Ground ball to third. NO: He drops the ball! I can't, be-lieve it."
  15. 2015 WWE Survivor Series

    Kinda my thought too; sure, he knows the business way better now than Vince does, but he's just as much a cronyist as his father-in-law from the sounds of it.