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  1. You can pretty much trace it back to this mashup High Quality Video Game Rip: The channel that did this is also responsible for The Nutshack's spread, just for the record.
  2. Aw man, that Penguins jersey's awesome looking! I'd have preferred the 81-84 yellow one straight-up, but that's a great compromise.
  3. True, but that wasn't a good start. First impressions are still pretty important; that was a very bad first impression.
  4. I actually own one of those Nordiques jerseys, with "27 HEXTALL" on the back. I absolutely love it. The colours are fantastic, and yeah, I even like the abstract igloo logo!
  5. I missed the unveiling video... please tell me someone's gonna cut it into a Botchamania-style short version...
  6. Asking fans which corporate buzzword they like best feels like a new low to me.
  7. Eh, I'm not a huge fan of the idea, just for the reason that I never use PMs.
  8. This is a little late, but a bit of trivia I found hilarious. Last week, when Columbus hammered Montreal 10-0, they actually scored as many points as the NFL's Browns did the following Sunday. (they lost to Dallas 35-10.)
  9. I'm in the same boat: a lot of the feminists I interact with aren't huge fans of her.
  10. See, I look at stuff like that, then I compare it to stuff like this: ...And suddenly I understand where that kind of mentality comes from, even if I think it's a tad harsh. (That top one especially; I hate Trump but I don't agree with that at all.) Like, the fact of the matter is, we straight, cisgendered white people as a group have not, and still generally don't, treat marginalised groups very well, so of course there's gonna be blowback, especially after we just elected someone who panders to white supremacists as President of the United States. And really, if a bunch of randos on Twitter & Tumblr bother you this much? Try spending a day online in their shoes, and see how that goes.
  11. Not only that, but he tied the NFL record for longest touchdown pass that season against the Bears:
  12. Sounds like he was trying to channel Boomer Esiason and he failed in the worst way.
  13. That's okay; the Mariners' retro-coloured blue & yellow uniform? Absent entirely!
  14. *sigh* Okay. So I've gone over this "everything's gonna be okay, Trump won't be able to do everything he wants to" narrative so many times now, and I've tried telling myself that it'll be the case, even just to make myself feel better... but the fact is that I just don't believe it. Like, among who I consider my friends I have: -A transgender lesbian from Michigan, who's presently married; -A gay male crossdresser from California; -A Jewish woman from New York; -A Jewish woman from Pennsylvania; -And a Hispanic man, also from California. And I'm utterly terrified for every single one of them; if not from regressive, hate-inspired legislation crafted by the Trump administration then from petty hate crimes, like we saw in Britain after the Brexit vote, from his followers. I actually cried myself to sleep last night because I'm so worried about their safety, and living in Canada it feels like there's very little I can do to help them. I just feel completely powerless. All it feels like I can do is to support them from the sidelines, hope everything works out as best as it possibly can for all of them, and try to fight this thing when it jumps the border, because that seems inevitable at this point.