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  1. I think Thaumatrope nailed it - the Knights will be in a market so unproven and risky that pro sports have stayed away from it for decades for that very reason, their owner's an egotist who'd rather make the team about himself than the city he's in - and he's also an idiot who can't seem to do anything right - and now on top of all that, they'll also have the NFL to compete with. It's just too many obstacles for a team like this to clear, I think, and I wonder if they'll even last 5 years there, or if they'll be the Kansas City Scouts of the 21st century.
  2. Or, like, if with their point total they would've made it if they were still in the Western Conference.
  3. Ah yes, I actually did forget about that! They even put a disclaimer in the manual saying the real uniforms hadn't been revealed yet: (Kinda bad timing with that date, though...) The kicker is, that graphic you linked is wrong: the Texans' away jersey in that game was actually head-to-toe white, including the socks: Though I did always like that white helmet, I think ESPN NFL 2K5 had a set with it too; shame they decided to shelve it in real life...
  4. Maybe less of an unpopular opinion and more of a weird one, but I'm usually a big fan of uniform numbers with gapped outlines, like so: I think it just generally makes for a really nice look... with one exception: the Montreal Canadiens. I don't know exactly what it is, but to me that just looks awful on the Habs' white jersey; I think the old gapless look is much better:
  5. As an anecdotal counterpoint to your anecdote, I wear a Nordiques jersey here in Calgary sometimes, and every single comment I've gotten has come from people waxing nostalgic about the team, who like the baby blue jersey and the red abstract igloo. It's honestly kind of surprising, since 25 years ago wearing a Nords jersey around here would've likely gotten me beaten up for supporting "those Frenchies".
  6. From the days when game devs weren't given new uniforms before the games came out, here's 3 examples of "Inaccurate Colours/Uniforms In Video Games That Didn't Know Better": -Probably the most well known one; Before the Atlanta Thrashers hit the ice in 1999-2000 they only revealed their home jersey, leaving EA Sports to have to make up a fake one for NHL 2000: -The one that inspired this post: I picked up NHL Faceoff '97 for PS1 at a flea market today and came across this. It seems Sony wasn't made aware of the then-newly relocated Phoenix Coyotes' new uniforms, leaving them to have to make up their own: They more-or-less used the same template the Coyotes would wind up using, just with the Phoenix Suns' colours...? Oh, except for the green numbers on the home jersey. -And probably the ultimate case, that time EA left out an entire team... sort of. The Colorado Avalanche came into existence before the 1995-96 NHL season, but for one reason or another - maybe because the team unveiled their identity late (the fact that the team had to unveil and then shelve the Rocky Mountain Extreme name could support that) or that the game's season mode was stuck using the full (unused!) 1994-95 schedule - EA Sports released NHL 96 still featuring the Quebec Nordiques instead of the Avalanche: Leading to "uniform matchups that never happened" such as this one.
  7. In honour of the Maple Leafs wearing their St. Patrick's Day St. Patricks throwback later tonight, here's Mats Sundin wearing the last one they did, on March 2, 2002: This doubles as a "wrong" uniform in another way - between stints with the Nordiques, Maple Leafs & Canucks, this is one of the few times in his pro career that Mats didn't wear a primarily-blue jersey.
  8. Well, for what it's worth I've never seen Kabel as a 70's or 80's font at all, but instead more as a 20's/30's, pre-Depression and Depression-era font - that's when it was invented*, after all, and that's precisely why, just as an example, the board game Monopoly uses it for all of its branding. And on that note, now that it's been almost a full season, I think I've settled on my opinion about the Leafs rebranding: I don't really like it at all. I'll concede that the logo's a slight upgrade - though I'll probably always prefer the simpler, modernised-without-being-outrageous Kabel leaf I grew up with - but the uniforms are just bland. To me it's like they took the old jersey template, one that itself was already a throwback to the 50's, and got almost every aspect of it - the new, only-slightly stylised font, every set of stripes except the arms, the shoulder patches - wrong. It's like, the team has new management that's heavy on tradition, so they tried to bring tradition to something that largely already was very traditional, and they botched it as a result. All they really needed to do was put the new leaf on the existing jerseys and it would've looked great. But evidently that wouldn't have sold as well, which I guess brings us to the worst-case scenario of modern uniform design, doesn't it? A great uniform design is shelved for being too similar to past sets, in favour of something very similar; not as good but just different enough that it'll sell better with fans. * - in fact, doing some slight research, I found that Kabel was first released in 1927 - the same year the St. Patricks renamed themselves the Maple Leafs. So, that font's actually as old as the team name itself!
  9. I don't know if this counts as a concept or not - it's not a full jersey, if that matters - but a few years back I tried my hand at combining the two Bruins logos, recolouring the modern serifed logo in the simplified, classic style. I coloured them a bit rough, but I think they look really good that way: I was actually inspired by someone on this very board, though I forget who; they had an avatar that was basically the yellow logo.
  10. I know this has been brought up before, but I was talking about this with a friend the other day, and now that it's come up again, I guess I should ask... Why are the Avalanche even bothering to remember the Hockey Rockies, anyways? What legacy is there that's worth paying tribute to with a stylized alternate/possible new home jersey? Like, let's really dive into this: the Hockey Rockies existed for 6 seasons, and they stunk in all 6 of 'em - the most wins they ever had in a season was 22, and the best average attendance they had was 9,788 (in an arena built for 16,399, and one the Avs had no problems selling out, BTW). Don't forget, they were the same franchise that Gretzky decried as a "Mickey Mouse organisation"; one that, between Kansas City, Denver & New Jersey, missed the playoffs in 12 of their first 13 seasons. In that one playoff season, 1976-77, they somehow finished 2nd in their division despite only managing 19 wins & a team record 59 points before getting swept 2-0 by the Flyers. Arguably their most famous player - Lanny McDonald - was only there 'cause he was exiled out of Toronto, and even then Denver was just a stopover before moving on to Calgary. Their most famous coach - Don Cherry - proved past his prime in the only year he was there; and their one lasting legacy, the widespread use of their goal song, doesn't even matter anymore 'cause its singer turned out to be a pedophile! And on top of all that, they're not even the most famous sports team to be called the Colorado Rockies! Seriously, the Avalanche's own 21-season history blows the Hockey Rockies' out of the water, with 2 Stanley Cups and 9 division titles compared to absolute bupkis. It's a little like the NY Mets' new stadium paying more attention to the NY Giants & Brooklyn Dodgers' histories than their own - except the Giants & Dodgers actually had histories worth remembering. Admittedly the Rockies' identity was the only thing they had going for them - their logo was quite clever and fit the team's name, and I personally love red-blue-yellow colour schemes - but even then the Avs are half-assing it; the logo's been simplified from "Colorado Flag Carved Into A Mountain" to "C Inside A Frost-Tipped Triangle" and their muted colours don't work as well with it, in my opinion at least. Hell, if the Avs straight up stole the Rockies' away jersey and made it a vintage alternate, I think I would've liked that better. But then again... a pale, inferior imitation of something that was already done much better in the past... maybe that really does suit the Avalanche right now!
  11. If this is accurate, then scoring is actually up over last season; 2.78 goals-per-game compared to 2.71. And as low as that is it's still quite a bit higher than in the 3 seasons leading up to the lockout; 2.62 in 2001-02, 2.65 in 2002-03 and a meagre 2.57 in 2003-04, which is still the lowest-scoring season we've had in the last 60 years.
  12. Agreed. I feel like if every team did a charity patch instead of a straight advertisement, nobody'd be complaining about ads on jerseys. I know I wouldn't be, at least - a good cause can make all the difference.
  13. NHL 2004 had an interesting example of this, with the then-brand new Phoenix Coyotes rebrand. They used the wrong number font, instead of the Impact-esque numbers they actually had... ...And they stuck a different logo at centre ice, a recoloured version of the crescent moon logo they used from 1997 to 1999! And yet bizarrely, I think the team's identity looked better in NHL 2004 because of those changes, than it did in real life!
  14. 1982-83 was the season the Hartford Whalers & Philadelphia Flyers both wore the infamous Cooperalls. They faced each other 3 times that season, with Hartford winning on Dec. 11 and Philadelphia taking both games of a home-and-home on Jan. 8 & 9. No pics, but I found a highlight package of the Dec. 11 game.
  15. Like insert name said, from 1978-79 to 1986-87. They replaced the "NEW YORK" with "RANGERS" that year, but that striping pattern stayed until 1996-97, when they mashed 'em together and eliminated the gaps, which is how it looked before 1976-77.