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  1. 2013-2014 NHL Uniform & Logo Changes

    Nice work, Sabres! You had everyone going there for a second. Those never-ending teasers and then the Ott reveal...flawless execution. Oh. It's real. Okay. Sweet. Cool. Yeah.
  2. Fox Sports 1 vs ESPN

    The mock trial segment on ESPN's College Football Final is just the worst.
  3. Guilty pleasures ;)

    I'm a "closet" Coldplay fan too, but it's like an unconditional, irrational fandom. I really like all of their songs and can't find much wrong with anything they play.
  4. 2013-2014 NHL Uniform & Logo Changes

    Do not make the green jersey the primary. I think it has the "old-school" look to it that makes it a perfect third jersey. Instead, I would prefer if they tweaked the red jersey to look more like the new road. That way you can keep using the unedited green jersey that the fans have come to love while also ditching a jersey that has lost popularity over the years. Either way, I think Minnesota is moving in the right direction with this new road uniform. It feels like it belongs in the same set as the third. The next step is to tweak the red, and then you've got a great set.
  5. 2013-2014 NHL Uniform & Logo Changes

    I'd rather have them mismatch and produce a quality road sweater than try to match the home and produce a piece-of-junk. Having a quality road sweater at the very least will make it simpler for them to tweak the home to match in the future if need be.
  6. The sports road trip thread

    Jack Ruhr Field is about as good as it gets as far as amateur baseball goes. It's located in a small town where the only thing the population has going for them is the baseball field and the burger joint down the road, so you know the field is going to be amazing. I've had the opportunity to both watch some town ball games and play on the field. It's quite the experience, I definitely recommend checking it out if you're a big town ball guy.
  7. Reverse jinxes are cool because it's a win-win for the bitching party in that the result is either "Oh I was just jinxing my team so they would win" or "HAHAHA you heard it hear first my team sux ballz I knew it since Game 1". I'm glad I stayed out of this thread during the game or it would have ruined the fun.
  8. 2008 Western Conference Quarterfinals between the Avs and Wild went to OT in the first three games, all games ended in the score of 3-2. It's certainly a rare event and I'm not sure if it has ever occurred in the Stanley Cup Final. But why stop at three? I'd gladly accept if all 7 games go to OT, with Game 7 being a record double-digit OT marathon.
  9. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Even if you were willing to suspend belief in an attempt to enjoy the movie for what it is, you would still hate the cliched "I'm gonna kill you oops I waited too long now I'm dead" trope and the teenage son who has the typical angst and mental problems associated with being a teenage boy in a horror flick. Oh, and he also has sympathy for a random homeless dude running around yelling for help during one of the most dangerous times in the world. This is one of those movies where the antagonist is much more interesting than the protagonists, and you find yourself cheering for the bad guy and hope the good guys get killed in the grossest and most brutal way possible so there is no doubt that they are dead and the possibility of them coming back to save the day at the end is nonexistent. No, I did not just spoil any part of the movie (the homeless dude part was in the trailer). I personally thought the idea of a "purge" is interesting, but the way the plot went down was a major disappointment and a disservice to an otherwise decent idea.
  10. What Grinds Your Gears...

    I miss the days when I could say "Happy Independence Day, !" to my British neighbors without the PC Police on my ass.
  11. Coincidentally I had just been becoming a fan of these guys after watching some of TSN's YouTube videos and listening to their podcast. I'm excited to see these guys come to the US, although I can't imagine how much it sucks to have these guys stolen from you if you are a Canadian.
  12. You do understand the inherent limitations of accepting any and all behaviors, right? What behaviors here? All any of them stated was their beliefs. They didn't actively try to prevent anybody from living their lives how they want or anything. They said what they believed, why they believed it, they said it was their own and did not wish to prevent anybody from living their lives as they wish. They simply disagreed with you and therefore their bigots? They are not bigots because they disagree. They are bigots because of their beliefs. No matter how you paint this, those that oppose gay rights are on the wrong side of history.
  13. He wasn't wrong... Every damn sport has its set of floppers/divers (Heat, Canucks, Real Madrid). The fact that Emrick said that soccer players in MLS flop more than any other sport in North America shows the downright ignorance he has for this particular league. Major League Soccer's growth has been sustainable, with many of the league's original fans (Gen X) having their own kids who now follow the sport themselves (Gen Z), and extreme-loyal fanbases in the Pacific Northwest. The players at MLS, compared to other leagues, flop less than what people think, and play true gridhouse football in the pitch. It's gonna grow and prosper for years to come, whether Doc likes it or not. --------- The Wild made a game of it last night! Unfortunately every Wild fan knew what was going to happen as soon as we got to overtime, but it was still an exciting game. The only way they can win on Friday is if they come out strong like they did in Game 1 and hope for a lucky bounce or two. Going back to the X tied at 1 would be huge.
  14. Terrible, ignorant, ridiculous comparison. And I'm tired of seeing it on every other Facebook post.
  15. I've never been a fan of a team that has been as nearly universally hated as the Wild are right now. This is a much different experience for me, usually people are cheering for Minnesota teams. Nonetheless, it is great to have playoff hockey back in Minnesota. Hopefully we can make a series out of this so it's at least a little more entertaining to watch than what nearly everyone is predicting.