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  1. NFL Draft Picks

  2. I wonder what comes of the Uniform based discussions at the owner's meeting in May. This could be a rule that changes for sure
  3. What do we know about the new Dolphins set?

    So obvious... why didn't anybody think of that sooner? perfection.
  4. What do we know about the new Dolphins set?

    just need to add a dolphin fin to the top of each and this becomes a modern classic
  5. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Isn’t that the alternate? I think they specifically called it color rush I mean I'm sure at some point they will cart out a red color rush take on this design. Unless the Eagles get the 2nd helmet rule thing through so we can get throwbacks again That's all I want NFL, give me Throwback Thursdays and ditch Color Rush...pls
  6. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    wasn't away, but the Eagles wore gray back in the 40s
  7. Rarely seen jerseys

    Two Rare Combinations for the Eagles The rare Green Pants with Black Alt Jersey combo...think it only happened 2 or 3 times. The black Jersey in and of itself isn't too rare but has only been worn 7 of the 10 seasons since it was introduced and has seen a decrease in use to only one game a season or not at all in the last few years. And the ultra-rare Midnight teal Green Monochrome.....has happened twice First in 1997 on MNF against the Niners (had to lift this from YouTube) Then in 2002 against the Redskins
  8. New Vikings Uniforms

    Still say they should've gone gold names
  9. New Vikings Uniforms

    I believe the main reason they did not work with the last uniform was because of the break in the stripe. However, I believe with this set the purple pants look amazing with the white jersey. Hopefully people give them a shot. I think it looks good, though they could do with either a stripe on the sock or maybe even a gold one?
  10. New Vikings Uniforms

    Looks good...I wonder if the name on the back will be gold too Yea it's up in the air with the helmet....I expect a little more noticeable change though
  11. New Vikings Uniforms guess is the horns will be tilted up more like the logo Then they'll have a sublimated design like the bow of the ship they showed on the front, similar to the Seahawks, the main beam in the middle will also look like the middle of the real helmet (the Noseguard piece) Or hopefully just striping down the middle in the same general shape because that'd look better
  12. New Vikings logo released

    Nice update