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  1. NFL Changes 2014+

    An app called ArtStudio, think Photoshop lite, there is a free version and one that's a couple of bucks. Good for quick stuff like that, photo-manips, and resizing images....everything you need for forum posting ha.
  2. NFL Changes 2014+

    True...added it just so anyone who might wonder could see.But then again the Eagles "didn't have" black pants yesterday, so they could very well have green socks too. But yea all signs are pointing to everything but the helmet being black.
  3. NFL Changes 2014+

    Just did it quick on my with black socks, one with Green socks I think that there is no way they could look worse than most of the black pants in the league. The stripes that will most likely be on them should already set it above the Ravens, Saints, and Jags.
  4. 2014 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    I think the Eagles probably got permission to exceed the max two under the circumstances. I had missed the Black Pants hint from ColorWerx...ugh we are going to look even worse then the saints in their black leotards.
  5. NFL Changes 2014+

    I think it's more likely that they didn't like the results and are awaiting improvements from Nike. But could be a little of this and a little of that.
  6. Logos That Need Redesigning

    Jets - just plain and boring. They can keep their current one, but relegate it to secondary. Ravens - Get rid of the B, also think they should have a full bird secondary logo. Skins - Im not talking about changing the name...but the logo now is pretty bad and can use a's so flat. Browns - I don't care if they want to keep their Uni's just pick an alternate logo that isn't the helmet for use elsewhere.
  7. If Football was in the Olympics(series conclusion)

    I think the Canadian flag has a nice stripe pattern built into it that could look good if it were echoed over to the concept on the pants, helmet, etc.... Without the Maple leaf helmet you could mistake these for Austria, as the shoulder stripes look like their flag. Black pants would help make said striping pop out....reason I say black besides they use it in a lot of their team's also the colors of the rather iconic Canadian Mounties' uniform pants. Their Uniforms could also provide a little inspiration of what to do on the neck & shoulders....but don't want to be too heavy handed with it obviously. Symbolism or nods like that is what I think these first two designs lack a bit. So something like this on the pant stripe Maybe a small little blue element somewhere for these two....A blue fleur de lis and a blue Star mirroring each other somewhere....i dont know, just a thought. and the other territories use blue as well.....but a nod to the Inuit history and people of Canada.
  8. If Football was in the Olympics(series conclusion)

    Always at least interesting when people do these ha I'd hope the US would have a much subtler uniform. These are kinda predictable. But if they want to use the flag that garishly, they shouldn't reverse the stars on the shoulders.
  9. Was wondering what the Eagles would be, looks good *Super Bowls
  10. 6 Original Teams NFL

    Hm... Well this is the first time I've seen what the NFL's Original 6 would thanks.
  11. Raptors : Bound For Change? Yep!

    Thorns wouldn't be bad.....that was the idea I had for the speculated second NHL team the city might get too. Reasoning behind it was that York is in the name of three districts of the city. The house of York's sigil was a white rose......made famous of course by the War of the Roses. I doubt they would use Rose/Roses, so thorns becomes a natural extension of that, Also it's for the multicultural nature of the city. Color scheme would be green and White with a hint of blue Edit: like this maybe
  12. I'll add pics of both times they wore it to make it easier.....can't say I ever liked it.
  13. Philadelphia Eagles Concept

    Another color combo I think that could look good is swap the gold for sky blue like the city flag.....think it'd give a similar effect as a secondary color and is actually part of the teams history from way back.....just an idea But yea I agree with the others is it could use more work... -if you think about the eagle as a clock looking straight on....the wings are at 11 and 1...both close to 12 (straight up in the air). Moving the positioning to 10 and 2 at least would help the vertical problem I think it has now. The real Eagle that was posted is about there. -I think you also need to flow the body into the it stands now the it looks odd. I think getting the proportions of the body and wings closer would help a bit too. -as for the helmet maybe curve the wings into the top of the facemask....I think it looks a little odd how they "bubble" into the corner of the facemask.
  14. I vote other for the poll..... Glasgow and/or Edinburgh....if Dublin gets a franchise, Scotland deserves one. They supported the Claymores well during their time there
  15. Hall of Fame Game

    Only thing besides the trampstamp...I didn't like was the helmet stripe.....didn't like it during the unveil, but live action didn't make it any better.