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    Toronto Star new logo (?)

    No idea why it would only show as the header for that article, but I saw the new logo on first click too. After visiting another page on the website and returning it's back to the current logo. I like the new look though and I'm interested to see when it gets rolled out.
  2. I'm sorry that this has taken me so long to get posted, frosh week has kept me far too busy the last couple of days. Below are links to the NCAA and NFL versions of the template in svg. as well as a great ai. version thanks to the fantastic Doug Houvener. I'd also like to thank Thomas Hatfield for the fantastic helmet template, as well as Andrew Harrington for the various parts of his Speed Machine template which I used. Thanks as well to those of you who have been testing this out for me the last couple of weeks, your feedback has helped me out a lot. I hope to see it used on a few concepts in the future. NCAA SVG: NFL SVG: Illustrator: Photoshop: https://www.mediafir...4rxs7h2d4jea3ik (courtesy of BucksFan5)
  3. mattwillcox

    NHL 2017-18

    I like it, but I think even just some slight clean up makes a big difference.
  4. mattwillcox

    2016 World Cup of Hockey

    They've certainly opened the original edge cuts up a bit fit wise, but the seam patterns are all still the same with a couple new ones. What I'm seeing with the underarm mesh in the previews to me looks like a rectangular panel running from under the arm to the hem with a mesh portion. Because of that I think we're going to see an entirely new seam pattern and possibly some new materials (based on the dimpled portion of the jersey). If adidas has changed that much I wouldn't be surprised to see a new collar style either. I guess what I'm getting at is if they've created an entirely new seam pattern I don't see why it wouldn't be part of a new uniform system. If the plan was to just keep the edge system then I don't think anything would have changed except the designs. I know I'm inferring a lot from a couple of close up images. I just kind of have a hunch (which could be completely off base so I'll just have to wait and see).
  5. mattwillcox

    2016 World Cup of Hockey

    I believe they announced that about the NHL jerseys. Based on things like the dimpled material on that Czech jersey and the shape of the underarm mesh I think we'll be seeing a new template for this tournament. I could be entirely wrong about that though since these images don't show much.
  6. It may not resemble a sugar maple leaf which is what I think you're referring to, but it does look pretty close to something like a silver maple leaf. There isn't really one maple leaf shape.
  7. It's extremely well crafted. There are going to be a lot of people in the general public who will think it's just the old logo, but everything from the kerning to the number of points sets this apart.
  8. mattwillcox

    Oregon Football 2016

    OREGON FOOTBALL 2016 CONCEPT This is my take on what the progression of Oregon's look could be for the 2016 season if they update to the new Nike template. Other Combos:
  9. mattwillcox

    New Browns uni coming 2015

    True, but the numbers and upper chest stripes match that leaked picture. Weird. It's just a rushed (the Nike logo is even missing from the orange pants) recreation based off of the leaked orange jersey. Pretty much the same thing you did already, but slightly more accurate on the number font.
  10. mattwillcox

    NFL Changes 2015

    Nice dig at the Browns. The more important thing is we now know there IS in fact a number set included in the Bengals' custom font. (Check the years.)I don't know about y'all but I'd love to see them on their uniforms in place of that DIN trash they have on there now. Here's the full set from Mark Verlander's portfolio. There's a lot of interesting stuff that he's posted from his other NFL rebrands on there as well.
  11. mattwillcox

    New mothership logo coming Monday, March 30

    Sorry to get serious here guys, but I really like the font choice for the teaser images. Hopefully it's a sign of what to expect with the new logo.
  12. This is a solid and clean logo set, which is expected from Bosack. The secondary is fantastic, while the primary falls a bit short. Reminded me of a post on Joe's dribbble page from a while back that looks like it could be a rejected concept. I really love the subtle wave in this one.
  13. mattwillcox

    Nike Or Adidas?

    I kind of thought picking a picture in direct sunlight at one of the brightest games of the year would work but I guess not. Maybe I should have picked a picture of FSU or Ohio State where the swoosh was fairly hard to see against the white jerseys instead. The diamond swoosh wasn't really any more visible or in your face than the regular team coloured versions. You likened it to Adidas' use of the three stripes and I pointed out how ridiculous that statement was.
  14. mattwillcox

    Nike Or Adidas?

    Did you watch the Rose and Sugar Bowls? Each of the top four had giant chromed swooshes. Also, they designed the Seahawks' current look with a design element that exists primarily to draw attention to the swoosh. Nike's just as shameless as Adidas. Just in a different way. Yep, that giant chromed out swoosh is completely distracting me from the rest of the uniform /s Keep wearing that tin foil hat Ice it looks great on you What is it about Nike fanboys declaring anyone who doesn't shower praise on their chosen company to be crazy conspiracy theorists? I'm not a fanboy at all actually. I'm just not a fan of your consistent use of hyperbole to try and prove your point. There's a smart discussion to be had about the current situation of company branding within sports. You've just proven time and time again you're not the person to have it with. Not everything Nike does in uniform design is an effort to push their brand forward, but they are definitely guilty of doing it. Hell the biggest indicator of Nike pushing their brand is staring you right in the face in that very picture. (Hint: it's not the logo)
  15. mattwillcox

    Nike Or Adidas?

    Did you watch the Rose and Sugar Bowls? Each of the top four had giant chromed swooshes. Also, they designed the Seahawks' current look with a design element that exists primarily to draw attention to the swoosh. Nike's just as shameless as Adidas. Just in a different way. Yep, that giant chromed out swoosh is completely distracting me from the rest of the uniform /s Keep wearing that tin foil hat Ice it looks great on you.
  16. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the first playoff national championship game could look like. With most of the uniforms already unveiled this was fairly easy to set up. Oregon's away uniform is just a guess based off of the leaked retail version we saw at the time of the unveil. Alabama VS. Oregon Alabama VS. Florida State Oregon VS. Ohio State Florida State VS. Ohio State
  17. mattwillcox

    Possible College Football Playoff Match Ups

    I'll explain my thinking for the Oregon helmet. The secondary helmet option for the green uniform was the yellow winged helmet based on the below image from Nike. This makes me think that the change in helmet design was dictated more by the fact that they didn't already have a set of bright green helmets and could try out a new design. They do however already have a set of matte black helmets with silver wings that would seemingly be the go to option with the jersey that was leaked. I could also see them opting for the white helmets with silver wings. The decal placement was based off of the Oregon and Ohio State helmets that we've already seen, although I wouldn't be surprised to see Alabama offset it.
  18. mattwillcox

    New Browns uni coming 2015

    That's a template that I released here on the boards last year so it's definitely not real. Just for future reference any "leaks" that you see won't be legitimate unless they are on the below template, or are photoshopped player images. I've yet to see anyone accurately replicate the front and back view of the helmet template Nike uses so that will be the biggest indicator of legitimacy.
  19. mattwillcox

    Oregon Playoff Wallpaper

    I'm a big fan of the variation of the new wing design used on the baselayer for the playoff uniforms so I decided to try and recreate it for a wallpaper and thought I'd share. I have both 1920x1080 and iPhone versions right now. I'm more than willing to create some other sizes if anyone's interested.
  20. mattwillcox

    College Football 2014 Season

    why on earth did they shrink the shoulder pattern on the diamond swoosh version?..looks terrible. It might just be a poor photoshop job. The pattern looks normal in the picture from the official release.
  21. mattwillcox

    New FSU Spear and Pattern

    I traced up the new FSU spear and pattern for anybody who's looking to make some concepts with them. I can send the vector file to anybody who would like it as well, just shoot me a PM with your email address.
  22. mattwillcox

    Nike VS. Series

    Hi guys! I’m exciting to start sharing this personal project with the community. These designs have been in the works since April and I’m finally at the point where I’m happy with all of the work that I’ve done. This is easily the concept that I’ve enjoyed working on the most during my time on these boards so I hope you guys enjoy it. Despite the fact that this concept is “finalized” in my mind I am still very open to critiques and criticism. There are always areas that can be improved and the members of this community tend to have some great ideas, so let me know what you think. Taking inspiration from Nike’s widely praised work for the Ohio State Buckeyes football program in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, the Nike VS. series aims to create modern interpretations of classic and timeless uniforms. These uniforms will be showcased and pitted against each other in some of the country’s most heated rivalry games during the 2014 season. The goal being to draw attention to the long and storied history of each rivalry while acknowledging the modern progression that has occurred. For some schools this will entail a refreshing take on a look they have worn for decades. While for others these uniforms will take their inspiration from teams of the past. Release Schedule Oregon VS Oregon State 7/28 Florida State VS Miami 8/1 Alabama VS LSU 8/4
  23. mattwillcox

    Ohio State Rivalry Font

    A lot of people were asking for this number font a while back so I decided to take a shot at it. For whatever reason the 1 changed after the first game they played in the Rivalry uniforms so I've included both versions.
  24. mattwillcox

    2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    If only these teams would realize that if you make the bottom stripes follow the contours of the hem, then in game action use they would look much closer to the original. Only when on a hanger would you even be able to tell the waist stripes are wavy. It doesn't work all that well in practice. Still pictures won't really do it justice, but the Spirit have looked goofy every time I've seen them play.
  25. mattwillcox

    2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    There are also bigger issues in today's world to be bothered by than people discussing a sports uniform related topic on a message board dedicated to sports branding. Whats your point? I should have worded this better. Obviously this is the point of this entire site but my point is that complaining over what someone wears to a game is stupid. Big deal, some random guy shows up to a Stars and Lightning game wearing a Leafs jersey or some guy shows up to a game wearing a Flames jersey and they aren't even playing. People can wear what they want. I read that Jersey Foul thing and they are saying that a person can't slap RICHARD on the back of an old Habs jersey with a 9 on it because in Richard's era, they didn't have names on the back of their jerseys or because Marc-Andre Fleury didn't wear the late 70's Navy Blue jersey that someone can't have Fluery put on the back of their jersey. Really? Come on, that's a little much don't you think? People are absolutely allowed to wear what they want to. That doesn't mean we aren't allowed to think less of them for doing so.