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  1. I'm sorry that this has taken me so long to get posted, frosh week has kept me far too busy the last couple of days. Below are links to the NCAA and NFL versions of the template in svg. as well as a great ai. version thanks to the fantastic Doug Houvener. I'd also like to thank Thomas Hatfield for the fantastic helmet template, as well as Andrew Harrington for the various parts of his Speed Machine template which I used. Thanks as well to those of you who have been testing this out for me the last couple of weeks, your feedback has helped me out a lot. I hope to see it used on a few concepts in the future. NCAA SVG: NFL SVG: Illustrator: Photoshop: https://www.mediafir...4rxs7h2d4jea3ik (courtesy of BucksFan5)
  2. NHL 2017-18

    I like it, but I think even just some slight clean up makes a big difference.
  3. 2016 World Cup of Hockey

    They've certainly opened the original edge cuts up a bit fit wise, but the seam patterns are all still the same with a couple new ones. What I'm seeing with the underarm mesh in the previews to me looks like a rectangular panel running from under the arm to the hem with a mesh portion. Because of that I think we're going to see an entirely new seam pattern and possibly some new materials (based on the dimpled portion of the jersey). If adidas has changed that much I wouldn't be surprised to see a new collar style either. I guess what I'm getting at is if they've created an entirely new seam pattern I don't see why it wouldn't be part of a new uniform system. If the plan was to just keep the edge system then I don't think anything would have changed except the designs. I know I'm inferring a lot from a couple of close up images. I just kind of have a hunch (which could be completely off base so I'll just have to wait and see).
  4. 2016 World Cup of Hockey

    I believe they announced that about the NHL jerseys. Based on things like the dimpled material on that Czech jersey and the shape of the underarm mesh I think we'll be seeing a new template for this tournament. I could be entirely wrong about that though since these images don't show much.
  5. NFL Changes 2015

    Nice dig at the Browns. The more important thing is we now know there IS in fact a number set included in the Bengals' custom font. (Check the years.)I don't know about y'all but I'd love to see them on their uniforms in place of that DIN trash they have on there now. Here's the full set from Mark Verlander's portfolio. There's a lot of interesting stuff that he's posted from his other NFL rebrands on there as well.
  6. Stolen Work

    An update on my situation: Instagram has a really good form to fill out for these situations I've reported mvptees and should hopefully hear back from Instagram shortly. I don't know if any of you have done this yet, but this is probably the best way to get the content removed/account deleted. Also, thank you NOppenheimer for starting this discussion.
  7. Photoshop Advice Megathread

    Thanks for all of the tips Darth Brooks, I would have been lost without them! This is what I've got so far. There's still a bit of tweaking and cleaning up that I want to do, but that'll have to wait until exams are over.
  8. **TEMPLATES**

    Awesome! Let me know when you're finished and I'll be sure to add the link to the original release post as well
  9. The Creamers & The Concepts Hall of Fame

    Most Helpful C&C Giver will be one of the yearly awards, so we're definitely taking that into account. C&C is one of the most important aspects of the concepts forum so we definitely want to reward those who take their time to give a well thought out opinion. On another note. I just finished my 4 hour long journey through last years concepts yesterday and I wanted to mention that I was really impressed. For the amount that everybody seems to bash the direction the concepts forum has taken, there was still a lot of incredible work done last year. I think the main problem right now is that good work isn't being recognized because: a ) There is an overwhelming amount of sloppy concepts that push good concepts off the first page, and b ) A majority of the older users seem to have given up on the forum entirely Anyway, I'm really excited to see all of that change in the near future. Preparing for these awards has already revived my interest in the forum. Hopefully once the winners are announced the same will happen for the rest of the community.
  10. The Creamers & The Concepts Hall of Fame

    If there was a Creamer for the best The Creamers branding then you'd have my nomination. Great job setting this up Doug and Matt!
  11. Absolutely nothing to complain about here. Just the usual outstanding work of Studio Simon.
  12. Nike Hypercool Football Template Release

    With a few minor adjustments I've made an Elite 51 version of the template.
  13. New Vikings Uniforms

    I'm surprised I feel this way, but A definitely works the best. The curve of the stripe works really well with the curve of the horn.
  14. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    "Sorry I must have dosed off for a second" HOLY
  15. New Vikings Uniforms

    Hopefully this can settle the pants stripe argument. The mesh holes in the top image are pretty much the exact same size.
  16. New Vikings Uniforms

    This makes complete sense. I'm really hoping this is what the final design looks like. I hope you don't mind oldschoolvikings, but I transferred your idea onto my earlier mock-up to see what it would look like with the number font and such.
  17. New Vikings Uniforms

    As far as the pant stripe goes, it may have something to do with the striping of the white jersey. If they plan on wearing white over white it would have to work well with both jerseys.
  18. New Vikings Uniforms

    I worked up a flat model of what we may or may not have seen so far. The helmet is a complete guess at this point.
  19. New Vikings Uniforms

    ? Mind explaining some more, because I only see three colours on those hats: purple, yellow and black...
  20. New Vikings Uniforms

    I'm about 90% the stripe we're seeing is asymmetrical, as much as I'd like to see this striping. In addition to the white area in the bottom right of the picture, you can also see the outside seam of the mesh area if you look close enough.
  21. New Vikings Uniforms

    This was just posted in the concept forum by mbannon92 yesterday. Boy does stuff ever travel fast...
  22. New Vikings Uniforms

    Their wordmark needed no updating. It's a classic. You gonna ask the Giants or Packrs to do the same? No, because the Packers aren't changing their logo or uniforms and the Giants predominately use the "ny" logo, which they started using...when they last change their logo & uniforms. You missed the point. And that is atrocious. Still, my point is that it's like painting your house a new color, putting on a new roof, putting in new windows, and then leaving the cruddy looking front porch with broken floorboards and chipping paint untouched. Except in this case the porch still looks pretty great after all these years, and will most likely perfectly fit in with all of the changes being made. I mean go ahead and not like the script, but at least understand why it's sticking around...
  23. Worst injuries you ever saw

    This one wasn't horribly gruesome, although there was a fair amount of blood. Just a really frightening and horrible play that I had the misfortune of seeing live.
  24. Name That Font!

    I've seen it used a few times before, but I have no idea what it's called.