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  1. For a trophy, have a local businessman give them a boat on the river, and the winning team's players get access to it for 1 year. The business would plaster the side with the business name (for advertisement), and the boat would be names after that business.
  2. 1. Hartford, CT 2. Milwaukee, WI 3. St. Louis, MO 4. Washington, DC It was hard to leave Philly off, but I don't know if the city is ready for a new team yet.
  3. With continued expansion, will the All-Star game become an All-Star tournament, adding hypothetical East and West teams?
  4. Is there any issues from Grand Rapids regarding the now shared Moose moniker?
  5. I'm seeing a technicality saving the day. Stay in Atlanta, must remain the Rebels (per sale agreement). But if you build a stadium in a suburb, you're TECHNICALLY not in Atlanta anymore, so a name change (keeping the Atlanta location name) wouldn't be against the agreement.
  6. Yeah, I just thought it was some quirk of the way they did it.
  7. I'm weirded out be the seeding on these, as it's not the typical matchups. A "normal" bracket would have 1 vs 16/17, 8 vs 9/24, 4 vs 13/20, 5 vs 12/21, 2 vs 15/18, 7 vs 10/23, 3 vs 14/19, and 6 vs 11/22.
  8. I nominated the Crows for Kansas City.
  9. Dan O'Mac

    The Battle of Seattle

    With the first page for the Metropolitans, you have a misspelled word. Looks like "shining" ended up with an extra "n" in it.
  10. My predictions... in the West, you're going to see the Choppers, Desperados, Northern Lights and Nuggets advance. In the East, the Bulldogs, Redshirts, Raiders and Racers. Part of my wanted to go with Royale just for all the "R" teams to advance, but... I can't see it happening.
  11. Dan O'Mac

    The Battle of Seattle

    I'm still in love with the Krakenhead hat.
  12. Prediction time! Coming down after the HUGE series against the Trappers, the Ice won't have enough, and West St. Paul will advance. On the other side, the Moose have had the easiest road (based on rankings) of any of the teams, and St. Cloud will definitely change that. St. Cloud advances.
  13. When seeing all the logos on the standings image, the Pilots look like their logo is a basketball logo, not hockey.
  14. Dan O'Mac

    Rhino Logo

    I feel like it's lacking motion. To me, it's a rhino lifting it's front leg. I'd make it look like it's charging so it doesn't look so stationary.
  15. That neo-retro Tampa Bay is just great
  16. I feel like you should do one season where the Granite League gets all 4 teams in, despite their records. Then have teams in other leagues threaten to split off to do the same thing unless a change is made. Make it a big deal, like the Granite League is intentionally doing it to ensure their entire League gets in.
  17. I get what these are going for, but aside from the Flying Tigers being in all caps, this just looks like all the managers have the same handwriting, especially with the signatures. I'd vary the fonts (if you're able to) to get variation.
  18. ChocoSox! Darwin Barney may not be playing, but he gave me a team to cheer for!
  19. I mean, Earth has made the playoffs 66% of the seasons, and won the title 24% of the time. Winning the title once every four years is pretty damn impressive.
  20. Looks like your description is a little off, as you said it's sorted by total wins, but it's actually sorted by Playoffs. Just put this in the nitpicking the details section, because those are some pretty neat stats.
  21. On the flip side, it's hockey. Hockey is played on ice. Put teams where there can be ice naturally.
  22. Dan O'Mac

    WWE on FOX/FS1 Branding

    On your Denver one, which I think is the best work of these, you have mis-spelled "Wrestlemania" on it.
  23. One recommendation I'd have is in your write ups, for teams like the "Lakers" (Superior and Warroad), I'd specify which is which more.
  24. It was the first one, but I think the @hawkfan89 has had more seasons of his PHL than Veras has had for the AFA.