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  1. The Battle of Seattle

    Based on the jerseys, that EverGreens wins in my book. Can't wait to see the rest.
  2. North American Professional Australian Football League

    I feel like the logo looks more like a potato than a ball.
  3. Looks like on the Cosmo League side of things, you moved the Kings instead of the Scorpions from the Wild Card.
  4. And that just bumps threads people are updating down the page unnecessarily.
  5. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    I like the two color dolphin, but I don't like that it has a direct connection to the same color sun. I'd like a small gap to separate the dolphin and sun elements.
  6. It's been 8 days since Veras last posted in this. You're reviving nothing. You're just bumping the thread without providing any input. His most recent post was regarding the Royals uniform updates. I recommended trying a purple helmet. Do you have anything constructive to add?
  7. It's not going to get locked after a week. Let's just keep things in perspective.
  8. I like this look, but I feel there are a couple changes I'd make: 1) I'd either outline the TV numbers on the road, or change them to white. 2) I'd flip the pants stripe to start at the waist with the point down. If it's meant to be a blade, no one wears a sword like that. 3) On the Color Rush, I'd drop the flames on the T. With the T, the flames, and the stripe, I feel it's just too much.
  9. The New XFL

    I'm not a fan of the explosions coming off the ship in the logo. I think they're unnecessary.
  10. The New XFL

    And I'm 95% sure that the picture for St. Louis is the new Rams stadium in Los Angeles.
  11. I like the Tigers for PUA. I recommended the Flames for Bradbury on the last expansion, so I'll stick by it.
  12. I think the purple helmet is a bit nicer. Did you try the secondary as all gold on a purple helmet? I ask only because then the crown in the logo would be easier to see.
  13. Look, if you actually finish all these, you've kinda done more than most series people start...
  14. Here I go, becoming a Scorpion fan, only for them them not be all that good...
  15. Tennessee Titans Logo Proposal: New Helmet Options

    There's nice cohesion between the "T" and the font for the "ITANS", but I'd separate the I and the T. With them being connected, it looks like another T to me.
  16. I expect the Civics to go full on patriotic over this. The U.S. Flag EVERYWHERE.
  17. Tennessee Titans Logo Proposal: New Helmet Options

    I see the Titans re-brands on here, and none seem to do away with the flames. As someone who isn't from the area, is there a significance behind the flames? Because from my perspective, that T lends itself well to a sword, and embracing the "Greek diety" side of the Titans seems logical to me.
  18. The Battle of Seattle

    That Rocketeer picture is what really sets your concepts apart. Honestly, your jerseys and logos are good, but so are a lot of jerseys and logos on these boards (seriously, the sheer volume of great work on here is astounding). But things like that, and the merch slicks you made on the Krakens original post, that's what make your concepts unique and memorable. As far as the logos go, I think your image showing the art deco examples shows the simplicity of your design. When I look at the examples that you shared, see a lot of lines, and neither of your logos has a lot of lines. The two on the top middle combined with the M-needle you already have could get the art deco over a bit more. And the M-needle can be split off on it's own for certain applications, or be the secondary by itself.
  19. I love the rebrand, but I'm not a fan of the way the word "Reign" looks with the piping on the home white set.
  20. Wiffle Ball League America

    Northeast: Hartford, CT Providence, RI Rochester, NY Southeast: Columbia, SC Montgomery, AL Jackson, MS Northwest: Fort Collins, CO Billings, MT Casper, WY Southwest: El Paso, TX Wichita, KS Bakersfield, CA I voted the atypical/smaller markets to ensure that they get some love in the voting.
  21. Seattle Sea Lions NHL Brand Exploration 2/1 Dark/Light Unis

    The upside down Space Needle is a no in my book
  22. Return of the Whale Imminent

    I think this is a way for them to cause an issue if the potential Seattle team wanted to be named the Whales (which I believe is a name they're considering).
  23. The Battle of Seattle

    The Hockey Cod? (still really loves the Hockey Cods)