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  1. FTFY I'm getting more of a "thunder-mushrooms" vibe from the logo than rivets. I do like the color scheme though and it is probably your best crafted logo yet. I agree with officerpain that the Hounds logo looks too friendly. I think maybe if you used the new dog but in the same pose as the old dog (howling at the moon) you'd get a more dynamic look. On some of your logosheets a few of the logos look stretched; the Blues in particular stand out as so and it appears you tried to stretch them to fit into their designated spaces.
  2. Barack's looks really kitschy. I could see it as a poster in some hippy's shaggy house next to a Kit-Cat clock. I like the simplicity of Michelle's, but the face doesn't resemble hers at all and I think it would look better if they didn't de-saturate her skin so much.
  3. I agree the two-toned helmets did look like dirt
  4. Have you ever had a sports related dream, only for such an event (or at least close to it) happen later in real life? I'm not talking about daydreaming about your favorite team winning the championship or you being a player or coach in the game; in this instance you are maybe in the stands or watching the game on TV. I've had two dreams happen (and somewhat come true) in the span of five years: 1. Cavs come back down 3-1 in finals series to win their first title. It was against the Spurs, however. Kyrie was playing out of his mind; dropped like 50 in game 6. Anyways, Cavs did it against the Dubs instead IRL, but similar instance. 2. Eagles win the Superbowl on the backs of a balls of steel call by their coach. Only a few seconds left in the game, down by 7 against I think the Steelers. Eagles score the touchdown, and go into extra point formation. The placeholder gets the ball and tosses the ball into the endzone - an Eagles fan sitting next to be on the couch is freaking out - and a wide-open dude catches it for the 2 points to win it. Obviously different ballsy call, but still seems like a coincidence. FWIW, I've also had a dream that for whatever reason I'm living in Toronto with a bunch of Europeans (maybe Dutch?) and the Leafs are in the Stanley Cup against the Kings. Game 7 is in Toronto and we decide to watch it at a local bar. It goes to overtime, and the Kings appear to score, only for it to be waived off (high stick or something?). Obviously the bar was full of FUUUUUUCK!! and shattered glass but then normalized when it was waived off. Anyways, the Leafs score like a few minutes later and the place goes berserk. Maybe the Leafs are next Anyways, the reoccurring theme seems to be downtrodden franchises that I generally don't care about one way or another winning it all (though even here the Browns still can't win LOL). I'm not really sure why, but they are generally vivid dreams too. Has anyone else had similar instances? Am I a prophet or something?
  5. The Celtics are still too young and the Raptors are the basketball Capitals. The Cavs pretty much had a ticket to the finals punched the minute Hayward went down and that certainly isn't changing now after they retooled
  6. That would be moronically short-sighted for the Lakers as even Lebron and George aren't getting past the Warriors and I still believe in Ingram's potential to be a top 10 player. And no, they would not hang up.
  7. A better team? Lebron/George/Ball/Kuzma/Nance/Ingram isn't even a threat to the Warriors; Lebron/Simmons/Embiid/Covington/Reddick? is just as good if not better - and Lebron gets to stay in the East. If Fultz ends up not sucking and the Sixers somehow end up with the #1 pick even more so. His best option is probably if Houston can move some of their bad contracts. Harden and Paul are good enough shooters to work with Lebron, and Texas's lack of state income tax may get role players to sign on the cheap more so than in LA or Philadelphia.
  8. NBA Changes 2018-19

    I never understood the Knicks' orange jersey curse; it isn't like they play any better when wearing their blue or white jerseys.
  9. Celtics will sign Greg Monroe for 1 year, 5 mil Pretty good signing by the Celtics; I thought he was gonna go to the Pels
  10. Kevin Love out 6-8 weeks What a season it's been for the Cavs. I've never seen a team have such a trainwreck season yet simultaneously still be a favorite to reach the finals.
  11. That’s because unlike Native Americans and Asian Americans, African Americans hold enough societal power in America to will it so.
  12. Even just outlining it full-time like your av would do wonders.
  13. Yeah, a slur is a slur. So many people seem to be held up on analyzing which slurs are worse than others when the logical/respectful thing would be to not use any of them - regardless of supposed social backlash.
  14. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Ah, that's good then. It seemed like the biggest kick in the guts for Cincinnati considering how close they are to getting all their ducks in a row, only for Miami to swoop in at the last minute.
  15. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Hopefully Cincinatti can get in next time; they seemed to be doing all the right things and have support - just ran out of time. At least the Miami fiasco is (hopefully) over
  16. Now time for an actual cap logo
  17. Logos that really need to be updated.

    Sherwin Williams' "Cover the Earth (with the blood of our enemies)" logo is a classic; outside of changing the font I hope they never change it.
  18. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Maybe more like RC Cola
  19. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Did Vince even say that the players have to stand for the anthem or just that they cannot protest? If it's the latter, then the XFL could very well just not have the players run onto the field until after the anthem.
  20. It's quite impressive how the Spurs have managed to still be good this season with Kawaii Leonard missing most of the season and Tony Parker looking a lot like his age.
  21. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    So is it still sacrilegious to mention in the NBA thread to be looking forward to not seeing LeBron in the finals anymore? Y’know, consistancy