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  1. Atlanta Falcons Concept -updated with unis

    2C and then 1C are definitely my two favorites. I've wanted to see what the two logos would look like combined and you did a great job. Looking forward to the uniforms.
  2. MLB Redesigns Series

    Great end to the series the senators look great.
  3. MLB: Project 32 - Houston Astros, Pt. III Added

    Never personally been a fan of the blue tomahawk but every thing else in the set is perfect, especially the heritage alt
  4. MLB Redesigns Series

    The Padres look good but I'd love to see an all yellow away uniform
  5. MLB Redesigns Series

    Exactly my thoughts. The bee logo on the sleeve looks great and really ties it all together.
  6. MLB: Project 32 - Houston Astros, Pt. III Added

    The rangers look great with the new color scheme. I'm glad you didn't stray too far from their current brand other than the colors as I've always liked their current uniforms.
  7. MLB Redesigns Series

    The bees look great, and I'm glad you went with a more yellow dominant look. For the blue alt id say the SL monogram is the way to go.
  8. MLB Redesigns Series

    The red and green looks great for Portland, I've always thought that a Portland team should wear red and green.
  9. The rangers set looks good, I think you could possibly get away with making the Statue of Liberty logo it's off green color as the blackhawks logo uses colors not in the rest of the uniform.
  10. MLB Redesigns Series

    Lol *red bill
  11. MLB Redesigns Series

    Solid work with the A's, I love that you went for the monochrome with the old colored pants. The sounds update is thing of beauty, the bucs colors look perfect on them. As for the red alt with the musical staff stripe across the chest I think a pewter cap with a Red Bull would look good.
  12. MLB Redesigns Series

    The new mets script looks good, i think the pink script and stripes are the way to go. The new stripe for the Yankees socks are a nice improvement.
  13. MLB Redesigns Series

    Not what I was expecting for the mets, but I like it. Yankees look good, I really like the alternate hats, but I'm not sure about the socks.
  14. MLB Redesigns Series

    New orleans looks great, I love the yellow road set and the color balance. My only suggestion is to maybe change the teal to green
  15. MLB Redesigns Series

    Awesome job on the sounds I really love the vols orange identity. However I think you could use the light blue more prominently and use the music City alt as the away but with the Nashville script.