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  1. PSUcelticsWON95

    College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Western Kentucky ends apparel deal with Russell Athletic
  2. PSUcelticsWON95

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    Awesome work, I really like the striping on UNC-Greensboro
  3. PSUcelticsWON95

    2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I'm happy for Newman, and the ending was exciting. Newman is hard to get around, but I think Larson would've won had he not gotten into Stenhouse. Larson's spotter tried to get him on the bottom as quickly as he could but the gap closed faster than expected, but there fortunately wasn't a wreck. Despite the heartbreakers, Larson is still first in points which is cool to see. Also, I'm now first in the Yahoo Fantasy group!
  4. PSUcelticsWON95

    2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I'm enjoying it thus far. I think the biggest complaint at Daytona was that fans thought the stages caused too many wrecks, but that hasn't been an issue since. What I don't like about the current stage format is that the cautions after the stages count towards the next stage's laps, but other than that I'm a fan so far. I'm excited to see the stages at the road courses and short tracks.
  5. PSUcelticsWON95

    2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Dang I'm excited to see stage racing at the short tracks. It was good to see Blaney, Elliott, and Larson all have strong runs today, and I'm happy Truex was able to pick up a win. In my opinion, Busch and Logano were both aggressive, but I don't think anything was intentional; just racing. But, with that said, I definitely wouldn't be against a heated rivalry forming.
  6. PSUcelticsWON95

    Worst Nascars

    That reminds me a lot of Ryan Newman's Alltel cars. This Dale Jarrett car doesn't appeal to me much. Flames coming from different directions and the numbers aren't very clear to read.
  7. PSUcelticsWON95

    United Basketball Association

    For Rochester, everything on the white uniform is shifted down, so I'd make it consistent with the red uniform. Also, I'd maybe try adding white as a third stripe on the red jersey so each jersey has three stripes. Other than that, I like Rochester. For Long Island, I'd make the numbers a little bit bigger on the front.
  8. PSUcelticsWON95

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    Agreed, the one with the SB logo is the best. I know the main site says it isn't in use anymore, but the yellow "Gauchos" wordmark may look good as well. I love the pattern and numbers on this one though, great work!
  9. PSUcelticsWON95

    2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I agree, the damage clock is my biggest nitpick of the new rules. The Cup race didn't seem to be unusually wild for a restrictor plate race, especially the Daytona 500. There was actually not a big wreck at the end like usual, but that might've been because there were only 17 or so cars on the lead lap. I'm excited to see how the stages play out the rest of the year, especially at the short tracks. I think (and hope) Chase, Larson, and Blaney all pick up at least one win each this year.
  10. PSUcelticsWON95

    2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I don't think those can be blamed on the stages. The first big wreck was caused by Lagasse who proved last night that he's horrible at drafting. The second was caused by Hemric (rookie) letting his car drift too high. This is a mix of young drivers racing with cars that were recently changed on a fast and tricky track that they hardly got to practice on.
  11. PSUcelticsWON95

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    I'm actually kind of surprised I love those helmets. Overall great set, no criticism for this one at all.
  12. PSUcelticsWON95

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    I love the bridge on the back of the San Francisco helmet. I also love the script on the helmets, but I agree with cjm3114jr that the yellow trimmed in white doesn't work the best. I love the inspiration though, great execution.
  13. PSUcelticsWON95

    Deshaun Watson Logo Concept

    Top half is a D, bottom squiggle is a W, middle section is a 4. But I agree that it is hard to see.
  14. PSUcelticsWON95

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    Great work, I love the different striping for George Mason, George Washington, Gonzaga, and Saint Bonaventure. I love to see each school have something unique about their uniforms.
  15. PSUcelticsWON95

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    St. Joe's is very well done, from the numbers to the stripes. One of the sharpest looks yet!