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  1. Grateful Dead Hockey Jersey

    Needs more tie-dye
  2. Lights Out's NBA 2017: What-If? Dallas Express (p. 4)

    Maybe do a green and white thing with the text on the black, but otherwise, this is the best Celtics concept I've seen on these boards
  3. FBS Concept Uniforms

    Dude I appreciate the effort, but these aren't good
  4. Soccer Concepts (5/9/2017)

    Next up is Napoli, I've made a lot of these, but I wanted to try some new things. Napoli always has subtle differences in their European competition kits, so I incorporated that. Domestic Competitions Champions League
  5. Soccer Concepts (5/9/2017)

  6. Soccer Concepts (5/9/2017)

    Next is Roma. Again, just bringing to life a concept I made a few months ago.
  7. Soccer Concepts (5/9/2017)

    So... I've noticed that I get pretty burnt out when I set out to do a series, so I decided to just post some soccer concepts that I make as I go along. First up is Inter Milan. I wanted to just bring to life a concept I made a few months ago.
  8. NBA x NIKE (MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES added 9/19)

    For me, there's just no reason to change anything. Duke was able to make it work pretty flawlessly this year too.
  9. NBA x NIKE (MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES added 9/19)

    A big NO to the Celtics. For a St. Patrick's Day alt, fine, but never for the home and away.
  10. USMNT Concept

    So the USMNT kits are awful, I decided to mock some up. In case you cant see them, the side panels are red on both shirts and shorts
  11. College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    Charleston is beautiful and now I really wish we had a team
  12. MLS Redesign (FC Dallas Added)

    For FC Dallas, it's hoops. Period. Red home, blue away, mix for third. Home Away Third
  13. MLS Redesign (FC Dallas Added)

    To kick off the Western Conference, it's the Colorado Rapids. I'm happy with the home and third kits, but if I'm being honest, I wasn't quite sure where to go with it, so some C&C as well as suggestions for a white kit will be greatly appreciated. Home Away Third
  14. MLS Redesign (FC Dallas Added)

    Okay, here are the updates. After this I will do the Western Conference and their updates, then the MLS allstar kit Atlanta Home All I did was widen the stripes a little, and it looks much better. Toronto Home and Third I lowered the T on the home kit and added a maple leaf pattern on the third. Orlando Third I made it all white and hopefully made the number set more readable. Again, this is meant to be a one off, so that's why I'm okay with having two white kits.
  15. MLS Redesign (FC Dallas Added)

    To close out the Eastern Conference, I have the Montreal Impact, DC United, and Columbus Crew. Montreal Just a bit of housekeeping. Home Away Third DC Again, just some house keeping and bringing back their roots. Home Away Third Columbus There is nothing wrong with their current set, but I wanted to try a couple things. Home Away Third Coming up next is updates.