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  1. NPHL Hockey Logos

    Hey Guys! Here is another logo concept for NPHL. Hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome!
  2. NPHL Hockey Logos

    If you guys could design the NPHL logo, how would you do it? Thanks!
  3. NPHL Hockey Logos

    Thank You! I agree the logo looks great embroidered! I'll work on the league logo.
  4. NPHL Hockey Logos

    That was exactly what I was going for! Thank you. I'll work on the NPHL logo.
  5. NPHL Hockey Logos

    The LAKE ARIEL STAGS: The team name comes from the Pennsylvania state animal. The White Tailed Deer. The logo I wanted for my team was simple. I wanted to have an NHL color scheme so it can at least have a connection to a hockey league. The type i wanted resemble antlers and the background to show the natural habitat for a deer: the woods. Also a "hidden" keystone at the bottom of the triangle for the state we play in with a star in the middle because we're the "Spirit of PA." Hope you guys like this one! As always, C&C Welcome! Just a nice homage to the Penguins and the Wild.
  6. NPHL Hockey Logos

    Hey Guys! I have returned to the forums to announce the Northeastern Pennsylvania Hockey League. The NPHL is a group of dedicated hockey fans that want to play in a league but there is just one problem...they can't skate! So we decided to play a form of "Dek Hockey" on outside basketball courts. 3 on 3, no goalies, street puck, and we use the small skill nets for a goal. The uniforms will consist of a T-shirt, basketball shorts and hockey gloves. (And obviously sticks!) The NPHL will premiere the Summer of 2019 and right now we are in the phase of coming up with the team names. We have TWO teams as of right now and we would like to have about SIX. Hopefully as this thread goes on we will create a phenomenal looking league with the help of CCSLC! Alright! Up first is the League Logo. Its is the state of Pennsylvania with a hockey stick in negative space. The tip of the hockey blade is touching North East Pennsylvania. As Always, C&C is Welcome! Hope You Guys Like This One! Spoiler: The LAKE ARIEL STAGS are next!
  7. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    Starting a new thread! time for this one to go!
  8. Stags Inline Hockey logo

  9. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    Okay, how do we feel about this concept?
  10. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    Haha let's try this again, its just an idea...thoughts?
  11. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    Just an Idea I had, thoughts?
  12. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    Okay! What do you think?
  13. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    First off, thanks! Second, yeah sorry about the watermark, went a little heavy there. And I see what you mean! Changes are coming!
  14. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    Hey Guys! It's been awhile but I'm back with an inline hockey logo! I took the Hershey Bears logo as inspiration mainly because of how mean and intimidating the logo looked. I chose a "Deer" because where the team is located in Northeast Pennsylvania, there is an abundance of white-tailed deer. Of course, I had to use black and gold because...well, i just really like those colors for a hockey team! (Go Pens!) Hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome!
  15. Lake Ariel Express Logo

    Hey Guys! So I know there are a lot of logos similar to this one. I designed this logo for a in-line hockey team. It's a train. It has colors. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!