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  1. Hey Guys! I took ALL of your rankings/comments into consideration. It was a hard task but here is the Original Six of the Inaugural Season of the NPHL. The Fighting Saints The Cougars The Pucks The Shamrocks The Silver Kings The Stags Let me know what you think! Uniforms coming soon!
  2. Thank You! Why is the Cougars at #7 on your list?
  3. Thank You! Why don't you care for the Silver Kings and Comets?
  4. Thank You! Why is the Saints #1 on your list? And YES! As soon as we narrow it down to six teams I will reveal uniforms!
  5. Thank You! What do you like about the Comets?
  6. Thank You! In your words, why is the Knights #8 on your list?
  7. Hey Guys, now that we have EIGHT teams, I would like to get the inaugural year down to SIX teams. introducing more teams as the years go on! I need your help to determine what teams stay, and what teams leave. Lets rate the logos! Example: 1. I 2. Can't 3. Rate 4. Them 5. Because 6. They're 7. All 8. Great! Thank You!
  8. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it! Stay tuned!
  9. Thank you! I wanted a logo that was serious (Like the Stags) with a concept that could last a long time as a primary.
  10. Thank you! I had that concept locked away in my head for about a year, just never went through with the design of the logo, glad you enjoy it!
  11. Thank you! I'm glad you caught the keystone in the Stags logo! I had a blast designing that one! The Wild was the MAIN influence for that logo. As for the Pucks, I wanted the logo to be simple and fun but stand out from the rest of the league. For the NPHL, I'm not sure when, but I'll make a concept with your suggestions!