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  1. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Supposedly, the margin of victory was 0.000
  2. 2018 NFL Offseason

    At least we don't have to hear McShay and Kiper Jr bicker back and forth anymore on draft night. On the note of potential draft sights, Nashville seems like the best fit of the bunch
  3. The Battle of Seattle

    I'd prefer the squirrel secondary as the primary. It seems to flow a lot easier than the 🌲E.
  4. NHL 2017-18

    This is purely my opinion; your points are understandable, but not everything has to be anatomically correct in the logo world.
  5. North American Professional Australian Football League

    Lemon seems more accurate. In all seriousness, I get you're not using a top notch program, but the logo needs some refinement big time.
  6. you quoted the wrong person, bud.
  7. When you boast that you're actively trying to keep topics "alive" it gets annoying. Your comment should have been composed of C&C to help the topic at hand.
  8. Player-Team-Uniform Similarities

    Vernon Davis has played for 3 teams that utilize Red & Gold in their color scheme. Black could technically be counted also considering the 49ers and Redskins use it in their logos, but Maryland features it more prominently.
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I'd argue it for the simple point that the two jerseys don't even match. One has red stripes and numbers and completely void of blue while the other is solid blue with white numbers and completely void of red.
  10. Seriously though, you could have at least added input to the topic as @Dan O'Mac suggested.
  11. Shoney's has an updated logo

    A few years ago, my family and I stopped at a Shoney's in Tennessee on our way to see family in Arkansas and it was a decent restaurant. Nothing special for my first time being in one.
  12. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Until a team hands Kirk cousins the whole bank and then some.
  13. Shoney's has an updated logo

    To me, the new font make it read as "Netflix presents Shoney's"
  14. After all, in these neck of the woods, the only opinion that's right is your own and you gotta ridicule everyone else for their opinion.
  15. Player-Team-Uniform Similarities

    The same can be said about Allen Iverson... sorta... Between his two 76ers stints, The Nuggets, Pistons, and Grizzlies all use blue as their primary color. Coincidentally, as he got older, the shades got darker.