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  1. Blows my mind how expensive veterinarian bills can be. I had to take my cat to the vet because she has been feeling well for the past few months. My family and I all thought it was allergies (boy, were we ever so wrong). Turns out she's blind in one eye, nearly blind in the other, upper respiratory problems, and has enlarged kidneys. The vet told us it's either a kidney infection or the always fearful cancer. I had to pay roughly $382 for a total of 3 things. The visit, the X-ray, and medicine for my cat. The vet also suggested I take my cat to an oncologist for further evaluation. That'll be a pretty penny too. If I'm laying out all this money for this cat I'll be damn sure she doesn't die on me.
  2. Some of you want the smokey mountain grey uniforms gone forever. I say this is a great combination. Sue me.
  3. I get it's part of a cinematic universe but what's wrong with making movie just to make it? It was fine for what it was. Nothing was necessarily bad about it.
  4. This is the right choice. Jr knows it and Hendrick knows it. I think the "silly season" was waiting for this move to be made and now all the dominos will fall soon.
  5. I'd give the Eskimos uniforms a solid 9/10. The changes that need to be made are enlarging the helmet logo and making the jersey stripes look like they aren't just slapped on there. Move them to the sleeves and call it a day.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, Marvel and James Gunn (Director) stated that it wasn't really necessary to use Vol 2 in that capacity.
  7. I highly doubt that. It will probably be a paint scheme from Jr's racing past, not his dad's. A lot of fans are speculating it will be a call back to his DEI days. Also, if you look closely on Jr's car, there's a throwback Mountain Dew logo. If only they went the whole 9 yards and used a Dupont logo in place of Axalta.
  8. Dale Jr's Darlington paint scheme: It pays tribute to his Busch series days back in '98-'99. Jr also stated he has another throwback scheme to be unveiled on August 2 for the season finale at Homestead.
  9. Kirk Cousins and Redskins could not come to an agreement on a long term contract. The team also revealed that Cousins turned down $53M guaranteed.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing Honda or Subaru make the jump to NASCAR. With Paul Menard, I know he's a middle of the pack driver, but I hope he finds a good ride if (when) he's let go by RCR. I've liked him ever since his days at DEI.
  11. Arizona and Peace Tea are the two best bottled/canned sweet teas.
  12. Cast of Aladdin was announced: Aladdin- Mena Massoud Jasmine- Naomi Scott Genie- Will Smith
  13. First trailer for the first Infinity War movie was shown earlier today at D23. It supposedly shows Spider-Man's spider sense.
  14. An Arizona State coach posted a video of the team's uniforms on Twitter and he specifically stated there were 19 different helmets. I'd bet sometime in the upcoming season they bump up to an even 20.
  15. Is this a safe place to agree to disagree? Asking for a friend.