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  1. One thing I'm really hoping for it that Goldar isn't a mindless glob of gold being controlled by Rita and can actually talk and do things on his own.
  2. This really isn't spoiler worthy because it's confirmed by the director himself and well, it's a Google search away: Trini, the yellow Power Ranger, is queer. Also, apparently Billy, the blue Power Ranger, is autistic.
  3. Well that answers that...
  4. I'm actually slightly confused.... Is Murray going to wear 28 for the Vikings out of respect of Peterson? He sent out a message saying why he wore 28 (Fred Taylor mainly, but also Peterson).
  5. This reminds me, what part of a players salary is paid out during preseason?
  6. With the Seahawks signing Eddie Lacy, does this mean they are out of the running for Peterson?
  7. In a little over 3 weeks this incredible thread will turn 3 years old! Keep it up @Veras
  8. New Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger pays LB/S Su'a Cravens $75,000 for his #36. Both idolized Sean Taylor. Hence why Cravens chose #36 for his rookie season (he also wore #21 in college) and Swearinger wore #36 while in Arizona (he also wore #36 for family reasons). Does this mean we see the return of #21? I doubt it, but it's worth the thought
  9. Please stop doing that.
  10. Yeah if you're going to pay a guy $45 million to be the backup, something is wrong
  11. Last year I started to pay attention to the CFL more. I ended up liking the BC Lions because I liked the way the new uniforms looked.
  12. So basically what I've seen and heard, the Browns have done/will be doing the following: Trade for Brock Osweiler Release or Trade Osweiler while also releasing RG3 GET ALL THE DRAFT PICKS Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo Annnndddd the Redskins have reportedly fired GM Scot McCloughan. The :censored: storm that is the Washington Redskins continues.
  13. The Browns have 22 picks in the next two drafts including eight in first two rounds. Reports are that they want to trade Osweiler for a 2018 third round pick.
  14. Rumor has it, Browns may end up actually cutting Osweiler
  15. Their best bet would be to draft a QB in the 1st round at that point.