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  1. What I mean is the logos on the sides of the helmet
  2. MLB has them, but how long before we see 3D helmet logos in the NFL?
  3. Look, I like The Rock as an actor, but Jesus he does not need to be in so many damn movies year in year out. It's getting old fast. Hopefully when he gets cast as Black Adam (presumably) in the DCEU, his movie load takes a slight drop.
  4. Jamal Charles in a Broncos uniform wearing 28
  5. I understand that. What I'm saying is that Sony should have let Marvel Studios use Venom when they agreed to the Spider-Man deal.
  6. This is tough because you can't and shouldn't use Venom without Spider-Man and character rights annoyingly block this. I guess here's to hoping down the line Marvel gets all multiverse happy and opens up the MCU.
  7. Take away the two outside helmet stripes, add TV numbers, have a matching white jersey, and dare I say a matching grey jersey with blue numbers, call it a day.
  8. Dale Jr himself said that Alex Bowman deserves to be in the 88 next year. I'm all for this and I think Rick Hendrick would listen to Jr's opinions.
  9. From the Rookie Premiere: http://www.nfl.com/photos/0ap3000000810140?campaign=IGstory_photo_rookiepremiere For some reason they have Cooper Kupp twice, but don't have Redskins rookie RB Samaje Perine.
  10. Perm ✓ Mustache ✓ Sweet sideburns ✓ The Holy Trinity is complete
  11. A team celebrating a state that they play in for one night a year is perfectly fine. It's not gimmicking at all and doesn't clutter the team's identity like most MiLB teams. I would be on board with the Orioles wearing them every Sunday home game. I'd say if you have a problem with the Orioles Maryland Pride uniforms then chances are you have a problem with the Blue Jays Canada Day uniforms. A team celebrating an entire country... weird right?
  12. I think the jerseys would be fine without the stars on the shoulders. Other than that it looks great. Keep up the good work!
  13. Regan Smith is Aric Almirola's replacement. I'm actually surprised they didn't try to get Casey Mears or Greg Biffle.
  14. I didn't even notice the red flakes on the helmet until you mentioned it. It's a nice touch. It's close, but I think the grey helmet is better.