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  1. 4 spectacular drivers gone from NASCAR in a 3 year span... Gordon, Stewart, Edwards, and now Dale Jr. Here's to hoping he has even more overwhelming success as a team owner. I've been reading posts by people saying now NASCAR will hand the championship to Jr. Hell no. That's not going to happen. Where was it for Gordon and Stewart? Can't say much for Edwards as his retirement was a surprise, but he did come extremely close last year. Now begins the process of which driver I want to start following. Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson, Ryan Blaney?
  2. Number retirements are good with me. I doubt it'll get to that point ever for a team, but how long until we see an NFL QB wearing 20 because a team has 1-19 retired. I think there would be a point where a team says "Maybe we should cool it on the number retirements."
  3. I had thought I saw more clear claims of people liking the stripes as opposed to not liking them. Obviously I missed that.
  4. Welcome to the Sports Logos thread, where the only opinion that seems to matter is your own and everyone else is wrong.
  5. On baseball uniforms, I cannot stand when jerseys have numbers on one side and a logo on the other side on the front.
  6. You needed examples:
  7. Go ahead and search "Steelers Sleeve Stripes" or at least some variation in the search bar. There's plenty of posts about how "classic" the sleeve stripes are and how they shouldn't change. I found maybe one or two opposing the stripes.
  8. I get why it's not said in this exact thread, but if anything I've seen more people defend the Steelers stripes than oppose them.
  9. How can people complain about how bad the Lions sleeve stripes are when the Steelers basically have the same thing and nothing is said?
  10. Unpopular opinion, but I'd put these in my top 10 favorite current uniforms.
  11. Does it suck to hear that someone died? Absolutely. Hearing Hernandez died? Debatable. Do I feel sorry for the guy? Absolutely not. He did something irredeemable and chose to commit suicide as his only way out.
  12. I cannot stand when a pitcher has a single digit jersey number.
  13. The only complaint, like many, I have about the uniforms is "LIONS" on one sleeve and "WCF" on the other. What was so hard about making the decision to have "LIONS" on both sleeves? I'd have to say the new uniforms are my second favorite new Nike uniforms, behind the Vikings.