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  1. Brandon9485

    MLS Kits 2019

    My prediction is the back stripe makes it too busy and it is dropped.
  2. Brandon9485

    Philadelphia Phillies Retro Cap Returns as Alternate in 2019

    I bought a swirly P cap last season from MLB shop and it does not have a batterman.
  3. Brandon9485

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    That’s the thing, I don’t think they need to be defended that much. The people offended by these slogans aren’t the intended audience.
  4. Brandon9485

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    BFIB and the Cardinal Way have been marketing tools towards the Cardinals fan base more than a proclamation towards the rest of baseball. If you go to a game at Busch, you’ll see the Cardinals calling their fans in attendance the best in baseball. Most teams across all sports claim this distinction (especially when they are winning). The Cardinal Way is more of a draw on the team’s history especially in regards to hustling and defense. As of late, some factions of the fan base have used it against Cardinals management to express their distastisfaction with the team’s performance. As a Cardinals fan I realize that after the Yankees, the Cardinals may be the most disliked team by other fan bases in baseball. Continue to dislike them if you want to, but these slogans have been developed more towards Cardinals fans than anything else.
  5. Brandon9485

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Minor detail, but I appreciate the fact they used the correct trophies.
  6. I’d like to get a Cardinals dugout jacket, but I want it to say Cardinals and not St. Louis across the chest.
  7. Brandon9485

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I got my new Marlins 5950 in the mail today. The body of the Marlin above the M is raised embroidery, but the tail is not. One detail I hadn’t noticed until I saw that hat up close is the bottom of the Marlin, the mouth, and the bottom of the tail are outlined in gray. The underbrim of my hat is black unlike the gray posted above. I thought the red outline on the hat might look more red/orange, but it’s definitely red. Overall, I really like the hat.
  8. Brandon9485

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    Low hanging fruit, but the Cardinals have 42 retired for Bruce Sutter and Jackie Robinson. Can the same be said for the Yankees with Mo?
  9. Brandon9485

    2019 MLB Changes

    I was born in the 80s but did not become aware of baseball until shortly after the swirly P look was put away. With that said, this look needs to come back and be the primary again. Not only would the Phillies have a shade of red (or whichever color you prefer) all to their own, the current Phils look outside the number font and sleeve numbers is so generic. The Phillies could really have a look all their own again.
  10. Brandon9485

    Uniforms you're most thankful for

    I don’t know how the Blue Jays ever move away from this. It is a fairly perfect uniform set IMO.
  11. Brandon9485

    2019 MLB Changes

    How long ago? Looks like it’s a Rawlings made jersey.
  12. Brandon9485

    2019 MLB Changes

    IMO, this uniform was great and severely under appreciated.
  13. Brandon9485

    2019 MLB Changes

  14. Brandon9485

    2019 MLB Changes

    Powder blue merchandise has been seen a lot more the last few years with Majestic’s Cooperstown line. The fact it was introduced doesn’t surprise me, and Cards fans are suckers for nostalgia. Even when it is a butchered version aiming for their wallet.
  15. Brandon9485

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I only come to this thread to hate read about NBA uniforms. Nike has ruined the NBA for me.