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  1. Worcester Mass is knocking down the door to get the Pawsox.
  2. Denver and Portland are correct, and New Orleans is the last one but they are working to have a team in a year or so.
  3. Lots of things can happen before the end of the 2018 season when minor league affiliations are up for swap. New teams cannot officially communicate with potential new affiliates until after the 2018 season.
  4. Teams are releasing them at their preference, some were released last night...
  5. Translation-all we changed was the lace up collar.
  6. This being the former owners who had legal issues with their logo or something like that?
  7. Washington is also a wild card....
  8. How is this, their old style, not traditional?
  9. Not enough contrast in comparison to Toronto. The black will look better.
  10. Seeing minor changes to the Blues makes me think there might be a chance (albeit slight) that the Lightning add some more black to the stripes...
  11. I like Corey Graves. He has talent on the mike. I wouldn't say GM but more involved
  12. I really hope the Lightning added a little bit of black to the stripes on the sleeves and hem. And maybe surprise the world and wear black helmets and pants at home.
  13. So out of the goalies Vegas can take, is Fleury a lock?
  14. Bite.....your.....tongue. Tampa Bay is far from the Vegas, Arizona, and Florida Panthers argument.
  15. Enzo could be a heck of a manager...
  16. Gold helmets at home might work if there's enough of a balance of gold accented on the jersey..
  17. YES I am glad I'm not the only one who see this. Also, seeing the Rockies use light blue makes me wonder what adding light blue to the purple and black currently could look like.
  18. I respectfully disagree, but some elements have to be common only because crossover is hard to avoid when there's 31 teams.
  19. True Lightning fans know this is a good trade for the team, but good luck telling that the vast majority of fans flipping out on social media. Yzerman had a $$$ in mind for Drouin and assumed he would sign, but apparently Drouin had Kucherov $$$ in mind when he hasn't played 2 full seasons. He's the kind of player when he's on your team you like him, but knowing he's a little bit of a prima donna (see his playing hiatus of 2015-16) I am glad we free'd up a spot by moving him and getting a solid, salary controllable defenseman in return.
  20. Im pretty sure they said Suntrust Park was designed to fit in the football field from home to LF. In my mind it appears the LF wall is pushed out a little further than the RF side.
  21. If I could make my own I'd have modern updates of..... Green Monster in left Wrigley in Center Texas rangers dual deck in RF
  22. How close is this proposed Clippers arena to the new Rams/Chargers stadium complex?
  23. Phoenix is coming on fast and I agree they're likely going to get a team I think. Also depending on the list of media markets both Tampa/St Pete and Phoenix Metro hover around 11 and 12.
  24. Does the Winnipeg NOB font seem vertical now as well, or has it always been vertical?
  25. Let's face it, its the Cowboys....I'll believe it when I see it.