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  1. Going to throw this in spoilers, but I guess it could work as they already introduced the image of it...
  2. Are we certain about your first spoiler? I guess it was implied, but not certain.
  3. It's doubtful the seats behind the sign would be sold.
  4. Gah, avoiding spoilers is becoming harder and harder....seeing the moving Saturday morning..
  5. I would've sworn this was an NHL thread....can we seriously keep this on topic?
  6. I am certain these open sides will have panels to close it off.
  7. Yeah, ESPN complex at Disney would've likely been the temporary option. Tinker Field would've required too much infrastructure. On an emergency basis, I would assume the home games would relocate to the opposing city much like when Baltimore played as the home team in the Trop during the riots a few years ago.
  8. How is this wrong? DCU has played there since their inception.
  9. I always wondered if the Rays were to have done this where they would've played for a year or two?
  10. Dodgers and Cubs wouldn't be far behind, maybe Cardinals too...
  11. As did USA, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Rep in Florida
  12. Oh the exhibitions for the losing teams against cactus league squads?
  13. I just need a ride on a I think I am good.
  14. I wishe these were real....I could use a black Rays cap
  15. here are the eligibility rules.
  16. This isn't the homer in me talking, but Tampa Bay really has their ducks in a row. I believe there's a city vote in April to have residents decide if the city can work with the team on a lease and site modifications. Overall opinion seems positive and I don't believe any local money will be spent.
  17. Also note the new Jazz unis from the 90s and the old logo on the court from the purple and gold era.
  18. Islanders Devils isn't a sexy matchup. By selecting NYR and Buffalo you've got the biggest media market's Original 6 team against a young up and coming Buffalo team with Jack Eichel.
  19. Yeah and I'm sure $$$ talks in the right situation.
  20. I will need a bag checked, so between airfare, checked bag, and seat selected now I paid $127.
  21. Not bad, Ive always thought the Rockies using purple green and black would work....much like the 1998 All Star Game identity from Colorado.
  22. Couldn't think of a better way to cater to the old school fans and tie it all together in a way.
  23. Teal may have been part of the gradient era, but the rays primary colors at that time were black and purple. Then green and black era, followed by the current double blue era.
  24. Resurrecting an older thread, but on topic.... I just booked a flight on Frontier from Tampa to Cleveland for a buddy's bachelor party brewery and baseball crawl. I fully understand they are the nickel and dime airline and already snagged one of the exit row seats for legroom and an aisle seat (im a broad shouldered man). Can anyone give me some background on the current ultra cost effective Frontier and what else to expect? I could care less about snacks and drinks as I can come prepared. It just seems like most reviews online are just people bitching about being nickeled and dimed.
  25. Early on, before the Rays came into existence I was an Astros fan if only for the look of the 90s Blue and Gold identity. I have no ties to Texas other than having a cousin who lives there. Stuck with them thru about 2006 while co-supporting the Rays. I then kinda lost touch with the Astros when Bagwell left and went diehard with my Tampa teams (Bolts, Bucs, Rays)