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  1. It's part of the broadcast package. Much like SNF lists the Thursday kickoff Pats-Chiefs game.
  2. Are we certain TNF is still the color rush series, or if the Color Rush games will be spread out a little more?
  3. There better be some payoff with Snoke otherwise it'll be a letdown.
  4. True, but maybe along the lines of being un-American and against America. Not necessarily the same gimmick, but the promo style.
  5. I know it's not the same, but if you give Mahal a push like Muhammad Hassan was supposed to get this could be a good thing.
  6. I noticed this with the Rays so far this year...maybe the rules were laxed.
  7. Best way to do it...and have them say that their inner being was torn between the personalities. Returning to WWE gave the Team Xtreme Matt prevail, but losing the belts forced the broken Matt to rise.
  8. I think of any of the big 4 sports, the NFL is the one that feels like you could get away without being local to the team itself. I would likely still support the Buccaneers if they remained the Buccaneers. if a name change occurred, I would default to the city of my heritage, the Lions. As for baseball and hockey, the same rule states, but I'm sure I'd adopt the Detroit teams as my own.
  9. Probably just the lighting, when the new Bucs helmet was unveiled it looked much darker on black background than the real version did.
  10. Well my personal theory seems to be heading in the right direction....
  11. It's too bad the Canucks have an orca themed design, because Seattla Orcas would be a great name.
  12. Not the best in the league, not the worst. Better than what they had before. i like them.
  13. I seem to recall the Reebok Edgification of the NHL got some traction too....
  14. That's right, they don't let the previous two federations bid...
  15. That doesn't make sense, two places to check? just wait for some news to break and we'll get back on track.
  16. I had always thought SDL was a little underserviced when the brand split happened last year, this move helps bring their roster up a touch and gives Raw some mid tier guys.
  17. Maybe? Didn't Detroit bid as well?
  18. DId they announce the SD moves would happen tomorrow?
  19. Maybe not all of the Guardians, but maybe one or two
  20. Curious, but how many stadiums would be needed in the US to host the games? - I think we've concluded BC Place (Vancouver), BMO (Toronto) are locks...but is Montreal a lock with the dated Olympic Stadium? Outside of these three, I don't see any other city having the ability to host, except for maybe Winnipeg. - Mexico Has Azteca (Mexico City), Jalisco and/or Chivas (Guadalajara), and maybe Universitario in Monterrey?
  21. According to Wikipedia (my best source), US/CAN/MEX is the first official one. Colombia has confirmed interest in bidding. Possible bids could come from Australia/New Zealand, Morocco, England, Azerbaijian/Turkey, and Kazakhstan.
  22. 2017 is the 20th season of play, 2018 would be the 20th anniversary of play. Teams seem to do what they please.
  23. For anyone, when it comes to Florida locations, I would think Miami and Orlando would be the frontrunners for a shortlist. Tampa would be a distant 3rd.
  24. I don't mind parent club nicknames for minor leagues as long as they try to differentiate themselves from the parent club. South Bay did really good and the addition of sky blue to the Laker purple and gold.
  25. Speaking of from the knee down, I noticed that a lot of the Rays players BP have worn white or light colored shoes this past week. Some guys also seem to still have the darker colors too, but not as many. Does anyone know if he shoe rule was cut back this year. I was always under the understanding that each team had a primary choice of shoe color and players had to assure their shoes were a certain percentage of that color