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  1. Ugh I really hope we get a sequel or two. It's not fair that in the US this movie had to compete with Beauty and the Beast and in China they had to go up against Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I mean we do still have Japan to go for release, but Im getting nervous that we wont see the real Green Ranger and Tommy.
  2. This will likely be the Great Khali blip on the history...
  3. Not sure, it probably depends on how the deal is written.
  4. The would likely have to request a waiver from the NFL to host the Super Bowl in the first year a stadium opens.
  5. Try telling that to the players union. Not a chance they remove the DH and not get something in return.
  6. Im a fan of interleague if only for the reason that I get to see my team play against some of the guys from the other league every 3 years, whether home or road. 6 series a year doesn't cheapen the regular season for me. Now on the other hand, if I had my choice the amount of in-division games could be lowered a little. 19-20 games against 4 other teams gets tiring.
  7. UA likes to refresh unis for football every so often...wouldn't be surprised to see edits for USF, South Carolina, and some of the other UA teams have changes for 17.
  8. True, it's probably not at the point that Vegas needs a squad of their own just yet.
  9. Or ACC is their official abbreviation for league purposes (scorebug on TV, etc)
  10. Fire departments are typically known as "(insert city name)'s Bravest", so maybe modifying the tomahawk into a firefighters axe could work IF change would be made.
  11. Not just the flopping, but the sense of a team is gone. It just seems like a sport of individuals pieced together. Even teams like the Spurs seem disconnected.
  12. If anything happens in the near future, the Indians will change before the Braves. All Atlanta has to do is drop the tomahawk and they're fine.
  13. Eh that's close, but the navy jersey schedule isn't as strictly followed. day games at home usually get the navy jersey, but Saturday games at home can go either way. I've seen some 4pm starts wear navy and some don't. On the road, there really isn't much of a schedule. Sometimes the navy is worn a whole series no matter the start time, sometimes not... The only consistency is that M-F night games at home are white, Sunday home games no matter the time is light blue.
  14. Peanut butter on a burger with bacon sounds odd, but is surprisingly tasty. Also, I don't have it a lot, but an Italian thing to do is eat prosciutto and cantaloupe. Odd, but its good.
  15. Agua Caliente seems to be a casino sponsorship...
  16. Ah gotcha, didn't realize that. Thanks for the clarification. Still looks cluttered
  17. Just a few minor edits, put the MLS patch on one sleeve but not both. Looks cluttered. also, on the change kit, I know you were going with the black and white style, but MLS seems pretty team specific on patch colors, so maybe have the same colors on the shield on both kits. otherwise, great work.
  18. MLB - @ Detroit - Tiger Stadium early 90s (cant recall who they played I was between 5-7 years old) NBA - n/a NFL - Eagles @ Buccaneers 2012 NHL - @ Tampa Bay around 1999-2000 NCAA football - Duke or Wake Forest @ Florida State around 2001 MLS - @ Tampa Bay Mutiny around 2000-2001
  19. Absolutely agreed, and I was referring to something not Predators. Admirals is great...I say stick with it.
  20. Maybe new logo means new name for the Norfolk team???
  21. The vote in St Pete for the Rowdies was a low risk high reward vote. 17% of active voters voted but lets be honest, this election was setup very quickly and not during a normal election cycle, so its tough to have the word get out.
  22. OJ Howard will wear #80 for the Buccaneers. No jersey pic yet, but an image was posted to Twitter.
  23. Haha....the No Fear TB Storm jerseys always confused me..
  24. Very interested to see where this league goes, even if its a place for undrafted guys to get ready for camps in July.
  25. Wow....way to steal someones work. Can you be that ignorant?