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  1. United Major League (MLB Soccer X-Overs)

    Looking forward to it!
  2. MLS by DT Concepts and Nike - ALL TEAMS POSTED

    While I do like the LAFC alt kit, it's too similar to the MNUFC wing kit. That's their thing.
  3. Canadian Premier League

    These are all incredible! Need more!
  4. MLS Redesign (FC Dallas Added)

    I really don't like RBNY's kits this year but your version is really great!
  5. Original Six Tweaks (Rangers & Hawks Added)

    I love it, but I'm a sucker for retro jerseys like this.
  6. The World Hockey League, It's Back!!!

    Sorry, what is the IHA?
  7. The World Hockey League, It's Back!!!

    Add a New Jersey team! The NYC area having only one team is odd, especially the only one being from Brooklyn.
  8. Can't wait! Sorry Buffalo...
  9. New Jersey team ever going to happen?
  10. Lights Out's MLB: Entire League Complete!

    I love this so much. It takes an extremely forgettable identity and makes something really unique! I especially love the Seneca jersey.
  11. Really hope New Jersey gets a team! Hype
  12. The Pacific Electric Football League (Retro Soccer!!)

    This is so awesome! I love the stadium models.
  13. Professional Dodgeball Coalition 2.0

    I was hoping you'd give a re-brand for my home's team and this is fan-:censored:ing-tastic.
  14. A history of the Federation of American Lacrosse

    Newark, New Jersey. Whether the team stays in the league is up to success, otherwise they will probably eventually be relocated.
  15. A history of the Federation of American Lacrosse

    The team names will be old American style since it is 1870. Two years before the start of professional baseball. Haha I'll make the map soon. Basically the map of the US in 1870, but the unincorporated territories will be Native American states,