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  1. NFL concepts based off of ridiculous Internet rumors

    I actually really like the idea of a gold helmet for the Jags.
  2. 2018 MLB ASG Cap Concept

    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! One small request. Can the White Sox cap say SOX? They've hardly ever used a "C" on their caps in their history and it looks odd to me.
  3. MLB in 2020 - Cincinnati Reds (22/30)

    Are those red buttons on the alternate jersey? If so, I say that's a great idea!
  4. ldconcepts' NHL Identity Swap Series (ANA/NJD Added)

    I kind of feel like the Devils could be improves by ditching the middle tine of the pitchfork.
  5. Atlanta Falcons Logo Concept

    I might try the black helmet with the black/white logo outlined in red. Essentially match up the sleeve patch with the helmet logo. I'm of too many minds which is the best look for Atlanta. They've got too many designs that work really well: [black helmet, red jersey], [black helmet, black jersey], [red helmet, black jersey], and [red helmet, red jersey]. And that's without looking at the white vs. silver pants debate.
  6. A Black & White History of the Chicago White Sox (Updates 2/17)

    The translation of the 87 unis is great but I must admit that losing the bright red takes something away. In such a plain and traditional uniform, the bold red really helps. So its interesting to see how the black/silver scheme might work against it.
  7. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

    Thank you very much.
  8. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

    Greetings! This is the product of a collaboration among @Carolingian Steamroller, @Paul Lucas, @coco1997, @Victormrey, and @MJD7. We are calling our little group "Pinch Designer." We were looking for idea for a project that we could pool our collective minds on and found it in an MLB City Edition. With the NBA and Nike debuting City Edition uniforms that are designed to reflect the particular spirit and aesthetic of their individual cities we thought that applying the same principle to baseball would yield interesting and colorful results. So we held a draft for divide up Major League Baseball and got cracking on designs. Each uniform in this series seeks to reflect some aspect of the city as a fun digression from the normal MLB rhythm. So without any further ado, I present the Milwaukee Brewers: Milwaukee has tried to redesign it's city flag over the years and recently a designer came out with a "People's Flag of Milwaukee" composed of four colors navy blue, sky blue, gold, and white. For the uniform, we've incorporated the clunky font from the Milwaukee Bucks current uniforms, on a lager gold uniform, with design elements of gears and barley sheaves. Enjoy!
  9. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

    Let's do the world champs today, the Astros. For the Astros we went with a Saturn V rocket theme with vertical navy stripes with "HOUSTON" running vertically in a gap. We found that spaceman design for the sleeve patch someone online but I'm sure where. (EDIT: Credit for that terrific logo belongs to @McCarthy and thank you for his permission to reproduce it here.)
  10. MLB Alternate Uniforms

    I'd drop either the pinstriped sleeves or the pinstriped cap bill on the White Sox.
  11. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

    I really like the subtle glow effect on the numbers.
  12. A Black & White History of the Chicago White Sox (Updates 2/17)

    I really like the white numbers on the back of the 1969 set. The extra thick outline really makes it pop against the silver uniform. Minor note on the revised 83 designs. On the new red alt, I'd go with white numbers outlined in navy since in the other concepts the wide bar across the jersey is the color of the numbers while the two outer stripes translate to the outlines.
  13. MLB in 2020 - Cincinnati Reds (22/30)

    Cubs look great but I find myself wanting a white outline on the "C" with the standing bear.
  14. Atlanta Falcons Logo Concept

    I actually like the suggested line a little better than the complete line.
  15. City/State Color Identities

    Any thoughts on doing a Redtails version of the football team?
  16. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

    There is a subtle feature that really adds to the design and its the powder blue cleats. To make a BFBS uniform look good, there needs to be a palate cleanser. Like drinking a nice pinot grigio with a plate of squid ink pasta. The blue cleats do exactly that by keeping some balance between the black jersey and the blue scripts.
  17. WRONG! He has failed to give the Patriots consistency. The outer stripes on the red jersey are blue whereas on the white jersey they are red! The gods are not pleased by this sacrifice!
  18. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

    Today we get the White Sox. Red and black are used as team colors to celebrate the long history of that scheme to both the White Sox and Chicago residents the Bulls and Blackhawks. The dark jersey with contrasting pinstripes is a combination of the Chicago American Giants (who also played in Sox Park) with the famous 1996 Bulls alternates that every kid in Chicago fell immediately in love with when they debuted. The theme continues with a three stripe belt with the pattern repeating on the stirrups. The sleeve patch and cap logo use the 1936 S-o-x overlaid over the crossed-socks "W" logo creating a W-S monogram. For the jersey, I've incorporated the script from White Sox ambassador Chance the Rapper's Social Experiment which was used in cross promotional caps in 2016. "South Side" is used as the moniker.
  19. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

    Today's design is the Orioles. Everyone knows the Maryland flag but the Baltimore flag is interesting in its own right. The vertical stripes are offset on a diagonal which creates a slash. For the Orioles we took that concept, translated it into Oriole colors and used to house the diagonal "Baltimore" script that has been on the road uniforms for a few years. The sleeves stay white as a way of adding some non-striped negative space. The sleeve patch is the crest from the center of the flag and the cap uses the captial "B" from the jersey.
  20. A Black & White History of the Chicago White Sox (Updates 2/17)

    I think you misspelled "greatest look."
  21. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

    I like that the Mets are such a clean representation of the racing stripes design.
  22. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Astros 11/30)

  23. I say, I say I wouldn't be so hasty to dismiss leghorns.
  24. A Black & White History of the Chicago White Sox (Updates 2/17)

    I really like those 72 uniforms. Especially the sleeve patch on the home jersey.
  25. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Best analogy I'd give would be the Mantle-era Yankees. They won a lot of World Series, lost quite a few World Series. Had one of the best players of the era as the centerpiece. People hated them when they won and cheered when they went down but they still won more than they lost.