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  1. Yes, I have the Southern California Sun, but I was thinking of having them be based in San Diego. I actually decided to keep them around until the mid-1970s and moving to Phoenix to become the present-day Arizona Inferno. The Sun's color scheme would have been the same as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, orange and red, instead of the magenta and orange of the WFL team. I have created a "helmet wall" off all of my Continental Football League teams showing their helmet changes over the years, looking for a way to post it on here since it won't allow attachments now.
  2. The upshot of the changes I wanted to make was swapping the color schemes of the St. Louis Mustangs and the Thunder, and switching the locations of the Thunder and Marauders -- swapping Houston and Orlando. So the new retrofitted Continental Football League has the St. Louis Mustangs being dark green, white, black and silver (dark green helmets, sort of a Hawaii 2000s color scheme), the Houston Thunder now being purple, white, black and silver (purple helmets, sort of a TCU color scheme), and the Orlando Marauders being the black and silver team. Basically the reason for the change is I wanted to have a purple team in the league starting at least in the early 1970s, and I couldn't wrap my head around the Thunder being green and black, but Mustangs seemed to work better in that scheme. While the Orlando Thunder has a bit of history (with the WLAF team's awful florescent lime green color scheme), one can be the Thunder just about anywhere. I used to have the Orlando Predators in my CFL, but I already have what seems like a half a dozen black and red teams, and I like the Marauders pirate/Raiders imagery -- a logical progression from the original Tampa Bay Bandits. Possibly in my Continental Football League reality, the late John Bassett's family sells the Bandits to Disney in the early '90s and the Marauders are born.
  3. Atlantic Schooners CFL Expansion

    I like it a lot, and since the Argos abandoned their Boatmen look (which I loved), this is a great concept. Big thumbs up!
  4. Not sure if they've changed something on here so you can't attach a file from your computer to a post, or if they don't want you doing that anymore. Looks like they got rid of all the attachments I made last year. Still have them on my computer though.
  5. I’d be glad to, let me check out where they’ve gone. I’ve done some retrofitting of the league, swapping a couple of team color schemes. Hopefully I can find another means of posting images than using .pdf’s.
  6. Not forgotten, I just don't get on here as much as I'd like. I'm thinking of displaying each team's helmet designs over time, but trying to figure out the best way to display them. Also I altered the history of my LA Express and Arizona Inferno -- with the Express existing since the mid-1960s along with the Southern California Sun, but based in San Diego. The Sun then moved to Phoenix in the mid 1970s to become the Arizona Inferno.
  7. Presumably Kurt Warner had gone to Arizona or NYG by then...
  8. Thanks very much, mkg74! That's exactly what I did with mine -- but my teams were basically doppelgängers for NFL teams, which made scheduling even easier. I did go back and do the 1970-77 schedules according to the NFL's scheduling system that started in 1978, but using my league, which was fun.
  9. torn between Marshals and Coyotes.... I'm going to say Coyotes!
  10. A few updates to my personal football league -- the Continental Football League: -- After much thought and hearing some folks wishing I kept the Michigan Panthers and their plum-and-champagne colors, so I decided to bring them back and keep them instead of changing them to the Michigan Wolfpack circa 1980. -- Since I really like the Wolfpack name, maroon and silver colors and logos, I decided to play musical nicknames and colors, as follows: 1. I changed Chicago from the Marauders to the Wolfpack -- since there has been a Chicago Wolves hockey team in the AHL, Wolfpack would be a natural extension (and since they formed in the late 1950s, they predate the Wolves by more than 30 years). The Chicago Wolfpack's maroon and silver or maroon and black colors would be perfect for a Chicago team, with the University of Chicago Maroons part of its sporting history. 2. I bumped the Marauders from Chicago down to Houston -- a black and silver pirate motif for a coastal team. So voila, the Houston Marauders. 3. I bumped the Thunder from Houston over to Orlando. Note that this is NOT the Orlando Thunder of the old World League of American Football -- no fluorescent lime green! My original plan for my Orlando Thunder was to use dark green and black (think the University of Hawaii Warriors), before I switched them to Houston. 4. Moving the Thunder back to Orlando bumps out the Orlando Predators -- I like the nickname and logo, so I'm hoping to save it for another time and franchise, perhaps a franchise move in the near future? I already had plenty of teams with black and red as their primary colors. 5. Ok, now my original thought was to have Disney purchase the Tampa Bay Bandits in the late 1980s and move them to Orlando (as the Thunder or Predators) -- roughly the same timing as the Mighty Ducks and Magic. Now with bringing the Orlando Thunder back, I figured purple, silver and black would be a more likely "Disney" color combination than dark green and black -- so I decided to swap the colors of the Orlando Thunder with the St. Louis Mustangs. I did like purple and silver as the Mustangs' colors, but they also look good with dark green, black and silver. As always, this league is just for my personal enjoyment, and all credit for the helmet artwork belongs to the original artists and leagues. I added the current helmet "walls" for the Eastern and Western Football Conferences below:
  11. NFL 2 - Team Finals - BOISE

    Just came in late to this thread, and I have to go with Grays -- I love the logo (especially the wedge shape, it's just much cleaner and looks sharper than the "spiky" shape). I like the copper and silver combination best.
  12. Huzzah! It's back! .... I hope...
  13. Eagles Logo Edit

    I like it -- I'm actually a big fan of the midnight green -- I'm a lifelong Eagles fan and I never liked the kelly green that much... I prefer the white numbers on the home uniforms. I would put a white outline around the green numbers -- it's very difficult to see the green numbers at a distance.
  14. Thank you, I was about 13 or 14 when I started doing this fictional league as a mashup of the USFL, CFL and the old WFL. I haven't been able to catch up with this thread for the last couple of months because of my real-world job, but I'm glad to see some interest!