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  1. When did the Browns GET Osweiler?
  2. The CFL game is much too different to ever a make workable ruleset for a CFL-NFL/SFA Superbowl, but a SFA/NFL World Championship Game is neat idea. Also, I'm a fan of your alignment ideas, even if they tend to get..Big. They're actually pretty interesting.
  3. It's actually an AFL uniform but.. ... *barfs*
  4. Here's a little something for all you alternate history-enthusiasts out there: Pro Football in a world where the South won the Civil War. The NFL is still formed in this time line, but soon after, a rival league called the Southern Football Association (SFA) is formed in the Confederacy. The NFL believed it didn't have a chance to compete with the king that was College Football in the south, but to their surprise, the SFA thrived. The AFL is never formed because of two leagues already competing, and those owners get their teams. Also, after losing the Civil War, the Union moved the capital to New York, and the South took D.C as their own. As a result, the Redskins can't move to Washington, and stay in Boston. No other teams can move from a Union city to a Confederate city. NFL: CAPITAL: Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants New York Titans/Jets Boston Redskins Providence Patriots Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens (The Browns Fiasco still occurs) CENTRAL: Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts (Formerly Baltimore Colts) Detroit Lions Chicago Bears Chicago Cardinals Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings COASTAL: Denver Broncos Oakland Raiders Los Angeles Chargers (Formerly San Diego Chargers)(sorry) Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Portland Sasquatches Utah Stingers Top team in each division makes playoffs, along with three wildcards. First and Second seeded teams get byes, Third seed faces Sixth, and Fourth faces Sixth. Worst surviving seed faces #1, the other faces #2. Winners of those face off in the Championship. SFA UNITED CONFERENCE: Virginia Generals Washington Monuments Atlanta Falcons Charlotte Panthers Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks Miami Dolphins Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jacksonville Jaguars Louisville Thoroughbreds Nashville Titans (formerly Houston Oilers) WORLD CONFERENCE: New Orleans Saints Memphis Hound Dogs Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans San Antonio Gunslingers Kansas City Chiefs (formerly Dallas Texans) St. Louis Pilots Oklahoma Twisters Phoenix Rattlers New Mexico Invaders The SFA does it old school, with the top teams of each conference automatically going to the Lee Cup, without a playoff. This is unpopular, with many calling to change it.
  5. No No No. Florida Marlins is such a :censored:ty, clunky. anti-historical name that is way overrated. To each their own, though. My Wish? Bring back the Montreal Expos! One of the best uniforms and logos in Sports history, IMO.
  6. I thought it WAS a mid-70's NASL uniform.
  7. Y'know you had it rough when your right team is an XFL team..
  8. Watching that smartass Cowboy get taken down when he tried celebrating a Touchdown before he got in the endzone,
  9. God-Dammit NFL
  10. A-Are these from Space Jam?
  11. TBH the HOF doesn't count in my eyes until Peyton Manning is eligible.
  12. I take it you don't know Tecmo like Bo knows Tecmo?
  13. Well. Time for another long ride down the offseason hype train right into regular season heartbreak! Here we go! CHOO CHOO
  14. The NFL can't do anything right.