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  1. WWE Battleground

    Please articulate why you feel the need to be an 24/7 Agree. Punjabi Prison might be the worst stipulation match of all time. Though it might be an inch better without Khali involved.
  2. WWE Battleground

    The more I think about it, the more I think Corbin is going to cash in on Jinder, so the people in India have a title chasing Babyface looking for revenge against an evil american, while the people in the USA have a rarely-seen Heel v. Heel feud.
  3. NFL Alternate Universe - USFL 25th Anniversary

    This is a really awesome series, just saying. Coyotes or Armadillos, please. Way more potential for a unique identity. We already got the Cowboys, no need for Marshalls.
  4. WWE Battleground

    I'm a little upset that my favorite tag team on RAW broke up, but DAMN that was a great scene. Graves was on point revealing the evidence, Cass had the best promo of his career, and Enzo's reactions really sold the scene. I enjoy Bo and Axel being given something to do. A Miz-led stable is gonna be sweet. Also, i'm digging the Titus Brand helping bridge the gap between main roster and cruserweights. What are the odds Titus pulls in a tag team at some point and Team Titus Brand forms for Survivor Series?
  5. WWE Battleground

    I feel like they're gonna :censored: it up.
  6. WWE Battleground

    Man, Mark was great when they gave him a chance to be.
  7. Hmmm A city with NO real life teams.. I want a team in Providence Rhode Island but the ship's sailed on small market New England teams by this point. I like the idea of Austin, though I agree with RightGuard that Houston is the best choice for a second Texas team. Norfolk's interesting as well. Or how bout New Mexico? Would make a great Alien themed team.
  8. 90'S OVERLOAD!!!! Pittsburgh looks solid, and.. I don't kn ow what to say about Long Island. As for the alts, I think St Louis' would look better without the arch, though I understand why it's there. Nuggets remind of the Jacksonville Jaguars, strangely. Minnesota, KC and Boston all look pretty good.
  9. Yeah Nova Scotia is giving away a very Hartford feel.. Let's see: Small market with no team anywhere else, Awesome logo, bad arena, and looking to move southward to a not-really-hockey market... Assuming they never get another team, who becomes ''the Winnepeg'' and loses but eventually gains back a team? Ottawa, perhaps?
  10. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

  11. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Well, he DID win a Superbowl sitting on their bench, no? That made him the first QB to win the Superbowl with two teams long before Peyton did (though Peyton actually started for both teams) Jim's stint with the Eagles, however, was rather short and unremarkable. (his only RIGHT team is Chicago of course)
  12. WWE Battleground

    I would personally lay it out...: January: Royal Rumble (Cross-Brand) February: Fast Lane/No Way Out March: Wrestlemania (Cross-Brand) April: Payback/Backlash May: Judgement Day/Unforgiven June: King of the Ring/Money in the Bank (Money in the Back works as normal, and the winner of KOTR gets Universal Title shot at Summerslam) July: Battleground/Great American Bash August: Summerslam (Cross-Brand) September: Clash of the Champions/No Mercy October: Cyber Sunday/Halloween Havoc November: Survivor Series (Cross-Brand) December: Armageddon/Roadblock
  13. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Out of all the teams he went to, this I feel is the strangest..