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  1. I want other people to join ( kinda like @sleuthpanther's SCAA). If not enough people join in a respectable amount of time, then I'll start doing concepts for all teams.
  2. Is someone able to tell me how to get signature's on my profile? I've seen them everywhere.
  3. Maybe I was over exaggerating a little bit, but I love making concepts and I know that criticism is used to help me.
  4. When this topc started to get high criticism and almost no cooperation, I decided to quit. Now, I'm starting it back up with a template and hopefully this will become successful. Details are in the original post.
  5. I use gimp, and yes I do mean the red lines. I wasn't quite clear in what I was asking for.
  6. When I do that, there are still red leftovers that won't go away.
  7. How do you get rid of the red and blue?
  8. Wisconsin Badgers (Yes, I am aware of the inconsistent striping. I tried to keep it crazy since it's Adidas)
  9. How does the skyline look at the bottom.
  10. It's kinda hard when you're working with two colors. That's why I added the skyline.
  11. I found a template to use for the rest of this topic (This is just an experiment). I don't have much experience with templates, so please give me some tips on how to use them. Also, can someone tell me how to get rid of this NBA logo? Anyway, here's UCLA.
  12. Oregon Ducks
  13. What does Arizona State look like in black or gray?
  14. UNC Tar Heels
  15. Here are the Arizona Wildcats