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  1. Oh okay. Thanks!
  2. @sleuthpanther how did you post the original SCAA without it getting locked (until now for inactivity). When I started something like this, it got locked. I started off the thread with my own concept and everything.
  3. That's kinda what I was going for with Seattle, but other teams such as Alaska and Hawaii will definitely POP.
  4. Thank you! It means a lot to me.
  5. Here are the Houston Rockets. I have made an alternate jersey named "Rocket Launch"
  6. I'm back to unveil the first team, Seattle. This team is well known for their classic and traditional look and for their use of mint green on away uniforms.
  7. Could you try Kansas?
  8. These are all great! I might need some tips because I'm terrible at logo making.
  9. What about Winn-Dixie? I don't know if that counts though.
  10. Any comments before I move on to the Rockets?
  11. I wish I could've thought of these designs. This whole series is just spectacular.
  12. Sorry for the long break, but I'm here with the Detroit Pistons. For this one, I decided to get rid of the navy and use gray/silver instead of white.
  13. I really wish my Buffalo Bills could adopt this awesome look.
  14. These courts look great, but I'm not a big fan of the white lines on the bright colored courts. It makes them a little bland and a little hard to see.
  15. So after doing a lottery, lets start this league with a draft. Teams are able to draft current NBA players, d league players, or free agents who apply or any college player who has applied for the draft (I might use some fictional people too). Anyway, here it is. #1- Charleston selects Justice Winslow, Duke #2- El Paso selects Mario Hezonja, Croatia #3- Alaska selects Ben McLemore, Sacramento Kings #4- Hartford selects Cameron Payne, Murray State #5 Mississippi selects Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Westchester Knicks #6 Louisville selects Jimmer Fredette, Westchester Knicks #7 Providence selects Bobby Portis, Arkansas #8 Omaha selects Vince Carter, Memphis Grizzlies #9 Hawaii selects Tyler Lockett (yes, the nfl player), Kansas State #10 Albuquerque selects Hakeem Olajuwon Jr, Texas A&M #11 Kansas City selects Bill Russell III, UConn #12 Columbus selects Deandre Liggins, Sioux Falls Skyforce #13 St Louis selects Erick Green, Reno Bighorns #14 San Diego selects Montrezl Harrell, Louisvile #15 Birmingham selects Mario Chalmers, Miami Heat #16 Albuquerque (from Pittsburgh) selects Larry Nance Jr, Wyoming #17 Seattle selects Jerel McNeal, Bakersfield Jam #18 Virginia selects Tim Frazier, Maine Red Claws #19 Little Rock selects Delon Wright, Utah #20 Las Vegas selects Michael Jordan II, Wake Forest Uniforms coming soon!