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  1. Wasn't that the point? I always saw that too but I assumed that's what everyone saw... until now. It's like a thrashing tornado bird with a hockey stick.
  2. Never noticed his jersey has a blank NFL shield, no Eagles wordmark on cheat and no Eagle sleeve logos... strange. I'll add a couple more - (where is the team bench??)
  3. how long until the next thread is - Favorite NBA warmups If it hasn't already been done...
  4. Whatsup with the scoreboard not being centered with the court? Was that a normal thing at the Boston Garden?
  5. I just want the jersey. So much better than the red/white primary imo
  6. Can I have ONE for each of my favorite teams? Well... going to do it anyway! Giants to make the color rush white jersey the primary away jersey. Nets - (no sleeves) and this to become our primary jerseys. My Mets are perfect.
  7. Not sure if this has been discussed but heard Jazz were getting rid of the green seats after this season. Thought I should share incase it hasn't been brought up.
  8. That's pretty cool and this whole thread is cool. Never heard of these crossover jerseys. Wonder when this stopped... I'd love Giants v Jets in basketball. Eli playing bball would be a sight to see!
  9. I don't think that's the right shade of blue/green that they're teasing before the unveil.
  10. I wouldn't say they had nothing to do with each other. Leon Hess, founder of Hess, was also an owner of the Jets. Not sure if that's why they look like Hess trucks but could be.
  11. Not sure if this counts but - the right side of Minnesota.
  12. Waiting on new uniform news like
  13. Haaa good catch!
  14. I miss when Jerseys used that kind of fabric. Funny enough, Lebron has modeled a few Heat jerseys in that kind of fabric but I don't think ever wore it in game. Really liked the way the Heat alt red jersey looked (until players got sweaty, which didn't take long). Also, LOVED the Nuggets powder blue jersey in that fabric. Best jerseys in their history imo.