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  1. Those are the best jerseys Washingtons had (in basketball) since the Bullets, imo
  2. That white Yankees jersey:
  3. This^^ Good job sir. Someone should buy you lunch today lol
  4. Is it strange that it's already started to grow on me? I don't think it's nearly as bad as I did with my initial reaction. But it thinking about the jerseys... this round of unis (all coming out this summer) is Nikes first crack at NBA jerseys - and we all know how the first round of NFL jerseys went.... not holding very high hopes but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  5. This is one of the few instances Nike actually improved a look imo. I like the gray jersey, helmet and numbers all more than I thought I would. It's a nice look. This might be the first time in my life Lions got something right.
  6. This is the worst logo in their history. Its not even terrible but their worst wolf logo yet. I do like the North Star touch but it bothers me it's off to the side. Not that this means anything but my grade would be a B. Not a bad grade but I feel there's a lot left to be desired. Wonder what the rest of the identity holds. Should be better, I hope.
  7. What, more roundels? Just what the NBA needed!
  8. If the bill was jus plain orange, I think I would really like it. That looks like ****.
  9. First off, congrats!! Curious -- are you going to ever wear it or it it too valuable to you to wear? I only ask because sometimes I'm torn about wearing my most prized memorabilia. I have a Kenyon Martin authentic jersey which got me into collecting jerseys over a decade ago and I NEVER wear it out for fear of it being ruined but I wear it at home for big games that need the extra luck factor (its been a few years, as you can imagine). However, I'm sure with caps it may be different.
  10. Didn't the Cavs exclusively wear yellow at home last playoffs?
  11. That explains why I didn't notice it!!! Good catch OT pretty good movie
  12. Wasn't that the point? I always saw that too but I assumed that's what everyone saw... until now. It's like a thrashing tornado bird with a hockey stick.
  13. Never noticed his jersey has a blank NFL shield, no Eagles wordmark on cheat and no Eagle sleeve logos... strange. I'll add a couple more - (where is the team bench??)
  14. how long until the next thread is - Favorite NBA warmups If it hasn't already been done...
  15. I'll bite.