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  1. Marketing happened
  2. So is this the official end of all the "Los ____" jerseys?
  3. I'm thinking that Brooklyn Nets black jersey that leaked will be the "inspired by the community" jersey
  4. I really liked that bobcats set!
  5. Yes that's it. Now that I look at it more, you're right. Seems to be a recolored jersey of this past template with the new font but same old numbers. Good call, upperV03!
  6. Somewhere on fb I just saw a screen shot of Lebron in the black Cavs jersey which I assume is the new away. By the time I checked here to see if anyone posted it, saw no one had, and went back so I can grab a screenshot -- it disappeared. Rookie mistake - my bad. Fwiw I don't hate it as much as I thought I would from the description.
  7. annyyyyway Nets changing the red infor logo for black and white (opposite of jersey color) .
  8. I actually prefer the old blue
  9. ^^ Speak for yourself lol I can't unsee it now!!
  10. Go home Suns, you're drunk.
  11. There's lots of room to be creative with in my opinion. armholes / collar / waist / subliminal patterns / sides / sides of shorts / bottom trim can all have elements of design With this identity- an integation of a similar star pattern to what the early '00s set had. Could be in the thinner panels or a revamped collar/armholes. Basically an integration of the two 00's jerseys with a moderized style/cut and no pinstripes other than select alternates would be ideal. If I knew how to make concepts and had access/skill to make concepts outside of nba 2k, I'd do it this second to illustrate what I think would be a sick look for them.
  12. They need to get rid of the horrible, terrible, good for nothing side panels. Other than that I love the set. Sometimes, I take nit picking new heights.
  13. I would assume when the Nike contract kicks in...
  14. IIRC, they were introduced apart of the original set when Nets moved to Brooklyn. I think they could've also been the first concepts of the secondary logo before the "B" ball. Its listed as an alternate logo ('12-'14) on the main site. I can't recall seeing the Nets use this logo, EVER. Always thought that was strange.