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  1. I would not mind that as an alternate!
  2. Cavs are really milking what's left of the Lebron era, eh? I cant ever remember a team that's been a year after year contender/defending champs that has changed their logo + jersey and wordmarks in midst of it.
  3. The statue of Billy King and Bobby Marks being built outside the arena isn't enough??
  4. What's going to come first -- a chrome or red alternate?
  5. Same. I have a Nike blue swingman Wizards MJ jersey from like '03 and it's held up much better than the swingman adidas Nets Vince Carter jersey I have from 2008. The adidas one has worn out its shape and has stretched/faded over the years. The Nike is in much better shape despite being 5 years older.
  6. As I've said in the other thread- the update to the pinwheel is great. Much improved imo. However, I don't really like the word mark but maybe overtime it will grow on me. Looking forward to seeing the jerseys! I think we all may be missing the best part of the new logo -- it's not a roundel!!
  7. Wonderful update to the logo. However, not really feeling the word mark.
  8. We shall! Curious though, what's your favorite uni from the current Nets set?
  9. Yes, except for our superior stretch and pride jerseys (the Stars and Stripes set). Best jerseys by far in our set. I hope eventually they will become the primary set and the current primary turns into an alternate set. One can dream...
  10. Glad the era of these Pacers jerseys are over. Mismatching, super wide panels and that wishbone collar. Never liked them much and I thought it was a downgrade from the previous set. I wonder if we'll ever see Paul George in the new jerseys... as for the Suns, I wonder what's ahead. Their rebrand wasn't long ago at all... If they just got rid of the butt stripe on the shorts and eliminated what's left of black in the scheme, they would be alright imo.
  11. Thanks Conrad. I guess I'm happy these are out the door but your comment on what may be coming in next actually has me worried. What I don't understand, why is the worst part of the jersey coming back?!? That dumb word mark and underline swooshes is 90% of the reason those jerseys were terrible imo. Other 10% was because it was slapped onto a jersey template that had something a lot better previously so it was an obvious downgrade to the fans. Can't wait to see what the Clippers disappoint us with next...
  12. So have we seen those ugly Clippers jerseys for the last time? Also, the NBA basketball on ESPN or ABC logo (not sure which network. I forgot already) was a roundel, of course. It lead me to think that maybe the NBA will modernize their logo soon, and if they did, I'd assume it would be a roundel similar to that one.
  13. Those are the best jerseys Washingtons had (in basketball) since the Bullets, imo
  14. That white Yankees jersey: