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  1. Nets nets nets nets nets nets nets nets did I get one?
  2. I just want to know if Nets are making any changes other than getting the earned jersey. I do love the Biggie/coogie jerseys and will be upset to see them go
  3. Not a fan of the gold jersey but I love the other two. I’d like more white outlining on the gold jersey
  4. What’s odd about the Nets is that they keep the Jersey “accolades” which happened before we were “established”. does any other team do that or naa
  5. Cavs jerseys look great to me
  6. If only that last set had a presentable helmet. Never seen one detail ruin a uniform so badly
  7. Say what you want about them but I like them and compared to what they had it's amazing. IMO they have made the biggest uniform upgrade under Nike. 6.8/10 overall
  8. Thats exactly what I was thinking while watching highlights. So frustrating sometimes. But still better than Adidas.
  9. Not more wrong than me actually liking the buffaslug logo. I’ll see myself out now.
  10. The 8 on the yolk doesn’t have the pointy end the 8 on the chest (and I assume back) have and that’s going to bother me for the next 20 years. Yay
  11. Sonics to Thunder. No pics are necessary on that one, I wouldn’t do that to you guys.
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