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  1. Also, David Wesley and Bobby Phills would have played preseason games in the old look
  2. Terry Cummings and Ricky Pierce made Bucks returns in the purple era Jack Sikma as a rookie in the pre arch Sonics road jersey
  3. A few other Warriors Jerome Kersey Jermaine O'Neal Tom Gougliotta played only a half season there Latrell Sprewell only wore the Power Rangers 14 games before his choking of Carlesimo Was hoping to find one of John Starks from his first 36 game stint there a decade earlier but couldn't find anything
  4. Probably a good thing the move didn't happen a year later and have Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden play their rookie years in Cleveland as most of the guys from the 1995 Browns weren't Ravens for much more than a few years, kind of like Kevin Currant playing his rookie year in Seattle and Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka holding up Sonics jerseys on draft night. Also, with the Oliers/Titans probably the main reason they let the history move to Tennessee and the Oliers name was that that was a rare instance where the guy who moved the team was the guy who created the team.
  5. Kind of like Phil Neikro with the Braves, he wore several versions of the uniform with the Braves including the one they've been wearing since the mid 80s at the end of his career
  6. A few rare interleague uniform matchups, can't find pictures or video Toronto against NL West in 2002 and NL Central in 2003 and Expos against AL West in 2003.
  7. Dell Curry in the later Hornets look, only worn his last season there
  8. With the whole Browns/Ravens thing, I was thinking had the players from the 1995 Browns been put up in a dispersal draft and they had an expansion draft for the Ravens and the Browns resumed play in 1999 as they actually did, would you consider that a legit continuation of the Browns franchise, also imagine if the move had happened a year later and Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden had played as rookies in Cleveland kind of like Kevin Durant playing his rookie year in Seattle and Russell Westbrook wearing a Sonics hat and holding a Sonics jersey on draft night.
  9. Wilt Chamberlain with the San Diego Conquistadors of the ABA, the courts ruled he couldn't play so he coached them for a year although from most accounts that was a relative term
  10. Shaq holding a Magic number 33 jersey rather than 32
  11. Ray Quinones in Mariners 51 before Unit and Ichiro Craig Grebek in number 14 or White Sox before Konerko Mitch Webster in number 20 for Dodges after don Sutton but before it was retired Darrell May in Andy Petitte's 46 during his three years away in Houston
  12. A couple Dodgers who played late in career with Giants Duke Snider Orel Hershiser
  13. Ron Jaworski in Eagles Kelly green Kenny Smith in pinstripe black Rockets only in his last year Clyde Drexler in red Blazers road uniform Tom Chambers in sunburst uniform only wore it one year
  14. Mike Pagel in Peyton's 18 for Colts Walker Russell in 31 for Pacers year before Reggie Miller arrives
  15. Carlos Delgado in the World Series and present Jays look