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  1. Wilt Chamberlain with the San Diego Conquistadors of the ABA, the courts ruled he couldn't play so he coached them for a year although from most accounts that was a relative term
  2. Shaq holding a Magic number 33 jersey rather than 32
  3. Ray Quinones in Mariners 51 before Unit and Ichiro Craig Grebek in number 14 or White Sox before Konerko Mitch Webster in number 20 for Dodges after don Sutton but before it was retired Darrell May in Andy Petitte's 46 during his three years away in Houston
  4. A couple Dodgers who played late in career with Giants Duke Snider Orel Hershiser
  5. Ron Jaworski in Eagles Kelly green Kenny Smith in pinstripe black Rockets only in his last year Clyde Drexler in red Blazers road uniform Tom Chambers in sunburst uniform only wore it one year
  6. Mike Pagel in Peyton's 18 for Colts Walker Russell in 31 for Pacers year before Reggie Miller arrives
  7. Carlos Delgado in the World Series and present Jays look
  8. Teddy Bruschi in the Bledsoe era uniforms, same could be said for Law, McGinnest and Vinateri as well
  9. Tony Smith number 34 on Lakers Alex Kessler 33 on Heat Lance Blanks 21 on Twolves Brian Howard number 41 on Mavericks
  10. A few NBA ones Jeff Judkins in number 32 on Celtics year before McHale arrived Greg Grant in number 3 on Sixers Jon Sundvold in number 20 on Sonics Tim McCormick in number 40 for Sonics
  11. Joe Carter in the Blue Jays 1997 uniform his last year there Brady Anderson in the white hat cartoon Oriole uniform Eddie Murray in his 1996 Oriole stint Willie McGee in Cadinals button up
  12. Some guys in current numbers of key Blackhawks Boris Mironov in number 2 and with the A Lyle Odelein briefly wore number 7 between Chelios and Seabrook Ethan Moreau in Toews number 19 Igor Rudlov in number 50
  13. Tom Ramsey in number 12 for Patriots
  14. Dave Andreychuk Sabres Fergie Jenkins Cubs Artis Gilmore Bulls
  15. I haven't been able to find any pictures but on YouTube I've seen clips of the Sonics playing a few games at the Kingdome in 1992-93 against the Bulls and Celtics