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  1. From the gettyimages NBA post, the Warriors and Jazz uniforms in only year of overlap
  2. Gary Payton in rookie year wearing number 2 rather than familiar number 20.
  3. With the picture of the January 1994 Sixers at Nuggets game being played in throwbacks that would mean the road red Sixer's rainbow uniform didn't play against the home 1993-2003 Nuggets uniform in their one year of overlap.
  4. Juwan Howard being introduced as a member of the Miami Heat in 1996 but would turn out to have his playing for them delayed by 14 years after the contract was voided.
  5. For Divac I think it is more that version of the Lakers uniform being the wrong one
  6. Rick Barry on the Rockets Also, Virginia Squires as he never played a game or hem there before forcing a trade to the Nets Artis Gilmore on Celtics
  7. Jerry Tarkanian form his 20 game Spurs stint
  8. Jeff George dressed but never took a snap for Bears and Seahawks
  9. Ron Artest/Meta World Peace on Knicks Chauncey Billups on Knicks Vin Baker on Knicks, Rockets and Clippers
  10. I found this photo of Larry Brown on the Nets sideline with the Nets in the stars and stripes uniform although they made the switch to the cursive style uniforms before switching back after he left for Kansas
  11. Here is one I found from antes Hawks game that appears to have been played in Washington, what the heck was the deal here, and Dominique is there in the old Hawks uniform when the Pacman uniform debuted his rookie year
  12. I found this odd game photo of a Nets Hawks game that appears to have been played at the Cap Center and has Dominique in the pre Pacman Hawks uniform when they debuted his rookie year, what was the deal with this, some kind or preseason mini tournament like the Forum had back in the mid 90s or something
  13. As far as being wrong I think in most cases it was where it was short and unremarkable,well past his prime or before a guy was a known name, like Ben Wallace in Washington or Orlando although some short stints still can be considered memorable like Deion with the 49ers, Waltin with the Celtics, Morris with the Twins. In some cases there may be a matter of less right but still not totally wrong either, in most cases if a guy played there during his still formative years unless it was like Piazza with the Marlins or Rasheed with the Hawks even though not as right as the team best known for I didn't include for the Knicks Derek Harper, Doc Rivers, No Cheeks, Xavier McDaniel since they still had something left at that point. It seems that with a lot of the guys posted there formative years were relatively steady but moved around quite a bit in their last few years as they mostly got short term deals and wanted to hold on and were broughtin either for veteran leadership or last piece of puzzle a few recent NBA guys who come to mind Tracy McGrady, Antwan Jamison, Jerry Stackhousem Jermane O'Neal, Rashard Lewis and many others in baseball and football.
  14. With the Browns-Ravens deal, one thing I thought of is had all the players from the 1995 Browns been put up in a dispersal draft and the Baltimore team had to do an expansion draft for 1996 and then the new Browns start up again in 1999 as they did, would that have been considered a cleaner link to the Cleveland Browns being the same franchise with a suspended three years being more legit even though the 1995 Browns and 1996 Ravens would still have had the same ownership as there have been other times where ownership goes from one franchise to another, although the Hornets situation is silly to retroactivley alter history, would have been like them playing a decade as the Baltimire Browns, having sat the Cleveland Spiders and then changung things also in some cases old players want nothing to do with the team in their new city, very few if any old Baltimore Colts have associated with the team in Indy, same with old Sonics in Oklahoma City so in those instances keeping the name and history is really only for the books and doesn't feel as much like the sane team, it would have been nice had the Colts name stayed behind but the move was made in late March ai there was probably not enough time to get a new name and logo and uniforms made for the season although I recall Model approaching Irssay about letting them have the Colts name back and he basically asked for like some crazy amount of money 30 million or so and settled on Ravens
  15. Tom Chambers with the Hornets, couldn't find one for his one game as a Sixer though Marques Johnson in his brief comeback with Warriors Ralph Sampson as a King and Bullet