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    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I don't know if it's too early to start this thread but I'm going to kick it off anyways. There are rumors that PJ Fleck is going to completely overhaul Minnesota's uniforms next year. Georgia Tech will be with adidas next year.
  2. FightingGoldenDevil

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    ASU is getting new threads this season
  3. My point is that the charcoal and black won't contrast at all. If the Panthers get rid of silver they need to replace it with white or become a strictly black and blue team
  4. I feel like that would dull the look. The silver pops on black and works well with Carolina blue. Charcoal bordering black would muddle the color balance
  5. FightingGoldenDevil

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    So is Arizona green and orange or green and yellow? I'm surious to see if they'll be split evenly as a secondary or one will be more pronounced. Personally I think green and orange with a yellow trim would be their best option
  6. FightingGoldenDevil

    Unique Team Names?

    Minnesota Twins is the only sibling based name I can think of
  7. FightingGoldenDevil

    NCAA Power 5 teams that need updating/new logos by conference

    Goldy was refreshed rather recently and the M is untouchable
  8. FightingGoldenDevil

    Different Teams, Same Elements

    Missouri States new pants looked familiar... Not exactly the same but the same color and idea
  9. FightingGoldenDevil

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Awful. I thought herm wanted to use the traditional uniforms more but we've had less than half the games in them
  10. FightingGoldenDevil

    Unique Team Names?

    Prior to consolidating with another school, the YME Sting were the Granite Falls Kilowatts. Huge downgrade
  11. FightingGoldenDevil

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    The Twins and Reds both use a wishbone C (albeit the Twins have another letter with it) so the Marlins and Brewers can certainly have a similar M
  12. FightingGoldenDevil

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  13. FightingGoldenDevil

    Washington Warbirds: A New Era for the Wizards Franchise

    A. B feels cluttered to me
  14. FightingGoldenDevil

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    They had me until the Mardi gras bead helmet
  15. The only reason for the Texans to have a white helmet is so they could do an Oilers throwback and that will never happen. It's sad that we'll never see the Oilers again, even as a throwback. That's one reason I wanted the Titans to keep their white helmet
  16. FightingGoldenDevil

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    It's about damn time
  17. FightingGoldenDevil

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Sun Devil's are having their annual "maroon monsoon" game against Stanford on Thursday. I hope they go with fully gold pitchfork instead of a black with gold outline one like they had against the Buffs
  18. FightingGoldenDevil

    New Indians uniform for 2019??

    Does it have pinstripes? It could be a throwback or an alternate
  19. The Raiders lease with the coliseum is up after this season and the coliseum is basically refusing to sign a one year deal. The Raiders will probably play in UNLVs stadium next year. It's kind of funny with how shortsighted Davis was with the stadium situation
  20. FightingGoldenDevil

    NFL 2018 changes

    If you're II then you were Jr but you named your child the same as you and your father, making your dad the first of his name, you the second of your name and your child the third of his name. It's like royalty
  21. FightingGoldenDevil

    Football: bring back metallic pants

    Everytime my school gets new uniforms our old pants become the new practice pants. A lot of my teammates are still wearing the now old practice pants that are dazzle twill because they think they're more comfortable than our "new" practice pants
  22. Is this the first time the Packers have worn an actual Nike template since the newest contract? I noticed these throwbacks definitely aren't Ripon
  23. FightingGoldenDevil

    MLB 2 Portland Concepts

    Too many possible jokes about them being "dormant" if they do bad
  24. FightingGoldenDevil

    NFL 2018 changes

    Despite Josh Gordon leaving it was hazy out. That might have had something to do with it
  25. FightingGoldenDevil

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    different sport. But football teams actively avoid this by doing what MJ said