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  1. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    Most unique elements in a team's identity or uniform.

    Memphis Grizzlies name under the number. Sure it’s been done by the Kansas City/Omaha/Sacramento Kings but it’s unique for these days
  2. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    Ad Placements on Other Major Sporting Leagues Survey (NFL, MLB, and NHL)

    A for the NFL.B for the MLB. And A for NHL
  3. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    Starter Confirmed as AAF Uniform Supplier

    Correct my high school banned my Gretzky jersey and my White Sox hat! But to be fair I was in LA at that time so yeah
  4. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    Jets Uniform Concept By Kong Tom

    I see what you’re trying to do. Bringing the “statue of liberty” colour as an alternate colour. Not a bad idea but try to limit it a little bit. Also the Statue of Liberty logo could easily go on the shoulders
  5. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    MLB changes 2018?

    It’s a problem when the “mid life crisis” we call the Padres and the Minnesota Twins have the best hats
  6. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    New Honey Comb Branding

    Aww man I liked the new packaging. I have no opinion on the cereal as I never had it but the box looked sleek and nice and not like a 2004 action cartoon logo
  7. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    NBA Literal Jersey Series

    That’s reminds me of if the Rockets did the MLB’s turn back the clock event
  8. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Why is the arena name both above the bucks logo. I hope the rest isn’t for advertisements
  9. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    LA Rams 2018 Uniform Discussion

    That is very good that’s EXACTLY what I want the Rams to do. I personally never really liked the gold and navy
  10. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Maybe they’re going back to the kelly green ones?
  11. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    NBA 2018-19: Traded Players, Free Agents & Rookies

    That’s what I’m referring to in 2k you cannot do that
  12. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    NBA 2018-19: Traded Players, Free Agents & Rookies

    In 2k18 the limit is 15 so they are going to have to change it or make him a one time exception like with Nené where only his 1st name is in
  13. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    A Collection of Irrationally Bad Logos from Amateur Sports

    Also the Iowa Blizzard font for blizzard is ripped right off of Dairy Queen
  14. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    A Collection of Irrationally Bad Logos from Amateur Sports

    Why is the logo for the missing links wearing the real ABA Memphis Tams logo on its head
  15. Denver_The_Sinaloa

    Biggest Downgrades in History

    Now on to another team the Astros being named the Astros go for a sleek aerodynamic look for their team in the mid-late 1990s. Then they screw it up once they get their new Magnum Opus they call Minute Maid Park. Because “new stadium new uniforms” I personally don’t think the brick fits the Astros and they should either go astronaut like or tequila sunrise or stick with the current